Is Taco Bell Open On Christmas 2023?

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If we are alike, I am sure that, just like me, you may also have planned what you would like to eat at Christmas. It is the perfect time to devour all your favorite food, which can, of course, also be fast food. If it is Mexican fast food that you are carving, Taco Bell is surely the perfect place to visit. But is Taco Bell open on Christmas this year? 

Taco Bell

Taco Bell will unfortunately not be open on Christmas this year for their customers to enjoy some of their delicious treats. The chain does remain open on most national holidays throughout the year; however, on Christmas and Thanksgiving, they are usually shut every year. 

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast food restaurants with a really great international presence too. Taco Bell was founded in 1962 and has now been around for 60 years! Ever since they opened, customers took really well to the food served at this fast food chain. 

This is what eventually led to their expansion into becoming a multinational chain. Taco Bell can now be found in various places around the world, like Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Australia, and also New Zealand. 

One great thing about Taco Bell is also the fact that as they are such a big chain of restaurants, they always cater to people as per the general preferences of the country. So, the menu at Taco Bell in every country features something different! 

Now I am sure that after reading all of this, it may be quite disheartening to know that Taco Bell will not be open on Christmas. However, in this article, I have mentioned why Taco Bell will be closed and when it will reopen. So, let us get right into it! 

Why Is Taco Bell Closed On Christmas? 

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Christmas brings the best time of the year. All the festivities and food around this time are so wonderful that everyone wants to be around their loved ones to celebrate this holiday. So, it may not necessarily be homemade food that everyone will be craving. 

Some of you might even crave some delicious tacos and other Mexican delights on this holiday. However, sadly Taco Bell won’t be the place where you will be able to enjoy these treats. 

Taco Bell truly believes in making the best out of every holiday for its customers. Hence, they are open on most national holidays throughout the year. However, on certain holidays, mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas, this chain does remain closed. They will be closed on Christmas so that the employees can enjoy a day off and celebrate with their friends and family. 

Well, after all, even the Taco Bell employees need a very well-deserved holiday once in a while! However, the good part here is that in case you might want to visit Taco Bell on Christmas eve, you are in luck! 

Taco Bell will be open to make everyone’s Christmas eve even more special! But, there are chances of them have reduced hours of operation on this day, so I would suggest looking up their operational hours for Christmas Eve before visiting. 

Moreover, Taco Bell will reopen the day after Christmas, also known as Boxing Day. So, in case you can wait a day, you know it will be worth it! On Christmas day, however, some fast food chains will be open, so they are surely worth considering! But again, I would suggest checking their operational hours before visiting. 

Similar Restaurant Chains That Are Closed On Christmas 2022

  1. Burger King – The home of the Whopper, Burger King is known for serving burgers that are so delicious that they actually make you feel like a king! On Christmas day however, this chain will not be open to serve customers.
  2. Subway – A light sandwich is sometimes all we need to satiate lunchtime hunger pangs. Subway serves some of the best sandwiches ever, however, unfortunately not on Christmas this year. 
  3. Chipotle – Chipotle is well known for serving some of the best burritos you may ever have in your life. Unfortunately, they will not be open on Christmas this year, so you may have to consider other options for burrito cravings.
  4. Chick-fil-A – Not just known for their OG chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A is also one of those restaurants that is known for being closed on Sundays and certain holidays. So, as per those strong norms that the chain follows, they will not be open on Christmas.
  5. Wendy’s – Wendy’s serves an array of burgers and fast food and of course, how could anyone forget their iconic frosties?! But, on Christmas, you won’t be able to enjoy these specials as the chain will remain closed on the holiday. 
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts – There is no better way to start your day than coffee and donuts, especially if they are from Dunkin’! You may have to buy them a day earlier though as Dunkin’ Donuts will not be open on Christmas this year. 
  7. Domino’s – It’s never a bad time to enjoy piping hot pizza with family, especially on holidays like Christmas! But, Domino’s won’t be the place where you can enjoy pizzas on Christmas as the chain will be closed on the holiday.  
  8. Panera Bread – The one perfect stop to satisfy cravings, but in a healthy way is Panera Bread. However, this chain serving some of the healthiest, yet heartiest food in America will not be open on Christmas. 
  9. Pizza Hut – Pizza Hut is one of the biggest pizza giants almost all around the world. But, in case you are craving their pizzas on Christmas, you will have to consider other options as they will be closed. 
  10. Sonic Drive-In – Sonic Drive-In is famous not just for serving great burgers and shakes, but also for their unique style of service. But, on Christmas, you will have to consider other places to enjoy the burgers and milkshakes, but maybe not the service! 


Taco Bell will not be open on Christmas this year. They are usually open on most national holidays. However, they do remain closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be closed on Christmas so that the employees can take a day off to enjoy the holiday. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Taco Bell be open on Christmas?

No, Taco Bell will not be open on Christmas this year.

Why will Taco Bell be closed on Christmas? 

Taco Bell will be closed on Christmas so that the employees can take a day off to celebrate the holiday. 

When will Taco Bell reopen?

Taco Bell will reopen on the day after Christmas. 

Will Taco Bell have reduced hours of operation on Boxing Day? 

Some outlets may open a little later than usual on Boxing Day. 

Will Taco Bell be open on Christmas Eve? 

Yes, Taco Bell will be open on Christmas Eve at reduced hours of operation.

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