Is Raising Cane’s Open On Easter In 2024?

Raising Cane’s chicken fingers is quite tempting. The different combos by Raising Cane’s is something that you can enjoy with your loved ones.


Easter is almost upon us, so you may plan to eat at Raising Cane’s. However, it is best to check whether they are open on Easter. 

Is Raising Cane’s Open On Easter This Year? 

Raising Cane's

No, Raising Cane’s is not open on Easter this year. They want to give their employees a day off so they can spend quality time with their families and enjoy Easter celebrations. 

Don’t let your heart get upset about this. You can always visit a similar place on Easter and enjoy the day. If you want some excellent chicken, then try Boston Market

You can even try KFC’s huge burgers and chicken or maybe go for McDonald’s, which is classic. If you want some ice cream, check out Baskin Robbins’ menu and enjoy the Easter celebration. 

Other Restaurants That Are Closed On Easter

Raising Cane

Like Raising Cane’s, some other restaurants have remained closed on Easter. I have curated a list of restaurants closed on Easter so you can plan your Easter celebrations accordingly. 

  • Chick-fil-A – You might need to find another place instead of Chick-fil-A as they are closed on Easter. 
  • Arby’s – I am planning to eat at Arby’s this Easter. You are not in luck this time as they are also on holiday. 
  • Popeyes – Popeyes has given its employees an off day for Easter. I am glad to hear that, as they can also enjoy a good time with their loved ones. 
  • Culver’s – Culver’s frozen custard is a delight, but you must skip Easter as they are closed. 
  • Bojangles – Fried chicken at Bojangles is perfect. However, they are closed on Easter this year. 
  • Wingstop – Wingstop chicken wings may be an excellent option for the Easter menu. The bad news is that they are closed on Easter. 
  • Steak N Shake – Steak N Shake may be best for celebrations, but not Easter, as they are on a holiday. 
  • In N Out – In N Out has given an off day to their employees, which is wholesome and lovely for Easter. So, check some other places instead of In N Out this Easter. 
  • Del Taco – Mexican flavors at Del Taco are a must-try. Visit the place after Easter as they are closed. 
  • Checkers – Checkers is a great place to have wholesome burgers. You may miss them on Easter as they are closed. 


The news that Raising Cane’s is closed may dull your day. However, you can still choose your celebration, as there are similar restaurants that are open on Easter. Enjoy good food with your loved ones, and have a happy Easter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Raising Cane’s open on Easter?

Raising Cane’s will be closed on Easter i.e. 31st March and won’t be taking any orders.

Why is Raising Cane’s closed on Easter?

Raising Cane’s will be closed on Easter as the chain takes into account its employees’ desire to celebrate the holiday with their families. Hence, the chain has decided to remain closed on Easter.

When will Raising Cane’s open again?

Raising Cane’s will resume serving customers and reopen on Easter Monday.

Are There Any Special Easter Offer At Raising Cane’s?

No, there are no special Easter offers at Raising Cane’s as they are not operational on that day.

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