Is KFC Open On Easter In 2024?

Easter is around the corner; it’s the time to sit around with your family and have the best food. While everyone has their own ways of enjoying the holidays, I recommend drowning your taste buds in KFC’s best chicken tenders. However, you can only do that if your nearest KFC is open on Easter. 

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While KFC is usually open on the holidays, is it open on Easter this year as well? Well, after thorough research I have got all the details for you. 

Is KFC Open On Easter This Year? 

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KFC is open on Easter this year at regular hours from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. However, some KFC restaurants open early at 10 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. These are just general guidelines; verify with the nearest KFC to know about the specific times.  

If somehow you cannot visit the outlet, then instead of going there, you can order from food delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Easter Specials At KFC This Year

In 2024, KFC’s Easter Special has 7 chicken pieces and 5 regular sides. Not only is this Special super fulfilling, but it’s something you will crave for long afterward. Besides this, there’s no other new special from KFC. You can go through the present menu anytime to have another look at the options. 

Does KFC Have Any Easter Special Deals?

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Seems like you are in great luck as two deals are currently running on KFC. The Easter special is available on all channels from 29 March to 1 April. In KFC’s Easter Bucket, you will get 7 pieces of mouth-watering chicken, and 5 regular sides for only $99. 

As far as I have seen, the deal is global so can be availed on most of the outlets. Moreover, it is mentioned on the official social media handles that the deal is pretty limited so quickly visit your nearest KFC restaurant and savor your favorite delicacies. 

The other deal is from the official website. However, it is only for limited locations. The offer provides free delivery if ordered from the KFC app and the website. Please check the screenshot of the offer from the official website. 

Other Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

Along with KFC, there are many other loved restaurant chains that are open on Easter. For your ease, I have curated a short list here-

  • Sonic – Don’t miss your favorite cheeseburgers on Easter. The smoked pulled pork and tangy cherrywood smoke sauce are the talk of the town this spring. 
  • Little Caesars Enjoy your comfort food at Little Caesars. From what I have heard, they are even offering some special deals this season, saving your bucks and serving your taste buds. 
  • Dominos– The Thin Crust Cheesy Chicken Pizza and Chicken Carbonara at Dominos is not to be skipped this spring. Ravish your senses by having the best food at Dominos. 
  • Jack In The Box – The combo meal at Jack In The Box never fails to surprise me. The finger-licking food and special offers will impress you just as well. Check out the offers now!
  • Papa John’s – No one can get tired of Papa John’s super tasty pizzas and sides. Your Easter feast will be truly fulfilled with their pizza combos. 
  • Whataburger – Easter will be way more fun with the cheesy burgers of your favorite chain, Whataburger. While it will be open, check out the new deals and offers to decide what to order this Easter.
  • Jimmy John’s – Complete your Easter by having the most delicious Jimmy John’s sandwiches. Check out the offers in advance and save some extra money. 
  • Hardee’s – I recommend having a Hot Honey Hand-Breaded Chicken and Waffle Sandwich from Hardee’s this Easter. The ice cream shakes are my favorite items from their menu.
  • Zaxby’s – Zaxby’s will also be open at Easter this year. Read our article to learn all about their times. Plus, there’s a special offer, too. So, don’t forget to check it out on Easter.
  • Chipotle– Get your favorite tacos and burritos from Chipotle this Easter, as they are open as well. Enjoy the mass-loved Chicken Al Pastor this spring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Order KFC’s Food From Other Food Delivery Apps On Easter?

Yes, you can order KFC’s food from other food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Doordash, etc. But you can have special offers or win rewards if you order food from KFC’s official app. 

Are There Any Special Offers At KFC On Easter?

Yes, KFC serves food at special offers on holidays. 

Does KFC Offer Any Traditional Easter Dish?

No, KFC’s menu does not have any traditional dishes to be enjoyed on Easter. But, you can have many delicious items from its menu to celebrate Easter with your family. 

Does KFC Take Reservations On Easter?

Yes, you can reserve a table at KFC for an Easter meal. Most of the KFC restaurants are brimming after lunch hours. So, the reservations might depend on the availability of dinner tables. 

Does KFC Offer Catering Services On Easter?

Yes, you can order a family feast bucket along with other party platters from KFC on Easter. You can also call ahead for reservations at KFC on Easter. 


All fried chicken lovers would be jumping with joy as KFC is open on Easter at regular times. They even offer a special this Easter, so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun. I have also shared a list of restaurants that are also open. 

If you have an inquiry about a particular restaurant, please let me know in the comment section below. I’ll make sure to give you the answer as soon as possible. 

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