Is Jimmy John’s Open On Labor Day 2024?

Classic sandwiches are the fast food that’s delicious and also not over the top. Is there any better place to enjoy classic sandwiches than Jimmy John’s on Labor day? I don’t think so! There is something so delectable about their sandwiches that you’d want to keep visiting them over and over again. So, if you are planning on filling up on some sandwiches this Labor day, Jimmy John’s is perfect place for you. But is it open on Labor day this year? 

Jimmy John’s will be open and serving delicious sandwiches to their customers this Labor day. Most Jimmy John’s outlets will be functional as per their usual hours, which are 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. However, some outlets may work as per holiday hours on Labor day, so there are chances they may open late or close earlier than usual. 

Jimmy John’s is an American chain of restaurants, with its headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, USA. The place was founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud. The owner initially started off with a hot dog business but then moved to sandwiches due to various reasons. However, that probably must have been the best decision of his life! 

Now, Jimmy John’s is regarded as one of the best fast-food chains in the United States. They now have over 2700 locations in the US alone, with their business constantly booming! The official website of Jimmy John’s states, “At Jimmy John’s, we don’t make sandwiches. We make The Sandwich of Sandwiches”. Have they delivered on this statement? YES!

The restaurant chain makes the most delectable sandwiches, along with a list of other items to choose from on their menu, such as some sides, drinks, and a few delicious cookies. The company thrives on using the freshest ingredients to make their sandwiches, and trust me; you won’t be disappointed. 

You can actually taste the fresh ingredients with every bite you take out of a Jimmy John’s sandwich. Along with classic sandwiches like the country club, the beach club, club tuna, and classic East Coast Italian, they also have an option of “make your own sandwiches” for all the fussy eaters out there. 

Isn’t that a great reason to indulge in sandwiches this Labor day? With this article, you will get to know all about the operating hours of Jimmy John’s this Labor day. Moreover, you will also get information about what sandwiches from the menu you must try this Labor day to truly begin the holiday season in style! 

Jimmy John’s Opening/ Closing Hours On Labor Day

Jimmy John's
Jimmy John’s Operating Hours On Labor Day10:30 am to 9:00 pm

Jimmy John’s is operational throughout the year and on most holidays. So, as per their usual norms, they will be serving customers on Labor day as per their original hours of operation, which are 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. However, some outlets may operate at reduced hours or may open later or close earlier than their usual timings. 

Quite a lot of the Jimmy John’s outlets in the US are owned by franchises. So, although they will be open on Labor day, there are chances that they will be operating at reduced hours. So, in order to save yourself the time from going there and seeing it closed, it is best to once call the outlet closest to you and check their exact operating hours. 

However, dining in is not all that you can enjoy from Jimmy John’s! In case you would prefer to celebrate Labor day at home with your family, along with some mouth-watering sandwiches, you can order from Jimmy John’s too. They have options for online ordering from their official website and are available on UberEats, Grubhub and DoorDash. Some outlets even have a drive-through to enjoy sandwiches in your car! 

Labor Day Specials On The Jimmy John’s Menu That You Should Try

The top five menu items from the Jimmy John’s menu that you should try are

  1. Spicy East Coast Italian
  2. Jimmy Cubano
  3. Beach Club
  4. Club Tuna
  5. Vito

1. Spicy East Coast Italian

Spicy East Coast Italian

Tell me a better combination than Italian meats and sandwiches; I’ll wait! Moreover, if spicy food hits the spots for you, this “Spicy East Coast Italian Sandwich” from Jimmy John’s is worth your attention. Packed with the freshest ingredients, this sandwich will leave your taste buds extremely satisfied. 

The spicy east coast Italian sandwich is packed with double salami, double capocollo, cheese, onion, oil, vinegar, and oregano. The cherry on top for this spicy sandwich is definitely the added hot peppers. 

The hot peppers give it a sufficiently spicy kick, which will be almost perfect for any spice lover’s palate. Available in regular and giant sizes, this sandwich will leave you feeling full, regardless of how big your appetite may be! The perfect way to enjoy Labor day. 

2. Jimmy Cubano

Jimmy Cubano

If you are a fan of Cuban sandwiches, then trust me, you have not really tried the best yet. The best and most exquisite cuban sandwich that you will ever try in your life will be the Jimmy Cubano from Jimmy John’s. 

The Jimmy Cubano is packed with flavors coming from mouth-watering ingredients. These ingredients include bacon, ham, cheese, sliced pickles, and Dijon mustard. For those who hate lettuce and tomatoes in their sandwiches, there is great news! This sandwich has none of that! 

I am sure that just the ingredients mentioned above must be making your mouth water! You can order this sandwich based on your appetite, as it is available in two size variations. Pair it with chips and a drink to make it a complete meal. 

3. Beach Club

Beach club sandwich

Do you prefer leaner meats in your sandwiches as compared to more hearty meats? Then you need to try the Beach Club sandwich from Jimmy John’s! It is the best option for anyone who is a little more conscious about what they would like to eat. 

This sandwich is made with only four simple ingredients. These ingredients are turkey, double cheese, avocado spread, and cucumbers. Not necessarily the healthiest option in the world, but the ingredients in this sandwich will at least make you feel like you are eating something healthy! 

The beach club sandwich is also available in two sizes, which are regular and giant. The regular size sandwich is 8″ long, whereas the giant sandwich is 16″ long. Moreover, you can also order the sandwich in sliced wheat bread or without any bread at all! 

4. Club Tuna

JJ Club tuna

Tuna might not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to sandwich fillings, But for those of you who do love tuna in their sandwiches, there is nothing better than a club tuna sandwich from Jimmy John’s! 

The sandwich is filled with tuna salad, double cheese, and cucumbers. Truly a great combination of flavors for anyone that likes simple and minimal ingredients in their sandwiches. 

The tuna sandwich is available in regular and jumbo sizes. You can order it with French bread, sliced wheat bread, or without bread. Upgrade your sandwich by pairing it with classic soft drinks and sides, and you can end your meal with a delicious cookie!

5. Vito


The vito sandwich at Jimmy John’s is another Italian-flavored sandwich made with extremely fresh ingredients. It is basically like a combination of various other sandwiches available at the restaurant. Sounds so mouthwatering, right?

The Vito sandwich is filled with salami, capocollo, cheese, onion, oil, vinegar, oregano, and basil. Also, for those of you who hate mayonnaise, you have to try this sandwich as it has no mayonnaise at all!

This sandwich is special because it is available in three different sizes, rather than two. Along with the regular and giant sizes, the vito sandwich is also available in a little John size, which is smaller than the regular size. This is probably the best sandwich to order for your kids this Labor day due to the small size variation available. 

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Labor Day

  1. Sonic Drive-InPlanning to have your Sonic favorites on Labor Day this year?This restaurant serves holiday meal-worthy treats to the customers, even on holidays like Labor Day. Seek out the link and check out Sonic Drive-In’s operational hours on Labor Day this year. 
  2. Arby’sFrom beef burgers to great vegetarian options, Arby’s can serve everything this Labor Day that you can enjoy binging on. To know the timings of Arby’s for Labor Day and the dishes you can enjoy on Labor Day, follow the link!
  3. Little CaesarsThis chain of restaurants in another famous American pizza hub that’s open and ready to serve its customers on Labor Day. You can enjoy numerous varieties of pizzas along with satiating drinks. Click on the name of this restaurant and check out what dishes you can expect on the menu of Little Caesars this Labor Day.
  4. Dairy Queen –  Give a sweet finish to your holiday meal by having delicious frozen treats! By frozen treats, I mean ice creams. But ice creams from Dairy Queen are a real holiday treat. So, check out at what time you should visit this ice cream cum fast food hub to enjoy your Labor Day.
  5. Jack in the BoxMore than just a fast-food restaurant, Jack in the Box is an all-day breakfast hub. So, why not have a happy meal at Jack in the box on holiday like Labor Day? Follow the link now and read the perfect holiday dishes that you can have on Labor Day.
  6. Panda ExpressIf you feel like trying the best of Chinese cuisine on Labor Day this year, visit your nearest Panda Express. This Chinese restaurant chain is open and serving all its menu specials on Labor Day. So, check out what dishes you can try here at Panda Express on Labor Day this year.
  7. Popeyes –  How about enjoying mouth-watering flavors from Louisiana Kitchen on Labor Day? Then plan your holiday meal at Popeyes on Labor Day this year. This restaurant chain has amazingly delish dishes to satiate your cravings for Louisiana flavors. 
  8. Papa John’sPapa John’s is another masterpiece in the American fast-food industry to serve you a happy holiday meal on Labor day this year. So, hurry up and check out at what time you can visit your nearest Papa John’s to have a holiday meal on Labor Day.
  9. Whataburger What-a-burger does to a hungry tummy is exactly “Whataburger” menu does to a holiday mood! So don’t forget to try their burger under the special offer on Labor Day this year.
  10. KFCA bucket-full crispy fried chicken is worth a holiday meal! Are you, too, having plans to visit KFC on Labor Day this year? So, follow the link to know all the delicious menu items that you can try on Labor Day this year. 


Jimmy John’s will be open and welcoming its customers on Labor day, 2023. Most of the outlets will be open and serving food as per their regular timings, which are 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. However, some of the outlets may operate per holiday hours. 

So, they will probably have reduced operating hours. So, it is best to once call the outlet you are closest to and check whether their opening and closing hours will be as per usual. But, if you are craving sandwiches this Labor day, trust me when I say there is no place better than Jimmy John’s! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Jimmy John’s be open on Labor day? 

Yes, Jimmy John’s will be open on Labor day, 2023. 

What will be the opening and closing hours of Jimmy John’s on Labor day?

Most Jimmy John’s outlets will be operating as per their usual hours, which are 10:30 and to 9:00 pm. 

What are some specials from the Jimmy John’s menu that can be tried on Labor day?

Some of the specials from the Jimmy John’s menu that you can try this Labor day include sandwiches like Spicy East Coast Italian, Jimmy Cubano, Beach Club, Club Tuna, and Vito. 

Will Jimmy John’s be operating at reduced hours on Labor day? 

Some of the Jimmy John’s outlets may operate at reduced hours on Labor day. 

Is Jimmy John’s only open for dine-in on Labor day?

No, Jimmy John’s is also open for delivery and takeaway through their official website, along with delivery options on platforms like UberEats and DoorDash. You can also order food through a drive-through. 

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