Is Qdoba Open On Easter In 2024?

If you love Mexican food, Qdoba is the best place for you. With Easter approaching soon, I recommend trying menu items from Qdoba, as they have the best flavors. Let us see if Qdoba is open on easter. 

During the Easter holiday, you can enjoy a range of Tex-Mex flavors at Qdoba. The best thing is that Qdoba is perfect for family celebrations as it has everything from family meals to kid’s meals. 

Is Qdoba Open On Easter This Year? 

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Yes, Qdoba is open on Easter this year and is ready to satisfy all your Easter cravings. The operating hours for Qdoba during the Easter holiday will be between 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM. 

Qdoba Easter Hours 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Some outlets may open a little late and close early during easter, depending upon location. I recommend you contact your nearest Qdoba outlet and check for timings. 

What Can You Eat At Qdoba During Easter? 


Regarding Mexican flavor, Qdoba has a range of options to try. During the Easter holiday, you can order and enjoy many menu options. Firstly, Qdoba allows you to make your own menu items.

This gives you the flexibility to choose whatever your taste buds are craving. You can customize anything from burritos to bowls to quesadillas, tacos, and even soups. 

The best thing on the Qdoba menu has to be its signature eats, which include a chicken queso burrito or bowl, three street-style chicken tacos, a chicken protein bowl, and a steak fajita quesadilla. 

The Impossible fajita bowl is a perfect match for those looking for vegetarian options. 

Easter cannot be fun and happy without a touch of sweetness. Qdoba chocolate chunk cookies are super delicious, and you can have your own Easter egg hunt with these cookies. 

Does Qdoba Have Any Easter Special Deals?

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No, Qdoba does not have any Easter special deals. However, there are other ways to save a lot on menu prices. 

Firstly, their reward point system is a great catch. You can sign up for the reward program, and with every $1 you spend, you earn one point. You can collect these points and get any choice of a menu item of the same worth.

Not only this, Qdoba also offers free chips and a queso as a joining reward to their customers. That is not all; Qdoba has come up with exciting offers in the past, like, suchif you buy one entree and drink, you get another entree for free.

Other Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

Other than Qdoba, many other restaurants are open on Easter. For your convenience, I have listed some of the best restaurants that are open on Easter. If you want something different and exciting, you can try their menu items as well. 

  1. Five Guys This easter, enjoy a delectable range of burgers and beverages as Five Guys have their doors open for you. 
  2. Jersey Mike’s Check the Easter timings at Jersey Mike’s because you cannot celebrate the holiday without sugary treats. 
  3. El Pollo Loco If you are craving more Tex-Mex notes, then El Pollo Loco will cover you this Easter holiday. 
  4. Carl’s Jr.Nothing can beat the flavor of flame-grilled burgers from Carl’s Jr. on Easter. Let your family gorge themselves with these spicy burgers and call it a day. 
  5. White Castle Sliders are one of the most excellent options, which is why White Castle serves you the same during the Easter holiday. 
  6. Church’s ChickenIf you want great chicken, head to Church’s Chicken, which is open for Easter celebrations.
  7. Boston Market Don’t take the load off cooking a whole rotisserie chicken on Easter. Boston Market has got your back with its irresistible chicken. 
  8. Shake Shack If you want some frozen desserts for Easter, you can easily count on Shack Shack. 
  9. Red Lobster Want to try some delicious seafood for Easter? Red Lobster is delivering the best of the sea world. 
  10. Tim Hortons Gulp down the best coffee beverages from Tim Hortons on Easter because they are open to taking orders. 


Qdoba will remain open and will be serving its customers on Easter. The operating hours will remain the same as regular timings for most outlets. However, call your nearest outlet and verify the timings to avoid chaos. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Qdoba Open On Easter?

Qdoba will remain open and will be serving its customers on Easter i.e. 31st March.

What Will Be Qdoba’s Working Hours On Easter?

Qdoba will be open and operational on Easter as per its usual working hours, from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

What Will Qdoba Be Serving To Its Customers On Easter?

The top five Qdoba menu items that you should try this Easter are street style chicken tacos, corn tortilla chips & guacamole, chicken queso burrito, impossible burrito bowl, beef taco salad, etc.

Is Qdoba Delivering Food On Easter?

Yes, you can order food from Qdoba on Easter through their website. You can also place your order through leading delivery platforms like Doordahs, UberEats, Grubhub and more.

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