Is McDonald’s Sausage Gluten-Free?

We all love a hearty McDonald’s breakfast! The top seller on McDonald’s breakfast menu remains their egg and sausage McMuffin. But, for people with gluten intolerance, the real question is, is the sausage patty at Mcdonald’s gluten-free? 

Is McDonald's sausage gluten-free?

Yes, McDonald’s sausages are gluten-free since they have no gluten-based ingredients added to them. However, McDonald’s has also mentioned that the seasonings contain very small amounts of gluten. 

There are plenty of amazing options on the McDonald’s breakfast menu. But honestly, nothing can beat a good old McDonald’s sausage.

Many people also wonder if the sausage is made with pork or beef, but the more concerning question is about their gluten content. However, once you read this post till the end, I can guarantee you will get all the answers you sought! 

McDonald’s Sausage Patties Are Technically Gluten Free

McDonalds sausage patties are technically gluten free

Yes, technically, the sausage patties from McDonald’s can be classified as gluten-free since they do not contain any gluten-based ingredients. 

However, McDonald’s has mentioned on their official website that the sausage seasoning 

that goes on the sausages contains dextrose and glucose syrup. Both these products are derived from wheat. Hence people with gluten intolerance can ask the restaurant to avoid the seasoning. 

Rest assured, McDonald’s has also mentioned that the traces are shallow, reaching about 50 ppm. Other than that, another thing that McDonald’s has said is that they cannot guarantee that there would be no cross-contamination with gluten, so this is another thing that customers should be aware of. 

Are McDonald’s Muffins Gluten-Free? 

Are McDonalds muffins gluten free

No, McDonald’s muffins are not gluten-free. 

The gluten-free sausages only make sense sometimes, as they are always served with their breakfast English muffins. The sausages are served as McMuffin, or another favorite for many, egg and McMuffin. 

The muffins are made with wheat flour, which contains a very high amount of gluten. So, the McMuffins cannot be classified as a gluten-free breakfast treat. If you want a gluten-free option, order just the sausage patty. 

Are McDonald’s Eggs Gluten-Free? 

Does McDonalds use real eggs

Yes, McDonald’s eggs are gluten-free. 

McDonald’s McMuffins are also served with eggs, making it their classic egg and sausage McMuffin. Luckily, the standard round eggs that go into making these McMuffins do not contain any gluten. 

They are made with grade-A eggs in a round ring and have no gluten added to them. The same goes for their scrambled eggs, made with a liquid egg mixture. But again, be careful about the chances of cross-contamination. 

Other Gluten-Free Items On The McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

Other gluten free options on McDonalds breakfast menu

Some other gluten-free options on the McDonald’s breakfast menu are: 

  1. Bacon
  2. Apple Slices
  3. Coffee Drinks
  4. Egg without McMuffin

These are just a few options offered on the McDonald’s breakfast menu that are entirely gluten-free, with almost no chances of cross-contamination.

If you want to know other gluten-free options McDonald’s offers, look at their gluten-free menu with prices


McDonald’s sausage patties are indeed gluten-free since they don’t have any gluten-based ingredients added to them. However, the seasoning for the cakes is made with dextrose and glucose syrup, both of which are derived from wheat. 

However, McDonald’s has also ensured that the traces of gluten are minimal and less than 50 ppm. So, people with gluten intolerance don’t need to worry much. Moreover, in case you have gluten intolerance, you should also look at the gluten content in other food items. 

Check if their chicken nuggets are gluten-free, if their ice cream is gluten-free, and also if their coffee drinks are gluten-free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s sausage patty gluten-free?

Yes, McDonald’s sausage patty can be classified as gluten-free.

Does McDonald’s sausage patty have traces of gluten? 

Yes, McDonald’s sausage patty has very minute traces of gluten, less than 50 ppm.

Are McDonald’s eggs gluten-free?

Yes, McDonald’s eggs are gluten-free.

Are McDonald’s McMuffins gluten-free? 

No, the English muffins used for McDonald’s McMuffins are not gluten-free. 

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