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Jack In The Box Launches New Campaign | Seeks Benefit From McDonald’s Loss

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McDonald’s, at the moment, is working hard to prevent any more of their ice cream machines from going out of service or breaking down. Jack in the Box showed up at this scene and has now added insult to injury.

Jack In The Box and McDonald's

McDonald’s has had several rivals over the years, who have often used their tactics against McDonald’s business. Back in 2014, it was Taco Bell; in 2018, it was Wendy’s, and now, hopping onto this ever-growing trend, it’s Jack in the Box.

So, what exactly did Jack in the Box do, and why is it making headlines? Well, it is being reported that Jack in the Box will be taking over But why is this a big issue? is a website that allows customers to see if the ice cream machine at McDonald’s is broken or not. Now, if you try to connect the dots, you’d see why Jack in the box taking over this website would be a problem.

Jack in the Box has launched a new campaign. The company will now be advertising its own ice creams along with their limited edition oreo milkshake on But you are yet to know the main tea surrounding this move.

McDonald’s has recently been sued by a company called “Kytch”. It is an ice-cream machine developing company. Kytch helped them resolve their ice cream machine dysfunctions. The bottom of the line is that they’re suing McDonald’s for no less than $900 million dollars.

Now, Jack in the Box’s recent campaign is allegedly them taking a dig on McDonald’s ice cream business. Things literally could not get worse for McDonald’s.

Jack in the Box, on, is providing links for their app to customers looking up whether the McDonald’s ice cream machine is working or not. Not only that, but it is also providing a coupon. Now, that is a good marketing strategy!

Jack in the Box’s “Don’t Get McShammed!” campaign launched just around St. Patrick’s Day, around which McDonald’s shake sales are high. This time around, Mcdonald’s even launched their new Shamrock shake, but Jack in the Box is constantly trying to sabotage its sales.

A statement by Jack in the Box said that the campaign will help“point shake-starved citizens to their closest Jack in the Box and get through their McDisappointment.” Jack in the Box is being more toxic than any ex in the world, and we’re here for it.

Ryan Ostrom, the chief marketing officer of Jack in the Box while also being its executive vice president, said while being interviewed by USA Today, “We’re living our DNA of being a challenger brand by kind of going after the big guns like McDonald’s and showing hey we created a great product, we have an amazing taste and our machines work.”

Anything in the name of competition seems to be the new motto of Jack in the Box. We don’t know about the food, but the marketing tactics are definitely better at the box.

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