Jack in the Box Halloween Menu Features Fan-Favorites

A meal at Jack in the Box is always a delight. This year Jack in the Box menu has a Halloween-special item returning after a huge demand from fans. So, let’s take a look at the Jack in the Box Halloween menu and its price.

Jack in the Box

To celebrate Halloween in full force, Jack in the Box has brought back on popular demand the monster tacos along with the basic witch shake, double bonus jack, triple bonus jack, and mega munchy box. These Halloween menu items are priced between $3 to $20. These items are available at restaurants nationwide, on the Jack app, and via third-party delivery for a limited time.

However, these menu items are limited-time offerings, so make sure to make the best of Halloween night and the days leading up to it by indulging in these goodies and more! Let’s take a detailed look at these Halloween menu items along with their prices to plan your meals.

Jack in the Box Halloween Menu Prices

Two tacos Jack in the box

1. Monster Tacos

Jack in the Box fan-favorite Monster Tacos is back on the menu. These monstrously large versions of their famous Two Tacos are crunchy and topped with melty American cheese, shredded lettuce & taco sauce, which fulfill all your taco needs. These tacos are available at restaurants nationwide, on the Jack app, and via third-party delivery for a limited time.

Monster Tacos$3.00

2. Basic Witch Shake

Along with these tacos, you can also enjoy Jack’s newest shake – the basic witch shake featuring Jack’s classic vanilla shake with OREO® cookie pieces & pumpkin spice. It comes in two sizes, regular and large. The Basic Witch Shake will be available from October 3rd – November 20th.

Basic Witch Shake$4.19

3. Double Bonus Jack Combo & Triple Bonus Jack combo

While these two introductions are already a hit among customers, you can also try the double bonus jack and triple bonus jack on their own and in combos. The double bonus jack combo features double 100% beef seasoned as it grills, melty American Cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles & Secret Sauce on a toasted bun, paired with small fries and Coke. ​You can also upgrade to the Triple Bonus Jack combo with three beef seasoned patties and the same lineup of other ingredients.

Double Bonus Jack Combo$6.48
Triple Bonus Jack Combo$7.48

4. Mega Munchie Box

If you love munching on assorted tidbits, then Jack in the Box also has a mega munchie box featuring seasoned 3 large curly fries, 30 pieces of tiny taco, 14 pieces of stuffed jalapenos, 3 creamy avocado lime sauce & 3 ranch dip cups.

Mega Munchie Box $20.00

How To Order Jack in the Box Halloween Menu 

The menu is displayed

After reading the Jack in the Box Halloween menu, your taste buds surely must be craving these delights. So, to conquer your hunger pangs, you can order all these Halloween special items from Jack in The Box by ordering through Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. Additionally, you can also place an order through the Jack in the Box website.

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Jack in the Box has launched a Halloween special menu that includes some of the fan favorites. You can try the famous monster tacos, double or triple jack combos, and wash it down with the basic witch shake. These items can be ordered at restaurants or for home delivery.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Will the Jack in the Box Halloween Menu be available at all locations?

Yes, The Jack in the Box Halloween Menu will be available at all the locations for a limited time.

How much would a meal from Jack in the Box cost on average?

On average, a meal from Jack in the Box would cost somewhere around $ 5.

Will the prices of the Halloween menu options at Jack in the Box be the same at every location?

No, there are chances that the prices of the Halloween menu options may differ from location to location.

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