Is McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Halal?

One of the most talked about McDonald’s sandwiches that have been a hit and a miss for many years is their Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Although this sandwich is loved by many, Muslims have a fundamental question about the same: Is McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish halal? We’ll find out! 

Is McDonald's filet-o-fish halal?

Technically, yes, McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich is halal. However, be aware that there are always some chances of cross-contamination. 

McDonald’s uses wild-caught Alaskan Pollock to make their famous Filet-O-Fish sandwich. In most cases, fish is halal since it does not come in contact with haram ingredients, especially the Filet-O-Fish patty.

Nevertheless, we will be discussing the contents of this sandwich in detail to verify if Muslims can eat it or not, all in this detailed post! So, stay tuned till the end! 

Is The Filet-O-Fish Sandwich Halal? 

Is the filet o fish sandwich halal

Yes, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich can be considered halal as it is not laced with haram ingredients like pork or alcohol, which makes it halal. 

Although technically, this sandwich can be considered a halal option; there are still a few things that one must consider. The main thing to remember is that the sandwich still needs to be officially certified as halal by McDonald’s corporation in the United States. 

Moreover, another factor here is that McDonald’s does take extra care to ensure the fish is fried in different fryers than the other meats. However, there is always a possibility of cross-contamination. So, in case these things are a concern for you, avoid the sandwich altogether. 

What Do Muslims Think About Filet-O-Fish Being Halal? 

What do muslims think about McDonalds filet o fish sandwich

Now we know that the Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s can technically be considered a halal option. However, the matter remains that the food item is not certified as halal by McDonald’s. So, this has often created havoc amongst Muslims on whether or not this sandwich is halal.

As per the website Amaliah, they once called a McDonald’s outlet in the UK to confirm whether the sandwich was halal. The staff member from McDonald’s mentioned that the sandwich is not certified as halal but is often ordered by Muslim customers. They further said to check the allergen list for more information.

This caused a debate on Twitter, where one person wrote, “That post about the fillet o fish not being halal has shaken a lot of people, so in 30 seconds of looking, I found the recipe for the tartar sauce and look NO ALCOHOL STOP SPREADING UNNECESSARY FEAR AND CONFUSION.” 

Similarly, a user name Ruqaiya mentioned on Twitter, “Fillet o Fish will always be halal to me, and the McDonald’s website is not a reliable source of fish in my opinion so inshallah khayr stop asking so many questions.” 

Moreover, a user named Bagel mentioned on Twitter, “confused about the tweet that says the filet-o-fish sauce is suitable for vegetarians but is not halal 

1. why would a vegetarian even eat a fillet-o-fish, to begin with 

2. how can a sauce suitable for vegetarians not be suitable for halalitarians ?????” 

Lastly, another user mentioned on Twitter, “Why is Muslim Twitter beefing on whether fillet o fish is halal or not ?? FAM, it’s fish! It’s HALALL” 

So, as you can see, most Muslims agree that since the patty is made with fish, it is indeed a halal option, even though it is not certified. However, if you still have doubts, it would be best to refrain from indulging. 

Is Filet-O-Fish Sauce Halal? 

Yes, the Filet-O-Fish sauce is technically halal because it is not laced with non-halal ingredients. 

As per the ingredients mentioned for the Filet-O-Fish sauce, none of them are non-halal ingredients. But, just like the Filet-O-Fish sandwich, McDonald’s does not officially certify the sauce as a halal option. 

Moreover, McDonald’s UK website has mentioned that the tartare sauce is suitable for vegetarians but is not halal. As mentioned in the previous section, one Twitter user did debate that this sentence is contradictory since anything vegetarian is technically halal. So, the sauce is a halal option. 

Is Cheese In Filet-O-Fish Vegetarian? 

is the filet o fish cheese vegetarian

Yes, the cheese used in Filet-O-Fish is vegetarian. 

The cheese remains the same, just as McDonald’s uses vegetarian cheese for all their burgers and sandwich options. Hence, the cheese used for Filet-O-Fish is vegetarian and can also be eaten by Muslims. 

Does McDonald’s Use Separate Oil For Frying Filet-O-Fish? 

Yes, McDonald’s uses separate oil for frying their Filet-O-Fish patties. 

McDonald’s has very proudly said that they don’t mix up oils. Hence, the filet-o-fish patty is always fried in a separate fryer, with oil specially kept aside. This way, McDonald’s makes sure to reduce the chances of cross-contamination as much as they possibly can. 

Other Halal Options On McDonald’s Menu

Other halal options at McDonalds

Here are some other halal options that you can enjoy from the McDonald’s menu: 

  1. Apple Slices
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Milkshakes
  4. Coffee Drinks
  5. Fountain Drinks

These are just a few of the options on the McDonald’s menu that are entirely halal. 

However, just like the Filet-O-Fish sandwich, McDonald’s does not certify any of their food as halal in the United States. So, if you would like to read more about the same, look at our article on whether McDonald’s is halal or not


McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish is halal, even though it is not officially certified so by McDonald’s. Since fish is considered halal, and the Filet-O-Fish does not come in contact with non-halal ingredients, it can be regarded as halal. 

But, if you have doubts about the same, it is best not to indulge. Moreover, if you strictly eat halal food and are also a big fan of McDonald’s fast food, you should also be sure if McDonald’s fries are halal and if McDonald’s chicken is halal or not

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is McDonald’s filet-o-fish halal? 

Yes, McDonald’s filet-o-fish is halal because of the ingredients used. 

Is the filet-o-fish sandwich certified as halal? 

No, sadly, the filet-o-fish sandwich is not officially certified as halal.

Is the tartar sauce used in filet-o-fish halal? 

Yes, the tartar sauce is halal and also okay for vegetarians. 

Is the cheese in filet-o-fish vegetarian? 

Yes, the cheese used in the filet-o-fish sandwich is vegetarian. 

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