Is Raising Cane’s Open On Labor Day 2024?

Holidays are the best time to say goodbye to cooking and enjoy some well-deserved rest along with fast food. For many of you who are all gaga about chicken, Raising Cane’s is probably the best place to visit on Labor day for some hearty chicken fingers and much more! But is this chain of restaurants even open on Labor day this year? Let’s find out. 

Raising Cane's Restaurant

Unfortunately, Raising Cane’s will keep its doors closed on Labor day on September 4, 2023. They will not be serving customers chicken, sides, and toast as they usually do on many other holidays. Raising Cane’s stays open on many holidays throughout the year but usually is not operational on Labor day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and certain other holidays. 

In case you were planning on celebrating Labor day at Raising Cane’s, you might have to look for options. But, there is some great news for sure! Many other fast food chain restaurants that serve similar cuisine will be open on Labor day. Some fast food restaurants that serve delicious food and will be open as usual on Labor day are KFC, Sonic, Carl’s Jr., Whataburger, Chick-fil-A, etc. 

Why Is Raising Cane’s Closed On Labor Day? 

Raising Cane's restaurant

Labor day marks the beginning of the holiday season in the United States. With Labor day, so many important holidays follow. So, it is one of those holidays where people would like to relax and enjoy themselves with their family and friends. Maybe even start planning for the holidays that follow. So, the chances of people wanting to relax and eat out rather than cook do increase. 

For the employees to have a day to rejuvenate themselves and relax, Raising Cane’s will be closed on Labor day. The reasoning that the company gives behind this is, “We will be closed on Labor day so that our employees can enjoy the holiday with their loved ones.” 

This is really considerate of the company towards its employees. Holidays can be packed when it comes to the hospitality and food service industry. They work even on weekends and most major holidays. So, the fact that the company is taking steps to make sure that their employees get some rest on an otherwise busy day is truly commendable! 

There are, however, many major fast food restaurant chains that will work as per usual on Labor day. Some of them may follow reduced hours, depending on the location. However, they will still be serving food this Labor day. So, you can definitely check them out in case you would like to celebrate this holiday with some good old fast food! 

Status Of Other Restaurants On Labor Day

  1. Boston Market In case you want to enjoy Labor Day having a healthy treat, don’t miss out on Boston Market’s menu. This restaurant chain serves healthy sandwiches, meatloaves, and much more. Follow the link to know more about Boston Market Labor Day plans!
  2. CarvelWhy spend so much time cooking at home when you can enjoy a celebration meal at Carvel? Well! The good news is that Carvel is open and active on Labor Day to serve its customers. You can click on the link to know more about Carvel’s Labor Day plans for this year. 
  3. Shake ShackJazz up your holiday mood by having your meal at Shake Shack! In case you wanna know the Labor Day hours of Shake Shack or the menu options that you can have on Labor Day, follow the link provided in the name of the restaurant. 
  4. Red LobsterRed Lobster is all set to serve its special menu items to its customers on Labor Day this year. Seek out the link to know what special items you can try from Red Lobster on Labor Day this year. 
  5. Krispy KremeKrispy Kreme is open and up for serving all its delectable specials from the menu on Labor Day this year. In case you want to read further about its Labor Day plans, follow the link!


Raising Cane’s will not be open on Labor day this year. The company usually does not serve customers on some major holidays of the year, like Labor day, Thanksgiving, and Easter. They have decided not to operate on Labor Day, so that the employees can enjoy the holiday themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Raising Cane’s be open on Labor day in 2023?

No, Raising Cane’s will not be open and serving customers on Labor day this year. 

Why is Raising Cane’s closed on Labor day? 

Raising Cane’s will be closed on Labor day so that the employees from the company can also enjoy the holiday. 

When will Raising Cane’s reopen? 

Raising Cane’s will reopen and serve customers, as usual, starting the day after Labor day, that is Sep 4, 2023. 

Will Raising Cane’s reopen only for dining in on the day after Labor day? 

No, they will also be open for delivery through their official website. You can also order food from Raising Cane’s through other delivery platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. They also have the option of a drive-through. 

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