Is Krispy Kreme Open On Christmas 2024?

There’s so much to do before the big day arrives. And it’s not surprising that by the time Christmas is here, you may give up on the idea of having to put on a big Christmas dinner. Therefore, ordering some desserts and a much-needed coffee from Krispy Kreme may seem more appealing. But does Krispy Kreme stay open on Christmas?

Krispy Kreme

While Krispy Kreme is open on every other holiday to give you those warm fresh glazed donuts or freshly brewed hot coffee, it remains closed on Christmas Day. So, to save yourself from spending time in the kitchen and turning up to a locked restaurant door, you need to find other places that may be open.

But that’s the case on Christmas Day. You can still get some great doughnuts one day before Christmas, as this brand will stay open on Christmas Eve. 

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse chain that offers a wide range of food items. Krispy Kreme’s menu includes items like Doughnuts, Coffees, Drinks, Kool-Kreme, Bagels & Oatmeals, and more.

And when you crave doughnuts, there’s nothing better than Krispy Kreme. 

Why Is Krispy Kreme Open On Christmas?

krispy kreme Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting with a doughnut and some great coffee at the end of a tiring day. But doing this on Christmas Day will not be possible. 

Krispy Kreme remains officially closed on Christmas Day. But it offers some delicious and attractive holiday treats specially made for the Christmas season. You can purchase these delicious treats on any other day. 

The iconic doughnut company launched four festive doughnuts for Christmas last year. These included doughnuts in the shape of a Doughman and a Christmas tree. The brand also introduced some lip-smacking flavors like caramelized biscuit Kreme filling and gingerbread and caramel. So, be prepared to be surprised by Krispy Kreme yet again this year.

To make things even more interesting, Krispy Kreme also introduced a Christmas Creations Kit. This kit came with four doughnuts which could be personalized with festive icings and sprinkles. Now that introduction not only made for a fun treat to buy for yourself, but it also made a great gift.

So, do visit Krispy Kreme this season. But before you do, let me also tell you that Krispy Kreme continues to grow. The global chain opened its newest New York City flagship store in Times Square in 2020. And this is the only Krispy Kreme outlet where you can enjoy a donut at any time of the day. That’s because this location is open 24 hours a day. Can it get any better?

Similar Restaurant Chains That Are Closed On Christmas 2023

  1. Red Lobster – I dont think there is any chain in the United States that serves seafood better than what you get at Red Lobster! You will have to stick to turkey this year in place of seafood as Red Lobster will be closed on Christmas. 
  2. Del Taco – If tacos are something you fancy a lot, then there truly is no better place to visit than Del Taco. However, unfortunately you wont be able to enjoy their tacos on Christmas as the chain of restaurants will be closed.
  3. Checkers – Burgers, fries, milkshakes and more, Checkers is a restaurant to enjoy an all American meal. On Christmas however, this chain will sadly not be open to serve customers.
  4. Firehouse Subs – The subs at Firehouse Subs are actually fire, considering all the hot sauce they offer! But, Firehouse Subs will not be the place for you to enjoy subs on Christmas as they will be closed. 
  5. Tim Hortons – The perfect place to get your caffeine kick, Canadas favorite is also the favorite for many in the United States. But, on Christmas, you will have to consider other options for your regular caffeine fix as Tim Hortons will be closed. 
  6. Moes Southwest Grill – Moes Southwest Grill serves some of the best Mexican food ever, on most holidays too! However, they do remain closed on Christmas every year. 
  7. Baskin Robbins – Everyone likes ice cream and especially if you get to enjoy a new flavor everyday like you do at Baskin Robbins! On Christmas though, Baskin Robbins will unfortunately not be open to serve their ice creams.
  8. White Castle – White Castle is known to be one of the most iconic burger joints in the United States. Serving sliders all year long, White Castle will not be open on Christmas this year.  
  9. Carvel – Yet another ice cream giant, Carvel is one stop to enjoy a variety of ice cream desserts. This ice cream giant will however, not be open on Christmas this year.
  10. Shake Shack – Shake Shack, although comparatively new, has made a huge name internationally as well, for serving great milkshakes and burgers. But, this chain, just like every year, will be closed on Christmas. 


Krispy Kreme will remain closed on Christmas Day, 2023. But you can come back for delicious doughnuts and freshly brewed coffee on the next day of Christmas. Moreover, this chain will keep its locations operational on Christmas Eve too! 

While the usual operating hours of Krispy Kreme are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m, you should check the timings of your nearest Krispy Kreme store before heading there on Christmas Eve. That’s because most of the restaurants open on this day but work at reduced hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Krispy Kreme open on Christmas 2023?

Krispy Kreme will not open on Christmas Day, 2023.

Will Krispy Kreme be on Christmas Eve?

Yes, Krispy Kreme will be open on Christmas Eve.

What are Krispy Kreme’s normal working hours?

Krispy Kreme’s usual working hours on Halloween are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at Krispy Kreme on Halloween?

The top Krispy Kreme menu items that you should try this Halloween are glazed chocolate cake, powdered cinnamon cake, cake batter, chocolate iced raspberry filled, Reese’s classic donuts, and much more.

Does Krispy Kreme have special Christmas Doughnuts?

Yes, Krispy Kreme introduces Christmas doughnuts every year. You can look forward to something new this year too!

Do you get discounts on Krispy Kreme on Christmas?

The chain does offer discounts on special occasions. You can check the official website or your nearest outlet for more information.

What coffees does Krispy Kreme offer?

Krispy Kreme offers a range of hot and cold coffees in caramel, vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut flavors. It also has hot chocolate on its menu.

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