Is Popeyes Open On Easter In 2024?

Popeyes offers a great selection of fast-food options like crispy wings, burgers, and sandwiches that are worth being a celebratory meal. These items are so loved by customers that Popeyes committedly serves them on most of the holidays.

Popeyes restaurant

Therefore, if you are like us, who prefers to dine out all the time, you would definitely be interested to know whether Popeyes keeps their doors open on Easter. So, let’s find out the answer.

Is Popeyes Open On Easter This Year?

Unfortunately, Popeyes will not be open on Easter. This restaurant chain has decided to keep its doors closed on 31st March 2024. 

The reason being, Popeyes likes to give their employees a holiday so that they can enjoy Easter celebrations with their families too. Well, it’s only fair since they work hard to make the whole year deliciously satisfying for us. 

However, you can visit them next on Easter Monday. Now, you may be disappointed to know about the Popeyes operational status on Easter. But there are many other restaurants that are open this Easter Sunday. For example, you can head to KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King

Other Restaurants That Are Closed On Easter

  1. Chick-Fil-A – Chick-Fil-A is America’s famous chicken sandwiches chain. Unfortunately, Chipotle won’s be available to take orders on Easter this year.
  2. Arby’s – You need to have a backup plan for Easter dinner if you had plans to have Easter dinner at Arby’s. This restaurant has decided to stay closed on Easter this year.
  3. Carvel – Are you planning to enjoy delicious desserts from Carvel? The bad news is that Carvel is closed on Easter this year. Click on the link to know why this restaurant is closed on Easter.
  4. Culver’s – You won’t be having a bangin meal at Culver’s on Easter this year. This restaurant chain has decided to stay closed on Easter Sunday.
  5. Bojangles – Do you want to enjoy Bojangles’ crispy fried chicken on Easter weekend? But unfortunately, this restaurant chain has decided to close its doors to customers on Easter this year.
  6. Raising Cane’s – Raising Can’s menu has a lot of dishes to binge on. But this restaurant is not serving its menu specials on Easter. Click on the restaurant’s name to know why this restaurant is closed on Easter.
  7. Steak N Shake – Steak N Shake will stay closed on Easter this year. This restaurant chain has decided to give its employees a day off to let them enjoy this holiday with their families.
  8. In-N-Out Burger – In-N-Out Burger is another iconic restaurant chain of comfort foods that have decided to remain closed on Easter Sunday. Hit a click on the name of this restaurant to know the reason why this restaurant chain is closed on Easter.
  9. Del Taco – Craving Mexican Food on Easter? Bad news for you if you have plans to visit Del Tacos to enjoy the Easter feast. You can visit other restaurant chains that offer Mexican food that are open for Easter dinner.
  10. Checkers – Checkers has decided not to offer its food to the customers on Easter. This restaurant chain will remain closed on Easter Sunday and won’t be available for online orders also.


Since Popeyes has decided to shut its doors to customers on Easter, you can enjoy your Easter favorites at other restaurants. Many restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King that are open and serve food at special offers on Easter. If you want to make restaurant-style food at home, find the recipes for other celebration-worthy dishes on our platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Popeyes open on Easter? 

No, Popeyes is closed on Easter this year. This restaurant chain will continue to serve food from the day next to Easter Sunday. 

Can we order Popeyes food from other food delivery apps on Easter?

No, Popeyes food is not available on any food delivery app on Easter Sunday. You can order any day from any food delivery app except Christmas day and Easter. 

Does Popeyes accept online orders on Easter?

No, Popeyes does not accept online orders on Easter day. 

Does Popeyes have any traditional Easter dish on its menu?

No. Popeyes does not have any traditional Easter food on its menu. In fact, this restaurant chain remains closed on Easter day. 

Is Popeye open on Easter Monday?

Yes, Popeyes is open on Easter Monday and is open to serve all its fans. You can order Popeyes food online from its website, its official app, and other food delivery apps. 

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