Is McDonald’s Open On Halloween 2024 | Let’s Find Out

Halloween is a particular time of the year. When celebrating festivals with food, what better place to go than McDonald’s? Many people love to grab a bite at McDonald’s during Halloween, but the question on everyone’s mind is – is McDonald’s open on Halloween? Let’s know about it.

The answer is yes! McDonald’s is open on Halloween, which falls on October 31st. McDonald’s restaurants, McCafes, and Drive-Thru locations will remain available for business. They start serving from 5:00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. You can visit a nearby McDonald’s and enjoy your favorite menu items.

Usually, McDonald’s always remains open and operates on its regular schedule. The popular fast food chain never closes its doors on this holiday and instead welcomes customers to come in and take advantage of special discounts and promotions. 

Also, McDonald’s has some unique Halloween menu offerings, such as boo buckets. Moreover, you can also grab other food items such as big mac, chicken nuggets, and mc flurry from McDonald’s menu

This article will cover everything you need to know about McDonald’s operating hours on Halloween, from special promotions and deals. So, let’s find out all the details. 

Is McDonald’s Open During Halloween This Year?

McDonald's On Halloween

Yes, McDonald’s is open during Halloween. So, if you plan on celebrating Halloween at McDonald’s, they have some great menu offerings. McDonald’s drive-thru, in-store, pick-up, dine-in, and online ordering services are also operational.

Therefore, it’s open on Halloween and has regular business hours. So, after your Halloween party, you can visit McDonald’s and rest assured that your favorite fast food chain remains open. Also, if you want to know McDonald’s standard opening and closing times, click here.

What Time Does McDonald’s Open During Halloween In 2023?

McDonald’s Halloween Working Hours5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

McDonald’s is open on Halloween. The operational hours are 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The 24-hour location will also remain open as it is, as well as the McCafe and drive-in restaurants.

So, after the Halloween party, you can order in every way to grab a quick bite at McDonald’s. Also, if you’re going to know McDonald’s standard opening and closing times on regular days, click here

What Can You Eat At McDonald’s During Halloween This Year?

McDonald's Halloween Menu

Halloween is a fun time of year, and McDonald’s has some exciting food options for you to enjoy. Specifically, you will get to enjoy Halloween boo buckets. It is a limited-time spooky treat menu that features various menu items. 

From apple slices, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers to chicken nuggets – these buckets will surprise you with all its food items. It’s the perfect treat to get you in the Halloween spirit. 

If you want to try other regular menu items, you can go for a quarter pounder with cheese or a big mac burger. These items will satisfy your cravings and give you a complete festival feeling. 

So, let’s check out what’s in Halloween boo buckets and other menu offerings during Halloween this year. Also, if you want to know McDonald’s holiday menu, click here

1. Small Fries

Small fries are a fantastic treat during Halloween. These small fries are the best offerings in boo buckets. Not only are they crispy and golden on the outside, but they’re also soft and fluffy on the inside – the perfect balance of textures. And, of course, let’s remember its iconic salty taste that we all know and love.

One of the great things about McDonald’s fries is that they’re so versatile. You can enjoy them as a quick snack, a side to your burger, or even a delicious addition to your Halloween feast.

2. Cheeseburger 

Halloween and McDonald’s cheeseburgers, what a combination. I see why you would enjoy those on such a fun holiday. A delicious cheeseburger from McDonald’s is the perfect treat to savor. 

Halloween boo buckets include this excellent cheeseburger, made with beef patty, cheese, ketchup, pickles, onions, and mustard sauce – all combined in a soft bun. It’s the perfect burger treat, no matter how old you are. So, treat yourself to a McDonald’s cheeseburger this Halloween.

3. Quarter Pounder With Cheese

It’s time to get our spooky fun on with some seriously delicious food. Yes, I am talking about everyone’s favorite quarter pounder with cheese. It’s a delightful burger packed in a quarter-pound bun with a quarter-pound beef patty, onions, pickle slices, ketchup, mustard sauce, and cheese. 

This particular burger is the most famous burger at McDonald’s. People love to enjoy this burger treat on special holiday seasons like Halloween. 

If you’re feeling extra daring, try a double quarter pounder with cheese – that’s just even metier with a double patty and juicy for a Halloween surprise. 

4. Chicken McNuggets 

Boo buckets and without chicken McNuggets? Not possible. These nuggets make a special place in Halloween spooky items for a reason. They are fan-favorite crispy and juicy chunks. 

If you want a quick bite of something crunchy and wholesome, chicken McNuggets won’t disappoint. Plus, you can dip them in your favorite sauce for an added burst of flavor. 

So if you want a fun and delicious snack to munch on this Halloween, head over to McDonald’s and grab a boo bucket with the choice of Chicken McNuggets. 

5. Apple Slices 

Do you know what would make your Halloween boo bucket even better? McDonald’s Apple Slices. These sweet, juicy slices are the perfect Halloween treat. Imagine biting into a crisp, fresh apple slice with burgers or chicken McNuggets. The best part? They’re healthy! So, you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in a sweet treat.

So, to make your Halloween Boo Bucket even more incredible, add a serving of McDonald’s Apple Slices. They are healthy and tasty, providing the perfect balance of sweetness and nutrition. 

Are There Any Special Deals During Halloween Season?

Halloween Deal

McDonald’s is returning its famous Boo Buckets as a part of the Halloween season deal. It’s one of the most exciting deals you can ever find. The Halloween boo buckets come with a purchase of a happy meal. 

When you order a happy meal, you can choose between a delicious hamburger, cheeseburger, or chicken nuggets in a special Halloween-themed pail. The meal also includes fries or apple slices and a small drink – all for a budget-friendly price of between $5 and $7.

But wait, there’s more! The Boo Bucket isn’t just for chowing down your meal. It’s also a versatile item that can be reused creatively. McDonald’s has shared various tips and tricks on how to revamp the Boo Bucket on social media. 

You can use it as a planter to make it a statement accessory this Halloween. So, you will get a tasty meal and a fun item that can be used long after the Halloween season. Find latest exciting deals at McDonald’s here.

Other Restaurants That Are Open During Halloween

Fast Food Chains Open On Halloween

1. Burger King – Burger King is a well-known fast food chain that has gained worldwide popularity for its mouth-watering whopper burger. This year, check out their unique offerings for Halloween and opening times on Halloween

2. Starbucks – Want a delicious coffee treat this Halloween? Well, look no further because Starbucks has got you covered! They are offering special treats for holidays like Halloween. Click here to check the timings on Halloween. 

3. Subway – Regarding a quick and satisfying lunch option, sandwiches are always a great choice. On Halloween, why not visit Subway and enjoy its various options? Make sure to check its operating hours this Halloween.

4. Chipotle – Chipotle is a highly recognized restaurant chain specializing in Mexican cuisine. You get various Mexican options to try. Also, Chipotle got your celebration fixed on Halloween. Check out the operational hours during Halloween here

5. Taco Bell – Taco Bell offers convenient and delicious options for Mexican cuisine. For the festive celebration, reach out to Taco Bell this Halloween

6. Wendy’s – Wendy’s is known for its signature square hamburgers. If you want to satisfy your burger cravings this Halloween, check the operating hours at Wendy’s before you go.

7. Sonic Drive-In – Many people will be out celebrating Halloween, causing long wait times at popular restaurants. Sonic Drive-In is the perfect solution to avoid the hassle and enjoy a delicious meal. Find operating hours at Sonic Drive-In here. 

8. KFC – Indulge in finger-licking good food at KFC this Halloween. Head to KFC during their Halloween hours and enjoy a delicious meal.

9. Popeyes – Popeyes is known for its delicious American and Louisiana-style cuisine. On a Halloween night, when the craving for comfort food strikes, Popeyes is the go-to destination. Check out the Halloween hours here.

10. WhatABurger –  Whataburger is an ideal destination for late-night meals on Halloween. However, if you want to check Halloween hours at Whataburger, click here.


In this article, we have covered the topic of whether or not McDonald’s is open on Halloween. We can confirm that McDonald’s is available on Halloween, operating during their regular hours. 

While I have answered whether McDonald’s is open on Halloween, it’s also essential to consider their hours on other holidays. Check out McDonald’s hours on Easter, Labor Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.

So, watch our website next time you wonder if McDonald’s is open on holiday. Happy eating!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s open on Halloween?

Most McDonald’s locations are open on Halloween.

What are the usual hours of operation for McDonald’s on Halloween?

McDonald’s operation hours on Halloween are between 5:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Does McDonald’s offer any Halloween-themed menu items or promotions?

Yes! McDonald’s offers a Halloween-themed menu. They offer boo buckets as their special menu for Halloween. These boo buckets are priced between $5 to $7. 

Will my local McDonald’s have any unique Halloween decorations?

It depends on the individual location. While some McDonald’s may choose to decorate for Halloween, others may not.

Can I still order delivery or drive-thru service on Halloween?

You can still order delivery or use drive-thru service at McDonald’s on Halloween, as long as the restaurant is open.

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