Is It Safe To Go On A Liquid Diet To Lose Weight? 

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You might have done the basic groundwork for losing weight and came across the word liquid diet. Curious about liquid diet and wondering if it would help you lose weight safely? This article will clear all your doubts on liquid diet.

Fruit Juices for liquid Diet

A liquid diet is based on liquid food and is almost entirely composed of soups, infusions, liquid yogurt, juices and water. Depending on the dietitian and weight goals, semi-liquid foods such as smashed vegetables may be allowed, as well as fruits.

It’s a part of a very effective and extremely controversial weight loss regime, so keep reading as we tell you everything there is to know about the liquid diet and how safe it is!

What Is A Liquid Diet?

A liquid diet is a diet where you consume foods that are only liquids or which turn into liquids at room temperature. You can either go for clear liquids , in which case it is known as a clear liquid diet, or thick liquids.

Although liquid diet comprises only liquids or fluids, you can choose to go for partial liquid diet consuming solid foods. The liquid diet excludes all sugary drinks, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.

The calorie intake is so extremely low that no fats are added into your system, but this also reduces dramatically the quality protein intake. This diet can lead to severe iron and protein deficiencies.

Foods Consumed In A Liquid Diet

fresh juice in bottles

The following are the foods which are allowed in a liquid diet:

  1. Water
  2. Fruit Juices
  3. Fruit-flavored beverages
  4. Gelatin
  5. Carbonated drinks
  6. Strained Creamy Soups
  7. Jell-O
  8. Pudding
  9. Popsicles
  10. Milkshakes
  11. Strained Drinks
  12. Hard Candy

Reasons For Going On A Liquid Diet

You might have guessed easily by now that one of the major reasons for going on a liquid diet is weight loss. Let us talk about the other reasons for going on a liquid diet.

Another factor which influences people to go on a liquid diet is detoxification of the body that comes with the consumption of juices. Often, a liquid diet is prescribed for people before they undergo certain procedures, tests or surgeries.

Also, liquid diet is suggested for those who suffer from digestive issues such as diarrhea or vomiting.

Benefits Of A Liquid Diet

A balanced liquid regime can be beneficial for the organism as long as it is not undertaken for more than a week! This is due to the fact that it is primarily made up of fruits and vegetables, which explains why you may experience:

  • Better digestion 
  • Detox due to hydric intake
  • Diminishing salt (which has great health benefits)
  • Rapid weight loss due to fat reduction to almost zero
  • Vitamin intake as present in f8ruits, legumes and vegetables, also rich in minerals and fiber

How To Follow A Liquid Diet To Lose Weight In Seven Days?

Liquid Diet

The liquid diet was designed to have immediate, drastic results. It is a fast diet popular due to the fast weight loss it guarantees, without any physical effort. It can make you lose up to 3 kg per day!

This is the reason why it is often considered a ‘miracle diet.’ As good as it sounds, it can have very negative effects upon your health, so it is nothing you should do without professional advice. 

It is a drastic diet that should only be followed for a very short period of time. That’s why we have designed a 1 week variant that will allow you to lose weight fast and keep your health intact (bear in mind, this is just a general guideline that should not under any circumstance be undertaken on your own, without your doctor’s approval):

First 3 Days

Avoid all soups, creams or drinks containing carbohydrates, made with potatoes. The best legumes for soup-making are: onions, leeks, courgettes, cabbage and spinach.

In terms of fruits, avoid bananas and avocados. You may drink coffee or tea as long as you do not add any sugar to it (honey is acceptable). 

If soups are too bland, try adding some lemon or vinegar (olive oil is ok too), but avoid salt, as it might cause liquid retention.

Here is our daily menu for some inspiration:

  • Breakfast: A piece of fruit, preferably orange or grapefruit, a cup of sugarless tea or an infusion.
  • Pre-Lunch Snack: Fruit salad without sugar. 
  • Lunch: Mixed vegetables, exclude potatoes, legumes and pasta, prioritize green leaves and drink tea or infusion.
  • Afternoon Snack: Sugarless fruit juice (try orange, peach or pineapple), some vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: Mixed vegetables, exclude potatoes, legumes and pasta, prioritize green leaves and mix with tea or infusion.

Remaining 4 Days

You may now eat the fruits and vegetables we advised you not to in the prior 3 day phase (banana, avocado, and potatoes). You can add them to the above daily menu, just avoid all sugars and salt. During dinner, you may add 120 grams of protein like chicken or fish.

A liquid diet can be a good option following a holiday or celebration with a great fat and calorie intake. If you follow this regime for only 1-2 days you will feel a huge difference already.

Should you want to keep it going, make sure you never follow it for 3+ days without a minimum caloric supply such as shown in the second part of our menu above. 

If you follow the liquid diet strictly, you will lose a minimum of 1 kg per day, a maximum of 3, and an average of 2.

Is Drinking Water Enough To Lose Weight?


Drinking water is enough to lose weight, and not eating too. But its negative sides can far outweigh its positive sides. For this reason, you should always keep in mind that this is only a short-term diet.

It is only advisable for people who want to lose a few kilos fast, to fit into a dress for a wedding, for example, or any other reason. Making it last longer than 7 days can be severely damaging, and the ideal is not to do it for more than 3 days. 

People willing to lose a greater quantity of weight (above 10 Kg) absolutely need a longer diet regime and sports plan, or undergoing weight loss surgery in Turkey.

So they should erase from their minds the idea of following this kind of diet or any other fast diet, which are designed for very different kinds of people, addressing very different weight issues.

Is It Safe To Go On A Liquid Diet To Lose Weight? 

Vegetable and Fruit juices

While you believe that liquid diet is beneficial for weight loss and detoxification, there are some risk factors you should be aware of. A liquid diet certainly helps in shedding the extra inches in your body.0;[‘

But, consumption of many liquids isn’t tantamount to a nutritious calorie intake. Although a liquid diet comprising juices and drinks ensures that you get vitamins and minerals, you are still missing out on other vital nutrients such as fiber, fat and protein.

A liquid diet for a long time can cause severe headaches, diarrhea and intense hunger. The lack of satiety increases the feeling of hunger and makes it extremely challenging for you to continue the liquid diet.

For a long-term basis, a liquid diet is not considered a safe way to lose weight. It is extremely challenging to follow and is nutrient-deficit to, not to mention the fatigue and body stress you experience.

Final Word

So this was all about the liquid diet. This diet is only feasible for shorter spans and not for the long run. You should eat a healthy and balanced diet and if weight loss is your goal, it is always better to take suggestion from a professional dietician.

I’ll see you another time with another interesting article. You can leave your suggestions about your article in the comments. Until then, you take care and thanks for reading!

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