Is Steak ‘n Shake Open On Easter In 2024?

Every day is a good day to enjoy some delicious steak burgers with a hearty milkshake! Well, for these options, Steak N Shake has you covered, offering some of the best burgers and milkshakes ever. With Easter coming up, there can indeed be no better way to celebrate the holiday! 

Steak n Shake

However, although Easter is a holiday most people celebrate with lovely food, a question may come to some of your minds. Is Steak N Shake open on Easter this year to enjoy their delicious treats? Read on to find out the answer! 

Is Steak N Shake Open On Easter? 

Steak 'n Shake's Turtle Caramel Nut Milkshake

Unfortunately, Steak N Shake will not be open on Easter this year. In fact, the chain remains closed on Easter day, almost every single year. 

Steak N Shake is known for serving some of the best burgers and milkshakes in the fast food industry. However, the chain is also known for keeping its employees’ needs in mind, which is surely a huge plus. 

Since Easter is a major holiday in the United States, the chain understands that many of its employees would also want to celebrate the same. Hence, for them to get a well-deserved break to celebrate Easter with friends and family, the chain has decided to remain closed on the holiday. 

But, if burgers and shakes are what you are craving, there is no need to worry! If not Steak N Shake, plenty of other fast food chains that serve similar food are open on the day. Some of these lovely chains are McDonald’s, Burger King, Whataburger, and Wendy’s! 

Other Restaurants That Are Closed On Easter

  1. Arby’s – You need to have a backup plan for Easter dinner if you had plans to have Easter dinner at Arby’s. This restaurant has decided to stay closed on Easter this year.
  2. Popeyes – Popeyes is a paradise for fried chicken lovers! But this year, Popeyes has decided to take a day off on Easter and let its team enjoy their holiday with their family.
  3. Culver’s – You won’t be having a bangin meal at Culver’s on Easter this year. This restaurant chain has decided to stay closed on Easter Sunday.
  4. Bojangles – Do you want to enjoy Bojangles’ crispy fried chicken on Easter weekend? But unfortunately, this restaurant chain has decided to close its doors to customers on Easter this year.
  5. Raising Cane’s – Raising Can’s menu has a lot of dishes to binge on. But this restaurant is not serving its menu specials on Easter. Click on the restaurant’s name to know why this restaurant is closed on Easter.
  6. Carvel – Are you planning to enjoy delicious desserts from Carvel? The bad news is that Carvel is closed on Easter this year. Click on the link to know why this restaurant is closed on Easter.
  7. In-N-Out Burger – In-N-Out Burger is another iconic restaurant chain of comfort foods that have decided to remain closed on Easter Sunday. Hit a click on the name of this restaurant to know the reason why this restaurant chain is closed on Easter.
  8. Checkers – Checkers has decided not to offer its food to the customers on Easter. This restaurant chain will remain closed on Easter Sunday and won’t be available for online orders also.


Steak N Shake will unfortunately not be open on Easter this year. The chain has decided to keep its doors closed so that the employees can get a day off, and enjoy the holiday with their friends and family. The chain will open and operate as per usual on the day after Easter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Steak n Shake open on Easter?

Steak n Shake will be closed and out of service on Easter.

Why is Steak n Shake closed on Easter?

Steak n Shake will be closed on Easter as the chain wants its employees to spend and celebrate the holiday with their families.

When will Steak n Shake open again?

Steak n Shake will resume its work and will continue to take orders the day after Easter.

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