Is Papa John’s Open On Easter In 2024?

Being one of the most celebrated holidays, nothing beats an Easter feast! Several food chains are closed during Easter, while there are some that remain to stay open to serve their customers. Papa John’s is one of them! So let’s see if Papa John’s is open during Easter or not.

Papa John's restaurant

Papa John’s will be open and serving its customers on Easter. The chain will keep its restaurants open from 10:00 a.m. to 12 a.m. on April 9. Papa John’s will be open on both Easter Sunday as well as Easter Monday.

Holidays require a lot of prep. From decorations to food, everything requires tons of effort. To relieve a bit of your stress, Papa John’s will be up for taking up your food responsibilities.

So, sit back and keep reading to know all about Papa John’s Easter opening and closing hours, the food it’ll be serving on Easter, etc.

Papa John’s Easter Opening/Closing Hours

Papa John's
Papa John’s Easter Hours10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Papa John’s will be operational and open for its customers this Easter. The chain has decided to continue to serve its customers even on holiday i.e. April 17. The chain will keep its restaurants open from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Papa John’s has been serving delicious food to its customers and providing them excellent service. This chain has been in the food industry for 38 years, and it’s unbeatable! Switch up your Easter celebrations by getting food from Papa John’s!

 Papa John’s Easter Specials That You Can Try

The top five Papa John’s Easter menu items that you should try this Easter are:-

  1. Garden Fresh Pizza
  2. Cinnamon Pullaparts
  3. Cheese Pizza
  4. Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza
  5. Spicy Italian Pizza
Papa John's Food

1. Garden Fresh Pizza

Papa John’s Garden Fresh Pizza is one for the books! As the name suggests, this pizza is made using fresh vegetables. The incorporation of fresh vegetables on a perfectly baked pizza crust with sauce on top is nothing less than pure perfection.

The Garden Fresh Pizza brings together veggies like green bell peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, etc. There’s also an abundance of mozzarella cheese incorporated in this pizza.

2. Cinnamon Pullaparts

Papa John’s Cinnamon Pullaparts are the epitome of deliciousness; they’re so good! Who doesn’t love cinnamon? That too from Papa John’s! Papa John’s Cinnamon Pullaparts are freshly baked and then served to the customers.

The pullaparts are covered in equal amounts of sugar and cinnamon. These are further topped off with icing and bits of cinnamon. These pullaparts are delicious, tender, and have a bit of spice to them.

3. Cheese Pizza

Papa John’s cheese pizza is a treat for every cheese lover out there! Keeping it simple, this cheese pizza uses just a few ingredients providing maximum flavor and texture. Less is always more with Papa John’s!

This cheese pizza is made using real mozzarella cheese. The crust of this pizza is baked well and has a pleasing golden brown color to it. This pizza has got everything you need to enjoy a fine Easter evening!

4. Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza

Papa John’s bacon cheddarburger pizza is the pizza of your dreams. From perfectly cooked meat to fresh ingredients, it’s got everything you need! It even has dill pickles in it!

The bacon cheddarburger pizza has layers of beef, smoked bacon, Roma tomatoes, dill pickles, Wisconsin Cheddar, and mozzarella cheese. The pizza is brought together with Papa John’s zesty burger sauce.

5. Spicy Italian Pizza 

Papa John’s Spicy Italian pizza is an absolute treat! It’s incredibly spicy and contains a burst of flavor in every bite! This pizza has everything from pepperoni to red peppers!

The Spicy Italian pizza has twice the portion of Italian sausage. It contains premium pepperoni along with mozzarella cheese. The pizza also has a hand-tossed crust with Papa John’s signature pizza sauce on top.

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

  1. Sonic – Grab your favorite crispy chicken bites and delicious cheeseburgers even on Easter. Sonic is available with all its drool-worthy dishes on Easter day.
  2. Little Caesars For an “Extramostbestest” Easter treat, visit Little Caesars and enjoy the best of American comfort foods. Click on the link to check out the Easter updates of Little Caesars now.
  3. Dairy Queen – Honey BBQ chicken or refreshing blizzards, Dairy Queen has a lot to offer on Easter day. Feel free to click on the link and read its Easter updates now!
  4. Jack In The Box – Get surprising Easter flavors all boxed up in a hearty combo meal from Jack In Box. Check out the Eater plans of this restaurant chain and find all the exciting dishes that you can try on Easter.
  5. Panda Express – Have the best Chinese-inspired dishes on Easter! Visit Panda Express to surprise your taste buds with Chinese flavors on Easter.
  6. KFC – Include some “finger-lickin” meal in your Easter basket. Yes! KFC is available with its flavorsome chicken buckets for you on Easter.
  7. Whataburger – Burgers and crispy fried chicken from Whataburger can make add more fun to your Easter. This restaurant chain will be open for its fans and will be serving all its famous dishes during the holiday.
  8. Jimmy John’s – Try hearty sandwiches at Jimmy John’s on Easter. It serves appetizing sandwiches all day filled with lettuce, veggies, and meat slices all stacked up between your choice of bread slices.
  9. Hardee’s – Hand-breaded chicken in a sandwich or crispy seasoned fries, Hardee’s is a place where you’d love snacking on Easter treats. This restaurant chain will stay open for you. Read its Easter timings and the dishes you can try on Easter.
  10. Zaxby’s – Zaxby’s has a range of delish items that you can enjoy on Easter this year. Check out its Easter timings and the best dishes you can try at Zaxby’s on Easter day.


Papa John’s will be open and ready to serve its customers this Easter, on April 9. The chain will be operating from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. The incredible food services provided by Papa John’s are certain to make their customers’ Easter a lot better!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Papa John’s open on Easter?

Papa John’s will remain open for its customers and will be taking orders on Easter, i.e., April 9.

What will be Papa John’s working hours on Easter?

Papa John’s will be open and taking orders on Easter as per its usual working hours, which are 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

What specials will Papa John’s be serving on Easter?

The top Papa John’s menu items that you should try this Easter are Garden Fresh Pizza, Cinnamon Pullaparts, Cheese Pizza, Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza, Spicy Italian Pizza, etc.

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