Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Gluten-Free?

McDonald’s serves various excellent dessert options, from their McFlurry to Hot Fudge sundaes, all made with their iconic soft-serve ice cream. However, people have had doubts about whether or not the ice cream has any gluten. Let’s find out if McDonald’s ice cream is gluten-free. 

Is McDonald's ice cream gluten-free

Yes, McDonald’s vanilla soft-serve ice cream is gluten-free. However, McDonald’s has mentioned that most of the toppings added to their McFlurries and some other sundaes contain gluten. 

Out of the fantastic dessert options on the McDonald’s menu, which range from baked goodies to ice cream sundaes, the ice creams have always remained a favorite. They are the top-selling desserts, so people with gluten intolerance having concerns about the same is pretty natural. 

But, once you are done going through this post, you will get all the answers you need about McDonald’s gluten-free ice cream, with some more relevant information! So, let’s dig right in! 

McDonald’s Ice Cream Is Gluten-Free

McDonalds ice cream is gluten free

As per the official website of McDonald’s, their vanilla soft serve ice cream is completely gluten-free.

McDonald’s has listed the ingredients for vanilla soft-serve ice cream. The ingredient list does not contain gluten-based ingredients, making the ice cream gluten-free. 

However, the chain has also very clearly mentioned that there could always be a chance of cross-contamination of the ice cream with gluten. This is mainly because the toppings used in their McFlurries, like Oreos and Kitkat, contain gluten. 

So, customers with gluten intolerance should vary the same. If you have doubts about cross-contamination or anything related, it would be better to check the McDonald’s Allergen menu to be entirely sure

McDonald’s Ice Cream Ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients used to make the classic McDonald’s vanilla soft serve ice cream: 

  1. Milk
  2. Sugar
  3. Cream
  4. Corn Syrup
  5. Natural Flavor
  6. Mono and DiGlycerides
  7. Cellulose Gum
  8. Guar Gum
  9. Carrageenan
  10. Vitamin A Palmitate

As the list of ingredients shows, the ice cream does not contain any gluten-based ingredients. The possible allergen in this ice cream is dairy from the milk and cream. If this seems intriguing, you may even like what McDonald’s ice cream is made of and what makes it so soft! 

But McDonald’s Ice Cream Cones Contain Gluten

But McDonalds ice cream cones contain gluten

McDonald’s ice cream cones are not gluten-free, although the ice cream itself is gluten-free. So, it is best to stick to just the ice cream in a cup in case of gluten intolerance. 

The list of ingredients used to make McDonald’s ice cream cones has a primary gluten-based component. This ingredient is enriched wheat flour.

These could also pass traces of gluten to the ice cream if you get it in a cone. Hence, you should stick to getting McDonald’s soft serve in cups for a better experience. 

Is McFlurry Gluten-Free? 

Yes, McFlurry is gluten-free. But the McFlurry is gluten-free only if you get toppings that are also gluten-free. 

If you talk about the base of any flavored McFlurry, it is gluten-free since it is made with a standard vanilla soft serve. However, depending on the toppings you choose with your McFlurry, it can also contain gluten. 

That is if you go for toppings like Oreos, kit-kat, Twix, or even MnM candies. So, it is best to avoid such flavors in case of gluten intolerance.

Look at all the McDonald’s McFlurry flavors if you have gluten intolerance, as they will help you better decide which one is safe to enjoy. 

Is McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae Gluten-Free? 

Best hot fudge sauce

Yes, McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae is gluten-free. 

The hot fudge sundae at McDonald’s is made with only two components: their soft serve ice cream and hot fudge sauce. As mentioned, the ice cream contains no gluten or gluten-based ingredients. 

Similarly, the hot fudge sauce also does not contain any gluten. The only allergens listed for the same are milk and soy, making it gluten-free. But again, remember to avoid getting this sundae in a cone. 

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Vegan? 

No, McDonald’s ice cream is not vegan. 

Milk and cream are the primary ingredients to make McDonald’s vanilla soft-serve ice cream. Since both these products are derived from animals, the ice cream cannot be classified as vegan. 

Although McDonald’s ice cream is vegetarian. Moreover, some countries have also started offering vegan soft-serve ice creams at McDonald’s! For more information, see if McDonald’s ice cream is vegan or vegetarian

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Dairy Free? 

Is McDonalds ice cream dairy free

No, McDonald’s ice cream is not dairy free. 

Returning to the list of ingredients added to make McDonald’s ice cream, the primary ones are milk and cream. Both these ingredients are derived from dairy; hence, the ice cream cannot be classified as dairy free. 

But, similar to the initiative with vegan ice cream, many McDonald’s outlets in various countries, especially across Europe, have started offering dairy-free soft serves. Look at if McDonald’s ice cream is dairy free for more details. 

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Halal? 

Yes, McDonald’s ice cream is halal. 

Although the ice cream is not officially certified as halal, it can be considered so for many reasons. The main reason here is that the ice cream does not have any animal derivatives like gelatine, with no traces of alcohol either. 

So this makes the ice cream fit for people who prefer halal food. If you want more details, refer to if McDonald’s ice cream is halal

Other Gluten-Free Options On The McDonald’s Menu

Other gluten free optionss on the McDonalds menu

Some gluten-free options from the McDonald’s menu that people with celiac disease can enjoy without a single worry are: 

  1. Beef patty
  2. Sausage patty
  3. Scrambled Eggs
  4. Coffee based beverages
  5. Fountain drinks

These are just a few of the lovely options available at McDonald’s that are entirely gluten-free. But, some options that you would have never thought contain gluten also have traces of the same! 

So, if you have celiac disease, you should be aware. Once you go through McDonald’s gluten-free and allergen menu, you will have a much better idea of the same. 


At the end of this article, I hope you are enlightened about McDonald’s ice creams. Yes, they are gluten-free for sure since they don’t have any gluten-based ingredients added to them. 

But, there are chances of cross-contamination. Moreover, the cones do contain gluten and also some of the McFlurry toppings. So, all of this is worth noting. 

Lastly, many other options on the McDonald’s menu could have gluten. Check out if their sausages are gluten-free, Big Mac sauce is gluten-free, and McDonald’s Oatmeal is gluten-free! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s ice cream gluten-free? 

Yes, McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream is gluten-free.

Are McDonald’s ice cream cones gluten-free?

No, McDonald’s ice cream cones are not gluten-free. 

Are McDonald’s McFlurries gluten-free? 

They are gluten-free unless you go for toppings like Oreo cookies, MnM Cookies, Twix, or KitKat. 

Are McDonald’s ice creams dairy free? 

McDonald’s ice creams are not dairy-free. 

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