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Burger King’s drinks menu provides various options to wash down all its delectable offerings. But one of the most essential drinks required all the time is water. So, do they charge for water, or is water free at Burger King? Let’s find out this critical answer.

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Drinking tap water at Burger King is free. Bottled water costs $1.99 at Burger King. However, some customers have reported being charged up to $1 for tap water. 

The availability of free water at restaurants is a common question that customers ask. That’s because while restaurants in the US are required to provide free water to customers on request, some establishments still charge. So, let’s find out what Burger King does. 

Does Burger King Charge For Water?

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No, most Burger King outlets do not charge for tap water. They only charge for bottled water. 

However, some customers have reported being charged money for tap water, and Burger King has faced backlash. According to a report published by Mirror, Burger King was slammed for not providing free drinking water to a dehydrated boy during a heat wave in June. 

The incident occurred at a branch in Folkstone, Kent, when a customer at the restaurant saw a teenage boy being refused free drinking water. 

He then offered to buy the struggling boy a bottle of water for £2 and issued a complaint. As a result, Burger King said they are “liaising with the branch.”

Following the incident, a Burger King spokesperson said drinking water is always free and readily available to customers. “Providing a superior guest experience is a top priority at Burger King restaurants globally,” they said.

“We are liaising with the restaurant around this matter and would like to reiterate and reassure customers that where available, drinking water is always free and given readily to guests.”

Another report suggests that according to the Food and Drug Administration, the Food Code requires restaurants in the United States to provide free water to their customers upon request. It also adds that the water should be provided regardless of any purchases.  

However, some restaurants have violated this requirement. Such acts by restaurants can cause fines and legal actions. 

How Much Does Burger King Charge For Water?


Burger King does not charge for tap water. However, some people have reported being charged 60 cents to $1.99 for the tap water. 

These prices have been sourced from a Reddit thread where users have shared what Burger King has charged them for water. 

One user wrote that his receipt showed water charged for 60 cents. In the same thread, a Burger King employee reported setting $1. Another user wrote that the BK in his area charged $.25 for a cup of water. 

A user also noted that he was charged $1.99 for a cup of water. Thus, the prices for a cup of water at Burger King may vary from location to location. They may or may not charge you for water.

Does Burger King Have Tap Water For Drinking?

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Yes, Burger King has tap water for drinking. It is available for all customers whether they make purchases or not. 

Therefore, you will get free tap water at Burger King if you ask for it. However, you should note that as Burger King franchises are owned independently, some locations may charge for tap water. 

Does Burger King Have Water Bottles?

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Yes, Burger King provides packaged water bottles priced at $1.99 for those who prefer bottled water. It offers Nestle Pure Life purified water bottles that can be found on its drinks menu.

Burger King Menu has been offering packaged drinking water since 2003. It sold Aquafina water earlier. However, Burger King switched their bottled water offering to Nestle Pure Life from PepsiCo Inc S Aquafina in 2008. 

The switch happened as Nestle’s water bottles were environmentally friendly, and their curvy shape was more accessible to hold. According to Nestle’s Website, the Eco-Shape bottle uses 30 percent less plastic than other bottles of the same size.


Drinking tap water is available at Burger King and is generally sold for free. However, some locations may charge some extra for it. Additionally, Burger King also provides packaged bottled water on its drinks menu for people who do not wish to drink tap water or want to carry a water bottle.

Burger King aims to provide its customers with a good time at their restaurants. That’s why they offer attractive services to them. For example, Burger King provides free Wifi at some locations.

Likewise, it also provides points as a part of the rewards program on purchasing food items that you can redeem for free food on further purchases. However, you should note that Burger King points expire. Therefore, you must use them before their expiration. 

Apart from these services, Burger King offers some giant burgers, like the Big King and Whopper. Therefore, you are guaranteed a great time at Burger King restaurants. However, if you don’t like eating at restaurants, you can enjoy your favorite Burger King foods at home by quickly reheating them. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Burger King’s restaurant, website, or app to order your favorite meal.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) 

Does Burger King offer bottled water?

Yes, Burger King offers Nestle Pure Life purified water bottles that can be purchased from its drinks menu.

Can drinking tap water only be purchased by Burger King’s customers?

Drinking tap water can be requested by anyone at Burger King, whether they make a purchase or not.

What brand of water does Burger King sell?

Burger King offers Nestle Pure Life purified water bottles.

Does Burger King sell Aquafina water bottles?

No, Burger King does not sell Aquafina water bottles anymore. They switched to Nestle in 2008.

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