Is McDonald’s Sausage Pork, Beef, Or What? What Is It Made From?

McDonald’s makes one of the best breakfast sandwiches with sausages- The Sausage McMuffins! But have you ever wondered if McDonald’s links are made from pork, beef, or something else? Well, you’re at the right place to get this answer! 

Is McDonald's sausage pork, beef, or what?

McDonald’s sausages are primarily made only with pork. Although no other meat is added to the links, they contain several other ingredients like salt, spices, sugar, and rosemary extract to enhance the flavors. 

McDonald’s breakfast menu is surely vast regarding the options they have to offer, with sausage McMuffins being a top-seller. However, many have had questions about the meat used in sausage patties for a long time. This informative article has all the answers about McDonald’s sausages! So, let us get started! 

Is McDonald’s Sausage Made With Pork, Beef Or Chicken? 

Is McDonlds sausage made with pork beef or chicken

McDonald’s sausages are made with pork meat. The pork gives these sausages their meaty and irresistible flavor. 

McDonald’s has been using pork sausages ever since they first introduced Sausage McMuffins to their menu. 

Although pork is the primary ingredient from which all the meaty flavor and texture comes, the sausages also have added ingredients like spices, rosemary, and salt. 

Is McDonald’s Sausage Made With Real Pork? 

Is McDonalds sausage made with real pork

Yes, McDonald’s sausages are made with natural pork.

McDonald’s has gotten into various controversies with their food. There have been many allegations against the company for using meat that is not real, their ice cream not being real, and of course, who can ever forget the famous pink slime controversy? 

So, it would be fair to say that people have had their share of doubts about the sort of ingredients that McDonald’s uses and if they are indeed even real. Just like McDonald’s passed every other test with the rest of the allegations they have faced, the same is true with these pork sausages. 

McDonald’s indeed uses sausages made with all pork, coming from meat suppliers they have been working with for the longest time. For a better idea, here is the exact list of ingredients for making these sausages.

  1. Pork
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Spices
  5. Dextrose
  6. Sugar
  7. Rosemary Extract
  8. Natural Flavors

Does McDonald’s Have Non-Pork Sausages? 

No, as of now, McDonald’s does not offer sausages that are not pork-based. 

McDonald’s has been using pork sausages for decades, and people have loved them to bits. So, it does not seem like McDonald’s will soon change their links to a different form of meat.

But that being said, lately, there have also been demands for more vegetarian, vegan, and halal options on the McDonald’s menu. So, we can hope that McDonald’s will introduce a non-pork sausage to their menu very soon! 

What Makes McDonald’s Sausage Patties Taste So Good? 

What makes McDonalds sausage patties taste so good

McDonald’s sausage patties taste as good because they are packed with the goodness of delicious and premium quality pork meat. With this, they also have a blend of spices and herbs, which elevate their flavor.

The whole reason behind McDonald’s sausage patties tasting so good is that they use premium quality pork to make them. This makes a huge difference to their overall texture. The spices add just the right amount of heat to these sausage patties. 

Lastly, the sausage patties are also flavored with one of the best herbs, rosemary. Rosemary tends to add a lovely, smoky flavor, elevating these sausages even further. All of these are the reasons that make McDonald’s links irresistible! 

Who Makes Sausage Patties For McDonald’s? 

McDonald’s has gotten their sausage patties from Lopez Foods, their meat supplier, for about 30 years. 

Like most meat products, McDonald’s also gets their sausages made by Lopez Foods. Lopez Foods is an Oklahoma-based meat supplier. They mainly deal with beef and have long had ties with McDonald’s. McDonald’s meat sources are genuinely as reliable as they could be! 

Are McDonald’s Sausages Healthy? 

Are McDonalds sausages healthy

No, McDonald’s sausages are not the healthiest option the chain of restaurants offers. These sausage patties are not very nutritionally dense, yet they are high in calories. 

McDonald’s sausages have a pretty low nutritional value, but still, they have about 400 calories each. Since they are made with pork, which is not the healthiest meat option, so they are loaded with carbohydrates, fats, and sodium. The sausages may also contain gluten, which has been concerning for people with celiac disease.

So, considering these factors, sausages cannot be labeled as a healthy option, per se. Hence, although enjoying a delicious McDonald’s sausage McMuffin occasionally is beautiful, stick to moderate quantities, as eating too many sausages can be bad for the body

Can You Buy McDonald’s Sausage Patties? 

Sadly, McDonald’s sausage patties have never been up for sale by the company itself, nor their meat manufacturers and distributors. 

McDonald’s has never made their sausage patties up for sale just as they are, probably because they want to keep the recipe a secret! If you want to know more about why you cannot buy McDonald’s sausage patties, refer to the link. 


Coming to the end of this wonderfully informative article, we now know that McDonald’s sausages are indeed made with pork. McDonald’s only meat to make these sausages is pork, and various herbs and spices to enhance the flavors. 

So, it may be sad for people who don’t eat pork, but we can surely hope that McDonald’s will bring non-pork sausages to their menu soon! Additionally, if you find such informative articles intriguing, look at if they use processed meat, what their ice cream is made of, and if their food has any added MSG

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are McDonald’s sausages made of? 

McDonald’s sausages are made of pork. 

Does McDonald’s offer non-pork-based sausages?

No, as of now, McDonald’s does not offer non-pork-based sausages. 

What herb does McDonald’s add to their sausages? 

McDonald’s adds rosemary to their sausages. 

Are McDonald’s sausages healthy? 

No McDonald’s sausages are not necessarily the healthiest option on their menu and should be eaten in moderation. 

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