Jack In The Box Brings Back Fish Sandwich For Good Friday | It’s Bigger, Better, and Deluxe

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It smells like spring, Good Friday, and Easter. But does it smell a bit fishy this Lenten season? That’s because Jack In The Box has brought its amazing fish sandwiches back. I know what I am having this whole month.

Jack In The Box Fish Sandwich

Spring is generally a great time to introduce seafood options in the food industry. This is why Jack In The Box has decided to bring back its two most-loved fish sandwiches. It wouldn’t be too wrong to call them fan-favorites. 

The fish sandwich comes with crispy fish filets, lettuce, and tartar sauce sandwiched between a toasted bun. If this was not enough to tempt you, let me introduce the Deluxe fish sandwich. 

When I say Deluxe, I mean Deluxe. The sandwich comes with two crispy fish filets instead of one, with American cheese acting as a mid blanket between the two. It is also deluxe when it comes to veggies. You get lettuce along with juicy tomatoes. Finish it all up with a slather of tartar sauce. 

The filets, veggies, and sauce are united with the buttery bun, toasted to perfection. These delicious fish sandwiches are available at all of their locations nationwide.

If you are wondering about the prices, the Jack In The Box fish sandwich will cost you $3.99, while the Deluxe sandwich will set you back $5.99. That’s the price for true luxury.

You can also look at the complete Jack In The Box menu along with its prices here. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your delicious fish sandwiches before they run out of them! *Running to get two Deluxe one*

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