Is Panda Express Open On Christmas 2024? 

Although Christmas is a day when most people are ready to enjoy a homemade feast, fast food is still something that brings a twinkle to many people’s eyes! This fast food can, of course, be some delicious Chinese food from Panda Express instead of regular burgers and pizzas. But oh wait, is Panda Express open on Christmas this year? 

Panda Express

On Christmas this year, Panda Express will unfortunately not be open. This privately owned chain of restaurants stays open on most holidays throughout the year. However, on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, this chain does stay closed every year. 

Panda Express is one of the most popular chains of fast food restaurants when it comes to Chinese food especially. This chain was founded in 1983 on a really small scale. However, the chain grew exponentially well among customers, and now, they have over 2,200 stores in the United States alone, along with some international locations in Canada and Japan. 

Panda Express, regardless of how well it has expanded, is still a place that is close-knit and owned by the family. This chain is known for serving some delicious American-Chinese delicacies, especially their famous orange chicken. However, Orange Chicken, although the best out on their menu, is really not the only thing you can devour at Panda Express! 

The chain has been serving up delicious noodles, rice, and appetizers, in various sizes to satisfy every appetite possible. So, with the help of this article, you will get to know why exactly this chain of restaurants will be closed on Christmas, along with when they will reopen! Let us discover all of this in the next section. 

Why Is Panda Express Closed On Christmas? 

Panda Express Food

We all know that Christmas is a holiday that is truly incomplete if our loved ones aren’t around. Other than that, Christmas is also a holiday that feels empty if there is no delicious food to enjoy. Trust me, if you like Chinese better on Christmas rather than a traditional feast, no one is judging you!

At least I am not, as I would never say no to Chinese food and especially food from Panda Express. However, as we all know already, they will not be open on Christmas this year. 

Panda Express is the perfect place to enjoy delicious fast Chinese food, probably a favorite place to grab a bite for many Americans! However, although this chain strives to serve its customers on most holidays, too, they are never open on Christmas. The family-owned restaurant chains believe that their employees, too, need a day off to celebrate with their families, which is why they will remain closed this year. 

It may sound like a huge bummer, I know! But it is also great that the employees will be getting a day off, especially on holiday as important. However, you can still enjoy food from Panda Express on Christmas Eve if you would like to, as they will be open on this day! 

Moreover, Panda Express will reopen on Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas. So, it is technically just a matter of a single day to keep the cravings at bay! Keeping the inadvertent rhyming aside, you can still check out some other fast food restaurant chains that will be open on Christmas day if you would really like to enjoy fast food on this holiday. 

Similar Restaurant Chains That Are Closed On Christmas 2023

  1. Jimmy Johns – Even though America has a lot of sandwich places, theres none of them quite like Jimmy Johns! But, you will have to settle for a different option as Jimmy Johns will not be open on Christmas this year.
  2. KFC – Serving finger lickin good chicken for a while now, KFC is everyones go to destination to enjoy fried chicken. But sadly on Christmas, this chain will not be serving their delicious chicken. 
  3. Arbys – Known for Market Fresh Sandwiches and a lot more, Arbys is one restaurant chain where you can enjoy a variety of fast food. This chain will however, not be operational on Christmas this year.
  4. Little Caesars – Little Caesars is one place where you can enjoy pizza in every way possible and much more too! This chain will however, not be open on Christmas this year.  
  5. Dairy Queen – Although the name of this chain is Dairy Queen, I must say that their burgers are pretty phenomenal too! On Thanksgiving this year, Dairy Queen will however, not be open. 
  6. Jack in the Box – Jack in the Box is another one of those fast food places where you can find a whole variety of different cuisines. It is indeed the perfect place to satisfy all fast food cravings, but sadly not on Christmas as the chain will be closed on the holiday. 
  7. Hardees – Hardees has a true fan following not just in the United States, but many other places in the world too! Christmas might seem a great time to enjoy their food, but this restaurant chain will sadly not be open on this holiday.
  8. Popeyes – Popeyes serves such good southern style food that even Beyonce cannot stop herself from eating there! On Christmas though, this chain of restaurants will not be open, sadly for Beyonce or anyone else. 
  9. Papa Johns – Papa Johns serves an array of pizzas, sides, pastas and of course, their papadillas that make every meal satisfying. This chain will not be able to satisfy your cravings on Christmas though, as they will be closed.
  10. Whataburger – Burgers so good, they actually make you say, What-a-burger! . However, you wont be able to enjoy saying that on Christmas as Whataburger will be closed. 


This year on Christmas, Panda Express will not be open to serve customers. The family-owned business stays open on most holidays, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be shut down just so that the employees can enjoy a day off and celebrate with their families on this occasion. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Panda Express be open on Christmas this year?

No, Panda Express will not be open on Christmas 2023. 

Why will Panda Express be closed on Christmas? 

Panda Express will be closed on Christmas so that the employees can take a day off to enjoy the holiday. 

When will Panda Express reopen? 

Panda Express will reopen the day after Christmas, that is, Boxing Day. 

Will Panda Express be open on Christmas Eve? 

Yes, Panda Express will be open on Christmas Eve. 

Will Panda Express operate as per its regular opening and closing hours on Christmas Eve? 

No, on Christmas Eve, most Panda Express outlets will be operating at reduced hours of operation. 

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