Is KFC Open On Labor Day 2024?

When the holiday mood kicks in, good food comes straight to mind. What could be better than gorging on a plate of fried chicken on holidays like Labor Day? Imagine being surrounded by the aroma of KFC’s world-famous fried chicken and the laughter of your friends. But is KFC open on Labor Day? Let’s find out.

KFC Restaurant

KFC opens its doors to customers even on Labor Day. This chain serves delicious food as per its usual timings, even on September 4, 2023, that is from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. But do keep in mind that although the official timings of every location remain the same, certain locations might operate at different hours.

The most famous food chain for chicken lovers, KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken, began serving customers in 1952. It was founded by Harland Sanders, at the age of 40, in Corbin, Kentucky. But its story began much before. 

Sanders was born in 1890, and he left home to work as a farmhand after a troubled childhood at the age of 12. Before starting his own venture (KFC), Sanders tried his hand at various jobs, which were as a painter, railroad fireman, plowman, streetcar conductor, ferryboat operator, insurance salesman, justice of the peace, and service-station operator.

By 1929, Harland had opened his own gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, and cooked for his family and the occasional customer in the back room. Sanders fed everyone with delicious food using his mother’s recipes. 

Pan-fried chicken, country ham, fresh vegetables, and homemade biscuits are a few to name. His dishes turned out to be so good that in 1936, Sanders was honored with the title of “Kentucky Colonel” by the state’s governor. By the early-1940s, Sanders managed to perfect his “Original recipe” of 11 herbs and spices. And the rest, as they say, is history! 

Today KFC has locations in more than 150 countries all around the world, with 22,621 outlets globally. What makes KFC so popular? KFC’s original menu item- pressure fried pieces of chicken made with Sanders’ secret 11 herbs & spices recipe.

KFC’s menu is one of its kind. It features categories like buckets, tenders, fried chicken, Jack’s favorites, sandwiches, pot pies & bowls, a la carte, sides, sauces, desserts, and drinks. The chain has not only done a great job with its recipes but also with its branding that is famous for its slogans like, “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good!”, “Nobody does chicken like KFC,” and “So Good.”

KFC Opening/Closing Hours On Labor Day

KFC Labor Day Hours10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

KFC remains open for all on Labor Day. The chain serves its customers and accepts orders throughout this holiday. The timings of KFC remain the same on Labor Day 2023, which are from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. But due to the different franchise owners, you can expect certain locations to work at varying hours. Thus, checking the timings before you head to a KFC location would be a good idea.

Now that we have told you about KFC’s operational hours, it’s time for you to plan your Labor day holiday. There are many ways to enjoy your favorite KFC fried chicken. You can choose to visit the KFC outlet near you or order your meal via the KFC app, Uber Eats, or DoorDash. Additionally, you can also pick up your order from the quick pick-up station at the drive-thru. 

KFC knows how to keep its customers happy. You can make holidays extra special for your loved ones by gifting them a KFC Gift Card. KFC gift cards are available for purchase at participating KFC restaurants. These cards can be used at restaurants while placing an order. Save in KFC this Labor Day with Coupon Blender coupons.

KFC Specials That You Can Try On Labor Day

The top five menu items that you should try this Labor Day are:-

  1. KFC Original Drumsticks
  2. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  3. Famous Bowl
  4. KFC Chicken Sandwich
  5. Sandwiches And Tenders Meal

1. KFC Original Drumsticks

Fried chicken and mashed potatoes at KFC

When it comes to the best-fried chicken restaurant, everyone has an opinion. But we all know that KFC has no match. The KFC original drumsticks are a must-try for all your chicken lovers out there. Also, let’s not forget how generous this chain is with its servings. You can choose to buy popular KFC drumsticks in varying quantities, depending on your appetite. 

These dreamy buckets full of drumsticks come in packs of 8, 12, and 16 pieces. They are all things yum!

What makes KFC’s original drumsticks so special? It is the secret spice recipe of KFC that is actually hard to figure out anywhere. The drumsticks at KFC are tender and juicy on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside. It’s full of flavors, and you can customize this dish so you can build your best chicken bucket.

 The recipe surely makes us salute Sanders!

  2. Mashed Potatoes And Gravy


A little bit of side never harmed, and the mashed potatoes with gravy are the stars of the side menu. They go with every main course dish on the KFC menu. 

To look at it practically, the potatoes are creamy and mushy, just like they should be. But it’s the gravy that does the magic. It’s super rich and provides an umami taste. If you’re going to order just one side at KFC, don’t give this one a miss!

3. Famous Bowl

KFC Bowls

One thing on the KFC menu that is surely going to satiate that hunger with a punch of deliciousness is the famous bowl fill-up. It is a one-stop dish that combines all the best foods of KFC.

This fulfilling bowl starts with a layer of mashed potatoes complemented by gravy. It is then topped with corn and crispy chicken and sprinkled with cheese on top. It is one magical dish that brings all the flavors so beautifully that you are left asking for more. Give it a try for yourself if you don’t believe me.

4. KFC Chicken Sandwich

kfc chicken sandwich..

There is no doubt that there exist many chicken burgers out there to feed your chicken-hungry soul. But the one at KFC is one of the best of its kind. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. How often do you experience a crunch in a bun? But at KFC, you do. 

The KFC chicken sandwich, as it is called, comes with an extra crispy chicken placed between the buttery brioche bun. And then comes a punch of flavors from the pickles and mayo. It’s not just delicious but the best that I have ever tasted.

5. Sandwiches And Tenders Meal


Going with your entire pack? Why not dig into all things delicious? The sandwiches and tenders’ meal at KFC is a no-brainer. It comes with four chicken sandwiches (extra crispy filet with premium pickles, and mayo, on a brioche-style bun), six extra crispy tenders, two large sides of your choice, four biscuits, and a beverage bucket. 

Now, doesn’t that sound like a holiday? This meal at KFC is a must-try. We already spoke about the chicken sandwiches above. Thinking about the tenders? You will not regret them. The crispy tenders at KFC are a chicken lover’s delight. Juicy strips of chicken are covered in crispy and spicy breading. 

The strips are marinated in a hot sauce mixture along with some buttermilk and are covered in bread to make them all crispy on the outside. Lastly, the chicken strips are fried until they turn golden brown. 

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Labor Day

  1. Sonic Drive-InPlanning to have your Sonic favorites on Labor Day this year?This restaurant serves holiday meal-worthy treats to the customers, even on holidays like Labor Day. Seek out the link and check out Sonic Drive-In’s operational hours on Labor Day this year. 
  2. Arby’sFrom beef burgers to great vegetarian options, Arby’s can serve everything this Labor Day that you can enjoy binging on. To know the timings of Arby’s for Labor Day and the dishes you can enjoy on Labor Day, follow the link!
  3. Little CaesarsThis chain of restaurants in another famous American pizza hub that’s open and ready to serve its customers on Labor Day. You can enjoy numerous varieties of pizzas along with satiating drinks. Click on the name of this restaurant and check out what dishes you can expect on the menu of Little Caesars this Labor Day.
  4. Dairy Queen –  Give a sweet finish to your holiday meal by having delicious frozen treats! By frozen treats, I mean ice creams. But ice creams from Dairy Queen are a real holiday treat. So, check out at what time you should visit this ice cream cum fast food hub to enjoy your Labor Day.
  5. Jack in the BoxMore than just a fast-food restaurant, Jack in the Box is an all-day breakfast hub. So, why not have a happy meal at Jack in the box on holiday like Labor Day? Follow the link now and read the perfect holiday dishes that you can have on Labor Day.
  6. Panda ExpressIf you feel like trying the best of Chinese cuisine on Labor Day this year, visit your nearest Panda Express. This Chinese restaurant chain is open and serving all its menu specials on Labor Day. So, check out what dishes you can try here at Panda Express on Labor Day this year.
  7. Popeyes –  How about enjoying mouth-watering flavors from Louisiana Kitchen on Labor Day? Then plan your holiday meal at Popeyes on Labor Day this year. This restaurant chain has amazingly delish dishes to satiate your cravings for Louisiana flavors. 
  8. Papa John’sPapa John’s is another masterpiece in the American fast-food industry to serve you a happy holiday meal on Labor day this year. So, hurry up and check out at what time you can visit your nearest Papa John’s to have a holiday meal on Labor Day.
  9. Whataburger What-a-burger does to a hungry tummy is exactly “Whataburger” menu does to a holiday mood! So don’t forget to try their burger under the special offer on Labor Day this year.
  10. Jimmy John’s Jimmy John’s is a food paradise for die-hard foodies! And the good news is that this restaurant chain has decided to stay open and active for its customers on Labor Day this year. But first, check out the link to know what special you can expect on the menu of Jimmy John’s this year on Labor Day.


So, what are you waiting for? KFC will remain open on September 4, Labor Day 2023. The timings of KFC will remain the same as usual, which are 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Head to the nearest KFC outlet to you and celebrate at KFC. We promise you will return with a happy heart. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is KFC open on Labor Day 2023?

KFC will stay open and operational on Labor Day 2023.

What will be KFC’s working hours on Labor Day?

KFC’s working hours on Labor Day will stay the same as its usual working hours, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at KFC on Labor Day?

The top KFC menu items that you should try this Labor Day are KFC original drumsticks, mashed potatoes and gravy, famous bowl, KFC chicken sandwich, sandwiches, and tenders meal.

Does KFC provide home delivery?

You can enjoy KFC at home by ordering via Uber Eats, DoorDash, or the KFC app.

Does KFC serve drinks?

KFC serves drinks like Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7Up, Tango, Robinsons, Lipton Peach, Water, and Oreo Krushems.

What do you get in a KFC bucket?

KFC bucket is the ultimate bucket that offers fourteen pieces of famous Original Recipe chicken, with eight 100% chicken breast mini filets, eight hot wings, one large popcorn chicken, two large sides, and six regular fries, plus a large bottle of drink for sharing.

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