Is Qdoba Open On Halloween 2024?

When fun days arrive, good food comes to mind to match the vibe. How about celebrating Halloween, gorging on some delicious tacos, burritos, or quesadillas from Qdoba? But first, let’s find out if the restaurant is open to serve its customers.


Qdoba will keep its doors open on Halloween this year. This chain will serve its customers as per its normal timings, which are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. However, do keep in mind that certain Qdoba locations may operate at reduced hours or varying timings on Halloween. Thus, before you move out, call them once to confirm the timings.

Qdoba is a Mexican fast-food restaurant chain that opened its doors to customers in 1995. The chain has over 700 locations in the United States and Canada. The menu of Qdoba includes a wide variety of items such as customizable bowls, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, keto, and vegan-friendly options. The restaurant also provides a range of lip-smacking toppings to choose from.

On its official website, the chain writes, “We believe flavor inspires flavor, which is why we celebrate guests like you in our mission to make the world a more flavorful place. We bring the fresh ingredients, and you make them into a masterpiece. So, thank you for inspiring us to bring our A-game to your communities and to you.”

Apart from serving sumptuous Mexican food, Qdoba also keeps its customers happy with exciting offers. These offers are rolled out on many special occasions, with Halloween being one of them. In the article below, you will find more about them.

Qdoba Opening/Closing Hours On Halloween

Qdoba Halloween Hours11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Qdoba will remain open on Halloween, October 31st, 2023. This chain will carry out services according to its usual operational hours, which are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. 

While you are promised to have a great meal using the freshest ingredients at Qdoba, the chain also makes sure to keep you happy in other ways. Just like plenty of other restaurants, on special occasions such as Halloween, Qdoba offers tempting offers like its food. 

Last year in honor of Halloween, the food chain gave an epic, one-day-only Buy One, Get One deal. The official website wrote, “To celebrate Halloween, QDOBA Mexican Eats will be offering a buy one entrée, get one entrée free deal for its rewards members on Sunday, October 31 (including new rewards members who sign up on Halloween).” This deal was loaded onto customer accounts to be used at checkout on October 31 only.

Another time, Qdoba also ran a Halloween Instagram giveaway offer. The rules for this offer called for customers to be Instagram users and QDOBA reward members. To enter the giveaway, customers had to comment on the offer post with their profile made open for public viewing. Winners were awarded fifty-two free chips & queso rewards worth $235.

With all that has been done in the past, we are ready to be surprised again by our favorite Mexican restaurant!

Qdoba Specials That You Can Try On Halloween

The top five Qdoba menu items that you should try this Halloween are:-

  1. Beef Burrito Bowl
  2. 3- Cheese Queso
  3. Chicken Burrito
  4. Veggie Taco Salad
  5. Grilled Fajita Vegan Bowl

1. Beef Burrito Bowl

qdoba beef burrito Bowl (1)

Mexican bowls are one the most delicious things ever. It brings a whole lot of flavors that would make you want for more. So, at Qdoba, choose a build-your-own entree and make a beef burrito bowl of your dreams.

Unconstrained by the limits of a tortilla, you can pile on as many ingredients as you can fit in the bowl. The options include cheese, fajita veggies, sour cream, queso dip, guacamole, rice, beans, more sauces, and salsas. You will also be happy to know that the serving of Qdoba’s burrito bowls is so generous that it can be devoured by two people.

2. 3-Cheese Queso

qdoba 3 cheese queso

One item at Qdoba that stands out is the 3-cheese queso that can be paired with anything on the menu. Qdoba’s queso uses three types of cheese, American, White American, and White Monterey Jack Cheese. Along with these comes roasted peppers, onions, and tomatoes mixed in with the cheese. These not only bring contrasting flavors but also textures to the dish. It’s creamy and velvety with a hint of spice.

3. Chicken Burrito

qdoba Chicken Burrito

If you are on the lookout for a delicious burrito, then chicken is the best meat option at Qdoba. The chicken is marinated in a bunch of flavorful spices that include chili pepper, cumin, oregano, and garlic. And then you get to choose the fillings to your liking.

To customize a delicious chicken burrito, you can go with filling options like fajita veggies and queso, rice, and beans. This not only makes your burrito look good but also brings a complexity of flavors.

4. Veggie Taco Salad

qdoba Veggie Taco Salad

Qdoba is definitely a good choice for vegans or vegetarians who need a nutritious and delicious meal. One such example of a dish is the veggie taco salad. The Taco Salad can be served in either the signature crunchy tortilla shell or bowl. Fresh and crunchy veggies are loaded up with toppings that taste absolutely divine. 

You can add your favorite type of rice, either pinto or black beans, and your choice of any ingredients, including guacamole, fajita peppers, shredded lettuce, pickled jalapenos, and tortilla strips. The Taco Salad is the perfect option for a lighter meal, but it contains all the delicious ingredients.

5. Grilled Fajita Vegan Bowl

qdoba Grilled Fajita Vegan Bowl

Qdoba expanded its line of lifestyle bowls with mouthwatering vegan bowls. And one of them that we absolutely love is the Grilled Fajita Vegan Bowl. This bowl comes with sauteed fajita vegetables, house-made pico de gallo, hand-smashed guacamole, corn salsa, and salsa verde; all piled on seasoned brown rice and black beans.

The naturally sweet yet slightly spicy flavor combined with the complete vegan protein in the beans and rice makes this our top pick.

On the launch of these vegan-friendly options, Jill Adams, QDOBA Vice President of Marketing, said, “Our culinary team developed these bowls to adhere to dietary guidelines while still delivering a memorable flavor experience. At QDOBA, we believe flavor should never be compromised, no matter your dietary preference. These new creations make it easy for QDOBA guests that are keto, vegan, or just looking to eat more protein to come in and order a tasty meal that still fits in their lifestyle.”

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  6. Firehouse SubsSubs are a wholesome meal and can be enjoyed any time of the day. If you want to enjoy subs on Halloween, check out your nearest Firehouse Subs. Follow the link to know the special offers on its menu items. 
  7. Tim HortonsCoffee and donuts make a perfect pair! So, why not enjoy Halloween-special donuts with coffee from Tim Hortons? Seek out the link to know if Tim Hortons is open on Halloween this year. 
  8. Church’s ChickenCelebrations are incomplete without a feast, and a feast is incomplete with a dish that contains chicken. So, make sure you include Church’s Chicken dishes to indulge in some really good chicken on Halloween night.
  9. Moe’sAnother fast-food chain that’s open and operational on Halloween this year is Moe’s. Check out the link to know its operational hours on holiday and if this restaurant is open for online orders. 
  10. Mcalister’s DeliMcAlister Deli has got numerous menu items to give you the best holiday dining experience. So, make sure you follow the link and read all the dishes that you can try on Halloween with your family and friends.


With all such yummy offerings at Qdoba, you can make Halloween a great one with friends and family. Qdoba will stay open on Halloween, October 31st, 2023. The timings of the chain remain the same, which is from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. So, head over to Qdoba to have a memorable time this Halloween.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Qdoba open on Halloween 2023?

Qdoba will stay open and operational on Halloween 2023.

What will be Qdoba’s working hours on Halloween 2023?

Qdoba’s working hours on Halloween will stay the same as its usual working hours, from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at Qdoba on Halloween 2023?

The top Qdoba menu items that you should try this Halloween are Beef Burrito Bowl, 3- Cheese Queso, Chicken Burrito, Veggie Taco Salad, Grilled Fajita Vegan Bowl, and much more.

Does Qdoba provide Halloween offers?

In the past years, QDOBA has run Halloween offers.

Does Qdoba offer home delivery?

You can order your favorite meals DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

Does Qdoba offer beverages?

Qdoba offers beverages like regular and large fountain drinks, Coca-Cola, diet coke, and bottled water.

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