Is McDonald’s Oatmeal Vegan?

If you ever go to McDonald’s for a breakfast treat and want to indulge in something healthy, there is nothing better than a classic McDonald’s oatmeal. But, along with being healthy, is McDonald’s oatmeal vegan too? 

McDonald's oatmeal ingredients

McDonald’s oatmeal cannot qualify as vegan since they contain light cream per their ingredient list. However, the good news is that the oatmeal can be made vegan by omitting the cream altogether. 

McDonald’s is different from places known for serving low-calorie and healthy menu items. However, seeing the demand for the same rise, they have introduced similar options, including their classic oatmeal.

But, many assume that if something is healthy, it could also be vegan, which is not necessarily the case. In this article, we will explore this oatmeal’s ingredients and how it can be turned into a vegan-friendly breakfast! 

McDonald’s Oatmeal Technically Isn’t Vegan

McDonalds technically is not vegan

McDonald’s oatmeal cannot be qualified as vegan since it contains light cream, a dairy-based ingredient. 

As per McDonald’s, they add a little bit of light cream to their oatmeal bowl. So, just this one simple ingredient makes the entire oatmeal unsuitable for vegans. However, there is also some good news with the whole aspect! 

While ordering oatmeal, you can ask the server to omit the light cream. They might replace it with water, making the oatmeal perfectly vegan! Hence, if you want to enjoy oatmeal from McDonald’s, you always have this option! 

What Kind Of Cream Does McDonald’s Use In Their Oatmeal? 

As per the official website of McDonald’s, they use light cream in their oatmeal. 

The light cream is made with a concoction of various ingredients, which helps it stay fresh for longer. These ingredients also give the cream its taste, which is transferred to the oatmeal. Hence, the oatmeal gets its iconic subtly creamy flavor. 

McDonald’s Oatmeal Ingredients

McDonald's oatmeal ingredients

Here is a list of ingredients that McDonald’s uses to make each element of their oatmeal: 

  1. Oatmeal: 
  • Water, 
  • Whole Grain Rolled Oats, 
  • Brown Sugar, 
  • Modified Food Starch, 
  • Salt, 
  • Natural flavor, 
  • Barley Malt Extract, 
  • Caramel Color
  1. Diced Apples: 
  • Apples
  • Calcium Ascorbate (a Blend Of Calcium And Vitamin C To Maintain Color)
  1. Cranberry Raisin Blend: 
  • Sweetened Dried Cranberries (sugar, Cranberries), 
  • California Raisins, 
  • Golden Raisins, 
  • Sunflower Oil, 
  • Sulfur Dioxide As A Preservative (contains Sulfites)
  1. Light Cream: 
  • Milk, cream, 
  • Sodium Phosphate, 
  • Datem, 
  • Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, 
  • Sodium Citrate, 
  • Carrageenan

Is McDonald’s Oatmeal Gluten-Free? 

Technically, McDonald’s oatmeal is gluten-free as it contains rolled oats. 

Although McDonald’s oatmeal is gluten-free, people with celiac disease should be careful. The reason behind this is that oatmeal is one of those ingredients at a very high risk of cross-contamination with gluten-based products.

So, one should always be aware of the same. If you have gluten intolerance and your doubts about the same, look at if McDonald’s oatmeal is gluten-free for further information. 

What Are Some Other Vegan Options On The McDonald’s Menu? 

aRE McDonalds coffee drinks gluten free 1

Here are some other options on the McDonald’s menu that can be certified as entirely vegan: 

  1. Fountain Beverages
  2. Roast Coffee
  3. Americano
  4. Apple Slices
  5. Apple Pie

These are just some of the vegan options that McDonald’s offers. McDonald’s has a specially designed vegan menu with many more lovely vegan options that vegans can enjoy! 


McDonald’s oatmeal technically cannot be classified as vegan since it contains light cream, a dairy-based ingredient. However, the good news is that the oatmeal can be made vegan by omitting the light cream from the recipe!

So, if you are vegan, you can still enjoy a delicious bowl of McDonald’s oatmeal, just like other options on their menu. Moreover, if you are a vegan, you should also look at if their buns are vegan, their plant-based burgers, and plant-based nuggets, for more options to enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s oatmeal vegan?

No, McDonald’s oatmeal is not vegan. 

Can you order vegan oatmeal at McDonald’s? 

You can order vegan oatmeal by asking them not to add the light cream. 

Is McDonald’s oatmeal gluten-free?

Yes, McDonald’s oatmeal is gluten-free.

Are there other options on the McDonald’s menu that are vegan? 

Yes, McDonald’s also has a few other options on its menu that are entirely vegan. 

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