Is McDonald’s Chicken Halal?

McDonald’s has a lot of chicken options on their menu. The options range from sandwiches like McChicken, crunchy Chicken McNuggets, and even hearty chicken wraps. However, most Muslims have a question about McDonald’s: is McDonald’s chicken halal? 

Is McDonald's chicken halal?

No, McDonald’s chicken in the United States is not halal. McDonald’s does not officially certify their chicken as halal, and they have also not claimed that any of their meat products are halal in the USA. 

Out of the vast options on the McDonald’s menu, some can very well be enjoyed by Muslims as they are vegetarian and halal. However, the meat in question is not, which is a crucial point to remember. In this blog post, you will find all the answers you need about McDonald’s chicken halal status and if there are other halal options to enjoy at McDonald’s. 

Is McDonald’s Chicken Halal Or Haram? 

Is McDonalds chicken halal or haram

No, McDonald’s chicken is not halal in the United States. 

McDonald’s is partially halal. The status of whether or not McDonald’s chicken is halal in other countries depends on various factors. McDonald’s chicken is not halal in predominantly non-muslim countries like the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia. 

Moreover, these countries have never claimed their chicken is halal, which is a big plus. However, in countries with a Muslim majority, like UAE, Pakistan, Bahrain, Oman, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Arab countries, all the meat used by McDonald’s is entirely halal. 

The meat is certified by McDonald’s themselves. In all Muslim-majority countries, McDonald’s is also very particular in ensuring no cross-contamination. Hence, if you eat only halal meat and like McDonald’s occasionally, you can do so without a single worry in all Muslim-majority countries. 

Can Muslims Eat McDonald’s Chicken? 

Can muslims eat McDonalds chicken

Muslims who follow Islamic rules cannot eat McDonald’s chicken in the United States of America, as they don’t serve halal meat. 

Similarly, Muslims should avoid eating chicken at McDonald’s in countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and most European countries. However, Muslims can eat McDonald’s in predominantly Muslim countries, as the chicken and every other meat there is Halal-certified. 

McDonald’s Food That Is Made With Chicken

McDonalds food that uses chicken

Here are all the options on the McDonald’s menu in the United States that are made with chicken: 

  1. McCrispy
  2. Deluxe McCrispy
  3. Spicy McCrispy
  4. Spicy Deluxe McCrispy
  5. McChicken
  6. Chicken McNuggets

Is Anything On The McDonald’s Menu Halal? 

Other halal options on McDonalds menu

Yes, there are plenty of other halal options on the McDonald’s menu that can be enjoyed by anyone who prefers halal food. 

  1. Milkshakes
  2. Coffee Drinks
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Apple Pie
  5. Apple Slices

If you want to know more halal options offered by McDonald’s in the United States, look at this detailed article on if McDonald’s is halal for further reference. 


McDonald’s chicken in the United States is not halal. McDonald’s does not certify the chicken as halal, and the company has also not claimed that any of its food is halal. Hence, if you only eat halal food, it is best to avoid McDonald’s chicken altogether. 

Moreover, you should also consider whether some other options available at McDonald’s are halal, like if their Filet-O-Fish is halal and if their fries are halal. This will make it much easier for you on your next fast-food venture at McDonald’s! 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is McDonald’s chicken halal in the USA? 

No, McDonald’s chicken is not halal in the USA. 

Does McDonald’s offer halal chicken anywhere? 

Yes, McDonald’s offers halal chicken in every Muslim-majority country.

Does McDonald’s offer other options on their menu that are halal? 

Yes, other options on the McDonald’s menu are halal. 

Is McDonald’s chicken halal in the UK? 

No, McDonald’s chicken is not halal in the UK. 

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