Is Sonic Open On Halloween 2024?

Halloween can be a tiresome time, with so many people everywhere. Sometimes, doesn’t it just sound better to pick up your food from a drive-through fast food restaurant and enjoy your meal in the car? It sure does to me! If you are thinking of doing the same on Halloween, there is absolutely no better place to visit than Sonic! But it’s Halloween, after all! So, is Sonic even open on such a major holiday? Let’s find out! 

Sonic outlet

This year on Halloween, Sonic will be open and serving customers. They do stay open on most major holidays, so luckily, Halloween is no exception to this rule. Most restaurants will be operating as per their usual schedule, which is from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm. However, although these are the official hours of Sonic, there are chances that some of their outlets may choose to operate as per a holiday schedule. 

Sonic, which was originally founded by the name Sonic Drive-In is an American chain of drive-in fast food restaurants. It was founded in 1953 under the name ‘Top Hat Drive-In’ by Troy N. Smith Sr. They opened their first outlet in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and now have their headquarters in Oklahoma City.

It was originally a place that served hot dogs, sodas, hamburgers, and root beers and has been a favorite amongst customers ever since. They actually have a very interesting style of service too! They appoint car hops who go around on roller skates to take customer orders and deliver them.

That does sound really fun! Moreover, because of their service style, along with the great food that they serve, they expanded to be a really large chain. Today, they have 3550 outlets across the country. They serve great food, and the new version of the restaurant also has patios for dining in.

Although whether you enjoy their food in your car or on one of their patios, you are going to love it no matter what! Their menu includes delicious options like hamburgers, fries, chili dogs, corn dogs, onion rings, milkshakes, sodas, slushies, floats, and sundaes too! 

So, by reading all of this, I am sure most of you are tempted enough to head to Sonic on Halloween! With the help of this article, you will get to know about the operational hours and menu items of Sonic on Halloween, along with how you can enjoy their food other than driving in. I have also mentioned some of the specials from their menu that you cannot miss out on! Now, let us get right into it! 

Sonic Opening / Closing Hours On Halloween

Sonic Drive-In foods
Sonic Operating Hours On Halloween06:00 am to 11:00 pm

Sonic stays open on most holidays throughout the year, serving their customers delicious food at their drive-in. So, Sonic will be open and serving food as per usual on Halloween this year. Their official operating hours will be the same as usual, which are 06:00 am to 11:00 pm.

But, there are chances that some of the outlets may operate as per a holiday schedule on Halloween. There is a possibility that some of the locations may have reduced hours of operation.

So, it is best to call the outlet closest to you and once check their operational hours with them. This way, you can avoid the trouble of traveling all the way to the outlet and learning that it isn’t even open. Sonic will also be open for delivery on Halloween, along with their drive-in option. 

You can place an order to get food delivered to your doorstep with the help of their official website. Sonic is also present on popular delivery platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubbhub, to make your ordering experience even easier. On most holidays, including Halloween, Sonic usually does something special. 

They either offer special dishes and variety on their menu or have amazing offers and rewards. One way to find out about Sonic’s plan for Halloween is sure to visit them.

Just by reading what they have on their menu, along with their style of service, many of you are probably convinced enough to visit Sonic on Halloween. But, in case you still have doubts, do check out the next section to see the specials that they have to offer! 

Specials From Sonic That Are Worth Trying On Halloween

The top five menu items from Sonic that you can’t miss out on this Halloween include: 

  1. Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger
  2. Sonic Premium Beef Hot Dog
  3. Sonic Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  4. Sonic Mozzarella Sticks
  5. Sonic Slushes

1. Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger

Sonic Bacon Cheese Burger

Plain old cheeseburgers can sometimes be so basic and not satisfying at all. The best way to upgrade a cheeseburger to something even better is always by adding some bacon to it. Sonic has done the same and come up with the best bacon cheeseburger ever. 

This burger from Sonic is packed, and I mean it when I say this, with a fresh, all-beef patty. The patty is further topped with crispy bacon, which instantly makes everything better, followed by lettuce and mayonnaise. 

It also has a slice of cheese at the base, all in a fresh bun. If a single patty does not suffice, you can always double it up and go for the SuperSonic Bacon Cheeseburger instead. Choose one of the sides from the Sonic menu to make it a complete meal. 

2. Sonic Premium Beef Hot Dog


There is something about enjoying a hot dog in a car. It just gives you a very different feeling that you wouldn’t really get otherwise. Luckily, Sonic does some really great hot dogs, which goes really well with their style of service. 

The premium beef hot dog from Sonic is one of the best items on their menu. It has an all-beef sausage, topped with mustard, onion, relish, and all the works you can find on a hot dog. 

The hot dog served has a fresh bun, which is just the right amount of chewy. Overall, this hot dog is indeed an explosion of flavors and textures. Also available as a part of various combos, you can try some great sides along with the hot dog to make it a full meal on Halloween. 

3. Sonic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Sonic Chicken Sandwich

Not everyone is a huge fan of beef, as it can sometimes be too heavy on the stomach. Some of you may rather prefer chicken over beef. Well, the good news is that Sonic also has great chicken options on their menu! 

The best chicken that you can find at Sonic is in the form of their crispy chicken sandwich. This sandwich has a crispy chicken filet which is all white chicken meat, fried till it reaches a golden brown color. 

The chicken filet is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The sandwich is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise, all on a buttered brioche bun. Nothing better for a chicken lover on Halloween night!

4. Sonic Mozzarella Sticks

Sonic Mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce

Burgers and hot dogs are incomplete without sides, don’t you think? Fries are the side that most people choose along with these fast food dishes. But fries can be so basic sometimes! To amp things up, Sonic offers great sides like Mozzarella sticks. 

There is nothing that you cannot like about these mozzarella sticks! They are perfectly crispy on the outside and have gooey and stretchy cheese on the inside. It is served with a side of marinara sauce. 

But, if you want to take the flavor game to the next level, you can try pairing these mozzarella sticks with one of the various other dipping sauces that they have on their menu. So, don’t let your meal be incomplete on Halloween, and order some of these amazing sticks to go with it! 

5. Sonic Slushes

Sonic Slushes

Sonic is known for their delicious slushes. In fact, you really won’t find such slushes at any other fast food restaurant! Although slushes are usually enjoyed in the summer, who is judging if you like an icy cold drink on an autumn night?

The slushes are available in various flavor options, out of which you can choose one. Some of these options include cherry, vanilla, grape, blue raspberry, peach, mango, blue coconut, and even diet cherry! 

Quite a lot of the options are also sugar-free. They have add-ons along with the slushes, like real fruit and candy, available at an extra cost. The slushes are available in three sizes to choose from, which are small, medium, and large. 

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Sonic will be open and serving their customers in their original service style on Halloween this year. Most of the outlets will be operating as per their usual hours, which are 06:00 am to 11:00 pm. However, some may follow a holiday schedule. 

So, they may have reduced hours. To have a satisfactory and not so disappointing Halloween, it is always best to call the outlet closest to you before the actual holiday. This way, you can know their opening and closing hours on Halloween and can plan when you would like to visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Sonic be open on Halloween this year?

Yes, Sonic will be open on Halloween, 2023. 

What will be the opening and closing hours of Sonic on Halloween? 

Most Sonic outlets will be operating as per their usual hours on Halloween.  

What are some of the best items on the Sonic menu that are worth trying?

The top five items on the Sonic menu that you should try this Halloween are Sonic bacon cheeseburger, Sonic premium beef hot dog, Sonic crispy chicken sandwich, Sonic mozzarella sticks, and Sonic slushes. 

Does Sonic not have a dine-in option?

Sonic actually does have a dine-in option with patios. 

Does Sonic serve desserts? 

Yes, Sonic does serve some cold desserts like hot fudge ice cream sundaes, master shakes, and classic milkshakes.

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