Is McAlister’s Deli Open On Halloween 2024?

With Halloween coming up really soon, we all would like to enjoy some comfort food. When we talk about comfort food, nothing really beats food from McAlister’s Deli. The menu has options for everyone, so anyone who visits this place can easily indulge in comfort food. But, on Halloween, is McAlister’s Deli even open? Let’s have a look. 

McAlister's Deli

McAlister’s Deli will be open on Halloween this year to serve their customers some of their delicious and classic deli food. They believe in making their customers feel welcome, no matter what the occasion is. Their official opening and closing hours will be 10:30 am to 09:00 pm, which are also their usual hours. However, these are indeed just the official hours, and some of the locations may have different timings. 

McAlister’s Deli is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants that was founded by Dr. Don Newcomb. The first McAlister’s Deli outlet opened in 1989 in Oxford, Mississippi. Their headquarters are now located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Don Newcomb’s initial vision was to turn an abandoned diner into a great restaurant. 

That is how the journey of McAlister’s Deli began. In their newer outlets, you can still find decor that pays homage to their first outlet. The chain of restaurants has been known for their delicious food and great hospitality ever since it opened, and hence, became a well-known place amongst customers right after they opened.

This led to rapid expansion of McAlister Deli, and now, there are about 500 locations across 29 states in the United States. McAlister Deli is known for the fact that they have stayed true to their first menu, even after expansion. They take pride in using the freshest ingredients to make all the food on their menu.

Their menu features a great variety, with options like soups, sides, spuds, salads, sandwiches, sharables, kids menu, beverages, desserts, and much more. Basically, every food is comforting all in one place! In this article, I will tell you all about the operating hours of McAlister’s Deli on Halloween.

Along with that, I have also mentioned the ways in which you can enjoy their food, other than just dining in at one of their outlets. Lastly, for those of you who may have never visited this deli before, I have mentioned some of the specials from their menu that you need to try on Halloween this year. Now, let us discover all of this about McAlister’s Deli! 

McAlister’s Deli Opening / Closing Hours On Halloween

McAlister's Deli Food
McAlister’s Deli Operating Hours On Halloween10:30 am to 09:00 pm

Regardless of how major the holiday is, McAlister’s Deli is a place you can surely count on for the best food and hospitality to make your celebration special. Following this norm that they have set, they will be open on Halloween this year. Their official opening and closing times will remain the same as always, which are 10:30 am to 09:00 pm. 

Here, it is important to remember that with some of the outlets, there are chances of them following a holiday schedule instead. The reason behind this is that quite a lot of McAlister’s deli outlets are actually franchise-owned. So, with these outlets, there are chances of reduced hours of operation, of course, eventually based on what is decided by the franchise owner. 

But, to make matters easier for yourself, it would be better if you asked the outlet closest to you about their exact opening and closing hours. This way, there won’t be any sort of hindrance during your Halloween celebration. Moreover, in case large crowds are not really your thing, and you would rather celebrate Halloween at home, you can still enjoy food from McAlister’s Deli. 

Yes, you guessed it right, they will be delivering food, too, on Halloween. Orders for delivery can easily be placed via their official website. McAlister’s Deli is also active on delivery platforms like Grubhub and DoorDash, for you to place your order easily. Moreover, McAlister’s Deli has also got you covered in case you would like to host a large gathering on Halloween. 

Yes, the chain of restaurants also does catering! The deli also takes last-minute catering orders. All of this does sound really great! I am sure at least those of you who have visited one of their outlets before cannot wait to visit them on Halloween. For those of you who are still not sure, come let us take a look at their specials. I can guarantee you that this will change your mind! 

Specials From The McAlister’s Deli Menu That Are Worth Trying On Halloween

The top five specials from the McAlister’s Deli menu that you should not miss out on this Halloween are: 

  1. McAlister’s Deli King Club
  2. McAlister’s Deli Southwest Chicken and Avocado Salad
  3. McAlister’s Deli Spudmax
  4. McAlister’s Deli Chicken Tortilla Soup
  5. McAlister’s Deli Ultimate Nachos

1. McAlister’s Deli King Club

McAlister's Deli King Club

I think most of us can agree when I say that nothing beats deli’s when it comes to sandwiches. McAlister’s Deli is known for their sandwiches which taste delicious and are always made with fresh ingredients. 

Amongst all the sandwiches on their menu, the most loaded one is the king club. This sandwich is packed with smoked turkey, Black Forest ham, and bacon as the meat options. 

Further, the sandwich also has sharp cheddar, Swiss cheese, spring mix, tomato, mayo, and McAlister’s special Honey Mustard on wheat bread. But imagine a huge sandwich with double the amount of these ingredients, and that is what the king club is! Perfect for the biggest of appetites on Halloween. 

2. McAlister’s Deli Southwest Chicken And Avocado Salad

McAlister's Deli Southwest Chicken & Avocado Salad

McAlister’s Deli’s menu has something to please everyone! For all the health buffs out there or just anyone who is counting calories, McAlister’s Deli’s Southwest Chicken and Avocado salad is definitely worth a try! 

This salad is well-balanced in terms of flavors and nutritional value. It has seasoned grilled chicken, roasted corn, poblano and black bean relish, red onion, tomato, cheddar-jack cheese, blue corn tortilla strips, and avocado on mixed greens. 

You can choose the dressing you would like on this salad; however, the chain of restaurants recommends the chili lime vinaigrette dressing. In case you want to keep it light on Halloween this year, this salad from McAlister’s Deli is surely worth a try. 

3. McAlister’s Deli Spudmax

McAlister's Deli Spud Max

The roasted potatoes from McAlister’s Deli, or ‘spuds’ as they call them, are loaded with ingredients and are not worth missing out on! Trust me; you won’t get such loaded potatoes anywhere else. 

The best option out of their loaded potatoes that in no way you should miss out on is the spudmax. The spudmax consists of roasted potato with the perfect soft and creamy texture on the inside. 

It is topped with ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar jack, green onions, black olives, and sour cream. This roast potato can be the perfect side for a meal or even a great appetizer to start your meal with this Halloween. 

4. McAlister’s Deli Chicken Tortilla Soup

McAlister's Chicken Tortilla Soup

Halloween means it is going to start getting really cold almost everywhere in the country. The best way to warm yourself up is with some soup, of course. If you are trying out soups from McAlister’s Deli, one that you should try out is the chicken tortilla soup. 

The chicken tortilla soup is extremely hearty and just plain delicious. It has chicken, tomato, cilantro, and cheese, with a kick of the peppers added to it. The soup is available in three portion sizes to choose from. 

The smallest of them is a cup, followed by a bowl. Finally, the last size available is a bread bowl. The bread bowl is the best option to go for, as you get a whole meal in one soup! 

5. McAlister’s Deli Ultimate Nachos

McAlister's Deli Ultimate Nachos

Want an appetizer to start your meal with, but potatoes are not really your thing? McAlister’s deli has the ultimate appetizer for you (Yes, the pun is intended) with their ultimate nachos. 

The ultimate nachos consist of chili, cheese sauce, cheddar-jack cheese, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, green onions, avocado, and sour cream on tortilla chips. The ultimate nachos are featured under the shareable section. 

The reason for this is that the portion is quite big and enough to share with your friends and family. But, after a tiring day on Halloween, if you decide to order the nachos all for yourself, no one is judging! 

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  6. Firehouse SubsSubs are a wholesome meal and can be enjoyed any time of the day. If you want to enjoy subs on Halloween, check out your nearest Firehouse Subs. Follow the link to know the special offers on its menu items. 
  7. Tim HortonsCoffee and donuts make a perfect pair! So, why not enjoy Halloween-special donuts with coffee from Tim Hortons? Seek out the link to know if Tim Hortons is open on Halloween this year. 
  8. Church’s ChickenCelebrations are incomplete without a feast, and a feast is incomplete with a dish that contains chicken. So, make sure you include Church’s Chicken dishes to indulge in some really good chicken on Halloween night.
  9. Moe’sAnother fast-food chain that’s open and operational on Halloween this year is Moe’s. Check out the link to know its operational hours on holiday and if this restaurant is open for online orders. 
  10. El Pollo LocoWell! It’s Halloween, and visiting your favorite restaurant must be an obvious way to treat yourself on holiday. When it comes to favorite restaurants, El Pollo Loco is among the most common names in America. So, don’t wait for any further and follow the link to know its Halloween plans. 


McAlister’s Deli will be open on Halloween this year and will serve their customers some of their delicious deli meals. Their official hours of operation will be the same as always, which are 10:30 am to 09:00 pm. 

However, with some of the outlets, there are chances of them operating as per a holiday schedule instead. It would be wiser to call the location closest to you beforehand to know their exact opening and closing times to have a great Halloween celebration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will McAlister’s Deli be open on Halloween? 

Yes, McAlister’s Deli will be open on Halloween 2023. 

What will be the opening and closing timings of McAlister’s Deli on Halloween? 

The official opening and closing timings of McAlister’s Deli on Halloween will be 10:30 am to 09:00 pm, which are the same as always. 

Does the McAlister’s Deli menu have any desserts? 

Yes, the McAlister’s Deli does have some desserts like cookies, brownie, brookies, and their special chocolate cheesecake. 

Does McAlister’s Deli have any options for vegetarians?

Yes, there are some options on the McAlister’s Deli menu that are completely vegetarian. 

What are the best menu options from McAlister’s Deli?

The best options from the McAlister’s Deli menu include McAlister’s Deli King Club, McAlister’s Deli Southwest Chicken and Avocado Salad, McAlister’s Deli Spudmax, McAlister’s Deli Chicken Tortilla Soup, and McAlister’s Deli Ultimate Nachos. 

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