Is Tim Hortons Open On Easter In 2024?

Tim Hortons are known for their delicious coffee and breakfast menu items. That is why they are perfect for a cozy get-together with your loved ones. 

Tim Hortons

With Easter approaching, I am sure you will enjoy the day with your families and friends. You can check out Tim Horton’s menu for that. Before you do that, check whether they are open on Easter.  

 Is Tim Hortons Open On Easter This Year? 


Yes, Tim Hortons is open on Easter and serves its customers with lots of love. Its operating hours are 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

 Tim Hortons Easter Hours6:00 am to 9:00 pm

You also need to understand that the timings can vary depending on the location. So, it is always better to call and check the timings with your nearest outlet. 

What Can You Eat At Tim Hortons During Easter?

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Tim Hortons does not have a special Easter menu. However, they do have an amazing menu that is perfect for the Easter celebrations. 

Tim Hortons has excellent breakfast options; you can start your Easter morning with them. Go for a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich or Sausage Bagel Breakfast Sandwich.

The best thing about this place is its coffee. You can enjoy iced coffee, and Tim Hortons has more than four flavors. There are better parts than his nose. Tim Hortons has 2 for $6 menu items. You can give that a try as well.

Does Tim Hortons Have Any Easter Special Deals?

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No, Tim Hortons does not have any Easter special deals. However, there are other ways to save money at Tim Hortons. 

Tim Hortons has a reward program where you can get a free drink with a $1 purchase. Simply register and become a member to avail yourself of great deals. With every $1 purchase, you earn 10 points that can be redeemed for menu items. 

Also, the reward program members get a 10-pack of Timbits for $1 every Tuesday. If it is their birthday, Tim Hortons also treats them with a free item. Tim Hortons also has 2 for $6 menu items that are super-saving.  

Other Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

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Like Tim Hortons, other restaurants are operational on Easter. So, let’s look at some of the best places for food on Easter. 

  • Burger King – You cannot miss the delectable range of burgers at BK, especially on Easter. They have everything you would want to have during the celebrations. 
  • Subway – Who doesn’t love to have fresh and fulfilling subs on a holiday? Don’t worry because Subway has opened its doors on Easter as well. 
  • Taco Bell – Tacos can be an excellent option for an Easter celebration. That is why you should ring the Taco Bell bell; they operate on Easter day. 
  • Wendy’s – Whether you want hamburgers or fish sandwiches, Wendy’s has everything on the Easter menu. 
  • Panera Bread – Sweet baked delights can be a good option, and what’s better than Panera Bread? Good news: Panera Bread is open on Easter. 
  • Whataburger – Their delectable range of burgers is perfect for Easter. That is why Whataburger is open and serving customers Easter food. 
  • Qdoba – Try the Tex-Mex flavors this Easter. Qdoba is open on Easter and serves excellent Mexican food. 
  • Baskin Robins – Want some sweet delight? What’s better than ice cream from Baskin-Robins? The best part is that they operate on Easter as well. 
  • KFC – KFC’s tempting chicken burgers can improve your Easter. Get some KFC, as they have opened their doors on Easter Day. 
  • Boston Market – If you are planning to make whole rotisserie chickens, Boston Market is perfect. Order them on Easter, and you are good to go. 


With Tim Hortons menu items, your Easter day is good to go. I am sure that you will have a great time with your family with coffee beside you. 

You can also check out some more restaurants that are operational on Easter and offer delectable menu items. Have fun and enjoy your day with good food and coffee. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tim Hortons open on Easter?

Tim Hortons will be open and welcoming customers on Easter i.e. 31st March.

What will be Tim Hortons’ Easter hours?

Tim Hortons will be serving customers as per their usual working hours, from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., on Easter.

What can you try at Tim Hortons this Easter?

The top Tim Hortons menu items that you should try this Easter are bagel breakfast sandwiches, Timbits, hash browns, iced capp, grilled cheese, etc.

Are there any special Easter deals at Tim Hortons?

No, there are special Easter deals at Tim Hortons. You can join their reward programme and enjoy free food.

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