Is Taco Bell Open On Thanksgiving 2024?

Now that the holiday season is finally here, we all know it’s time for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is probably the perfect time to enjoy some delicious food guilt-free. For those who are craving some Mexican fast food on Thanksgiving, Taco Bell would be the best place to visit! However, is Taco Bell open on Thanksgiving this year? 

Taco Bell

On Thanksgiving this year, Taco Bell, unfortunately, will not be open to serving customers in any way. Taco Bell does stay open on most holidays throughout the year, even on Independence day, Easter, and New Year’s Eve. However, for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Taco Bell does stay shut most years. 

Although many restaurant chains do stay open on Thanksgiving, Taco Bell is one of those places that usually never function on this holiday. So, in case a Mexican spread from Taco Bell is what you were looking for, you might have to check out other options. 

However, the best part about the United States is that there are various other options that you can look into that serve similar food. So, if not Taco Bell, I am sure that the various other restaurant chains that are open on this holiday will make your experience much better! 

Why Is Taco Bell Closed On Thanksgiving? 

Taco Bell

Thanksgiving is a very grand festival in the United States. It is the perfect time to get together with family and friends and enjoy a well-deserved grand feast. After all, that is what Thanksgiving is all about, celebrating blessings and a wonderful meal. 

But, this definitely does not disregard the fact that cooking for a lot of people can be a task, so many of you would rather celebrate with some good old fast food. In case it is Mexican food that you are craving the most, we all know Taco Bell is the best place to be, but unfortunately, you will have to look at other options. 

Taco Bell actually has not been open for customers on Thanksgiving over the past many years. On most national holidays, they do stay open, but not on Christmas and Thanksgiving. As I had mentioned earlier, these are indeed holidays when everyone would love to visit their families. So, it is only fair that the employees from Taco Bell also get the day off to enjoy the holiday. Hence, they decide to stay closed on this day. 

It is indeed only fair that this happens, considering the amount of effort the employees have to put in their work on most other holidays. It does indeed get tiring for them to manage a huge number of customers, which does get doubled on holidays like Thanksgiving.

So, for the employees to have a little retreat of their own, the Taco Bell management has indeed taken a great decision to keep their outlets shut on Thanksgiving. Moreover, Taco Bell does specifically mention that they will be open on the day before Thanksgiving and on Black Friday, too, as per their regular hours.

So, I am sure that even if you crave Taco Bell on Thanksgiving, all of you will be quite okay with visiting the restaurant the next day. It is Thanksgiving, after all, so it is the best time to say thanks to these employees who work all the time too. However, in case you still cannot stop your Taco cravings on Thanksgiving day, there is some really great news!

There are actually various other fast food restaurant chains that will be open for customers on Thanksgiving! So, I am sure that you will end up finding options that are similar to Taco Bell. But, I would suggest checking out their operational timings before you visit, as some of the restaurants may run on reduced hours. 

Similar Restaurant Chains That Are Closed On Thanksgiving

  1. Subway – A light sandwich is sometimes all we need to satiate lunchtime hunger pangs. Subway serves some of the best sandwiches ever, however, unfortunately not on Thanksgiving this year. 
  2. ChipotleChipotle is well known for serving some of the best burritos you may ever have in your life. Unfortunately, they will not be open on Thanksgiving this year, so you may have to consider other options for burrito cravings. 
  3. Chick-fil-A – Not just known for their OG chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A is also one of those restaurants that is known for being closed on Sundays and certain holidays. So, as per those strong norms that the chain follows, they will not be open on Thanksgiving. 
  4. Panera Bread – The one perfect stop to satisfy cravings, but in a healthy way is Panera Bread. However, this chain serving some of the healthiest, yet heartiest food in America will not be open on Thanksgiving. 
  5. Sonic Drive-In – Sonic Drive-In is famous not just for serving great burgers and shakes, but also for their unique style of service. But, on Thanksgiving, you will have to consider other places to enjoy the burgers and milkshakes, but maybe not the service! 
  6. Arby’s – Known for ‘Market Fresh Sandwiches’ and a lot more, Arby’s is one restaurant chain where you can enjoy a variety of fast food. This chain will however, not be operational on Thanksgiving this year. 
  7. Dairy Queen – Although the name of this chain is ‘Dairy Queen’, I must say that their burgers are pretty phenomenal too! On Thanksgiving this year, Dairy Queen will however, not be open. 
  8. Panda Express – Craving Chinese? We all can agree that there’s no better place in the United States than Panda Express! But, you will have to take your chinese cravings elsewhere on Thanksgiving as the chain will not be open on this holiday. 
  9. Whataburger – Burgers so good, they actually make you say, “What-a-burger!” . However, you won’t be able to enjoy saying that on Thanksgiving as Whataburger will be closed. 
  10. Jimmy John’s – Even though America has a lot of sandwich places, there’s none of them quite like Jimmy John’s! But, you will have to settle for a different option as Jimmy John’s will not be open on Thanksgiving this year.


Taco Bell will be closed on Thanksgiving, 2023. They do stay open on most national holidays throughout the year. However, the management has decided to stay shut on two major holidays, which are Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be shut on these days so that the employees too can enjoy their holiday with friends and family. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Taco Bell be open on Thanksgiving this year? 

No, Taco Bell will not be open on Thanksgiving, 2023. 

Why is Taco Bell closed on Thanksgiving? 

Taco Bell will be closed on Thanksgiving so that the employees can have a day off and enjoy the holiday with their friends and family.

Will Taco Bell be open on the day before and after Thanksgiving? 

Yes, Taco Bell will be open and operating as usual on the day before and after Thanksgiving. 

Will the opening and closing timings of Taco Bell be the same as always on the day before and after Thanksgiving? 

Yes, the opening and closing timings at Taco Bell on the day before and after Thanksgiving will be the same as always. 

Will Taco Bell be open only for dining on the day before and after Thanksgiving? 

No, on the day before and after Thanksgiving, Taco Bell will also be open for delivery via their official website, along with delivery platforms like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eat. 

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