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Is McDonald’s Open On 4th Of July 2022?

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Who doesn’t love food from McDonald’s? Let me ask you a follow-up question, who doesn’t love McDonald’s food on the 4th of July? But you can only get your favorite Big Mac from McDonald’s on a holiday like the 4th of July, if the chain remains open on the respective day. So, is McDonald’s open on the 4th of July? Let’s find out!


McDonald’s remains open on the 4th of July. This chain stays operational on Independence Day, AKA 4th of July, as per its usual timings, from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Due to the locations being individually owned and operated by different franchise owners, the hours of several locations can vary.

McDonald’s is an American fast-food restaurant franchise specializing in burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc. Founded in 1940, the chain has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. McDonald’s has three different types of restaurants: McDrive, McCafé, and “Create Your Taste” restaurants. All of these restaurants are popular for serving premium quality food and experience high sales due to the same reason.

Serving around 69 million customers every day in over 100 different countries, McDonald’s is one of the most successful fast-food chains. Providing immaculately efficient services and delicious food, McDonald’s is doing well in countries like Australia, America, the United Kingdom, etc.

But does the chain keep its location open the whole day on the 4th of July? Does McDonald’s serve any 4th of July special dishes? In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about McDonald’s hours and the food it serves on 4th of July. So, if you’re ready, let’s not wait any longer!

McDonald’s Opening/Closing Hours On 4th Of July

McDonald's Food
McDonald’s 4th of July hours5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

McDonald’s is welcoming customers to grab a bite at its locations this Independence Day. The chain keeps its doors open for customers from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the 4th of July. McDonald’s will be accepting and serving both online and in-person orders on the 4th of July.

When asked about McDonald’s hours on the 4th of July, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “Ninety-five percent of McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned and operated, so the holiday business hours will vary by location. The best way to determine hours for your local McDonald’s is to call ahead of your visit to confirm their hours.”

So, going by the above offered advice, you should contact the location you’re heading to before driving to it. 

McDonald’s Specials That You Can Try On 4th Of July

The top five McDonald’s menu items that you should try this 4th of July are:-

  1. McDonald’s McGriddle
  2. McDonald’s Hash Browns 
  3. McDonald’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie 
  4. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
  5. McDonald’s Southwest Salad

1. McDonald’s McGriddle

McDonald's McGriddle

McDonald’s is known for serving some of the best burgers in the world. With the usage of premium quality and fresh ingredients, the food served at this chain is absolutely delicious. If you’re looking forward to trying a new burger at McDonald’s, McGriddle is your best shot!

McDonald’s McGriddles features a layer of “thick-cut applewood smoked bacon”, a nicely cooked and fluffy egg, and a tasty slice of American cheese on top of English muffins. Loaded with flavor, this burger makes up for the perfect breakfast meal on Independence Day. 

Light and filling, McDonald’s McGriddles will make your 4th of July celebrations a lot more delicious than they would’ve been!

2. McDonald’s Hash Browns 

McDonald's Hash Brown

Alright, hear me out! While hash browns might not seem like a big deal or something to include in your 4th of July meal plans, McDonald’s hash browns are a whole different story! These hash browns give the delight of varying textures in just one bite. 

McDoanld’s hash browns are absolutely delicious and are crispy. The hash browns at McDonald’s are cooked using patties and made out of shredded potatoes. McDonald’s hash browns are fluffy for the inner part and are nicely toasted until they’re crispy on the outside. 

So, if you’re looking for light and delicious breakfast on the 4th of July, head to your nearest McDonald’s location and grab some hash browns. You can pair these up with a nice, cold beverage from McDonald’s or can eat them as a side dish with McGriddles!

3. McDonald’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie 

McDonald's STrawberry Banana Smoothie

In this age of smoothie bowls and healthy eating, smoothies are a part of almost everyone’s diet. If I told you that you can enjoy a super delicious smoothie at McDonald’s, you wouldn’t believe me, would you? Well, it’s true, and I’ll tell you all about it!

The McCafé strawberry banana smoothie is made with a blend of fruit juices and purees. The fruits used in this smoothie are delicious strawberries and bananas. A certain low-fat yogurt is also used as an ingredient in this smoothie, making it creamier. A quick addition of ice brings the whole smoothie together and is an absolute treat to indulge yourself in!

Perfect for 4th of July celebrations, McDonald’s strawberry banana smoothie is available in three sizes – small, medium and large. If you’re looking for a boost of freshness this Independence Day, grab this smoothie! You wouldn’t regret it!

4. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

Lately, everyone’s been obsessed with chicken nuggets! I’ll let you in on a little secret – McDonald’s chicken nuggets are the best! Crisp, flavorful, and juicy, these chicken nuggets will instantly take you to food paradise once you take a bite! 

McDonald’s chicken nuggets or chicken McNuggets are cooked without the usage of any artificial preservatives or flavors. These are made using white chicken meat and plenty of dipping sauces are available at McDonald’s for you to pair these nuggets with. 

Absolutely delectable, chicken McNuggets are the best way to satiate your hunger this 4th of July! Even if you’re looking for a quick snack, chicken McNuggets are there to rescue you!

5. McDonald’s Southwest Salad

McDonald's Southwest Salad

Holidays bring with them loads of delicious food but not necessarily healthy food. That is why, if you’re looking for a healthy meal option on 4th of July, head to McDonald’s and order the southwest salad for yourself! A salad so good, you’ll order it twice! 

McDonald’s southwest salad is made using the freshest of ingredients. The salad features roasted corn, tomatoes, black beans, lettuce, pepper, nicely cooked chicken, cilantro, lime juice and a perfect blend of spices. This combination of ingredients makes the salad top tier and one of the best items on McDonald’s menu!

Are you and your friends are looking for something healthy to indulge in this 4th of July? Then, order McDonald’s southwest salad. Have a delicious time!

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On 4th Of July

  1. Chipotle – Mexican food from Chipotle is like no other! Be its burrito bowls or quesadillas, you’re sure to indulge in a load of delectable food no matter what! Check out Chipotle’s operational status on the 4th of July and celebrate the holiday with the chain itself!
  1. Burger King – Burger King is literally the king of all other burger serving chains! The Whopper will be there to deliver a whopping amount of deliciousness this 4th of July! Check out its 4th of July updates and enjoy!
  1. Starbucks – Good coffee and tasty breakfast is what Starbucks is all about, isn’t it? Then why shy away from the chain on holidays like the 4th of July? Check out Starbucks’s 4th of July updates and indulge in some classic breakfast!
  1. Subway – Sandwiches are  always there to save the day when hunger strikes but what if hunger strikes on the 4th of July? Place an order at Subway, of course! Check out its 4th of July updates and rescue your hungry self from turning hangry!
  1. Taco Bell – Taco Bell is the go-to restaurant chain for anyone and everyone if you want to enjoy some delicious spicy food! Check out its operational status on the 4th of July!
  1. Chick-fil-A – Chicken nuggets or chicken sandwiches, no one does a better job at cooking chicken dishes than Chick-fil-A! Indulge in some menu favorites of this chain on the 4th of July by checking out its updates! 
  1. Wendy’s – Your favorite redhead is there to save the day on the 4th of July! Wendy’s has got your breakfast fix ready for the 4th of July! All you need to do is check out its 4th of July updates! 
  1. Dunkin’ Donuts – Coffee and donuts are a match made in food heaven and what better coffeehouse to serve it than Dunkin’ Donuts itself! Check out the chain’s 4th of July updates!
  1. Domino’s Pizza – Want to enjoy Italian cuisine on an American holiday? Just place an order at Domino’s! Check out its 4th of July updates to make your holiday 100x better! 
  1. Panera Bread – The underdog of cafe chains, Panera Bread offers the most delicious range of baked goods! Check them out for yourself by ordering from Panera Bread on the 4th of July but first take a look at its 4th of July operational status!


McDonald’s will remain open and in service on 4th of July. The chain will be welcoming customers on 4th of July, from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. So, this Independence Day, head to the nearest McDonald’s location and have the best time ever!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s open on the 4th of July?

McDonald’s will be open and serving customers on the 4th of July.

What will be McDonald’s working hours on the 4th of July?

McDonald’s will be open and taking orders on the 4th of July as per the usual working hours of this restaurant, which are from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at McDonald’s on the 4th of July?

The McDonald’s menu items that you should try this 4th of July are McDonald’s McGriddle, McDonald’s hash browns, McDonald’s strawberry banana smoothie, McDonald’s chicken nuggets, McDonald’s southwest salad, etc.

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