Is Jimmy John’s Open On Christmas 2024?

Love a sandwich for any occasion? Then you have surely tried the famous sandwiches from Jimmy John’s. But if you are planning to include them in your meal for Christmas, we will have to first find out whether Jimmy John’s is open on Christmas.

Jimmy John's Restaurant

If you are looking forward to some sandwiches from Jimmy John’s for Christmas, sorry to bring you no good news. Jimmy John’s restaurant will not open on Christmas Day. Therefore, visiting Jimmy John’s on December 25, 2023, will turn out to be a disappointing experience.

Jimmy John’s is a famous food chain in the United States of America. It was founded in 1983 in Illinois. Ever since its opening, the goal of this restaurant has been to serve some of the best sandwiches with the best quality filling. This sandwich mecca also offers great items on its menu other than sandwiches. These include summer wraps, JJ’s combos, favorites, originals, gargantuan, little Johns, plain slims, French bread, sides, drinks, etc.

If you really want to know what Jimmy John’s sandwiches are famous for, then the answer is their meat options. Jimmy John’s sandwiches come with meat options like ham, tuna, roast beef, salami, turkey, Capicola, provolone cheese, bacon, etc. And that’s not all. This restaurant chain also specializes in baking its own bread.

Jimmy John’s official website reads, “At Jimmy John’s, we don’t make sandwiches. We make The Sandwich of Sandwiches. We use fresh vegetables because we don’t hate salads; we just feel bad for them.

We hand-slice our provolone cheese and meats in-house every day because packaged pre-sliced meats don’t have the same ring to them. And we bake bread all day, every day because stale bread isn’t bread, it’s… croutons.”

“The flavors of fresh veggies, combined with hand-sliced meats and fresh-baked bread is what makes a Jimmy John’s sandwich, The Sandwich of Sandwiches,” the statement further adds.

So, you know where to find the best sandwiches to curb that big hunger. But in this article, you will get to know why Jimmy John’s is closed on Christmas Day and some other details too.

Why Is Jimmy John’s Closed On Christmas Day?

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Christmas celebrations mean decorating a gorgeous tree, lining up some gifts under it, and making merry with fine wine and dining. Therefore, looking for good food options is always on the list for everyone.

But if you want to add Jimmy John’s to your Christmas plans, you will have to look for something else. Jimmy John’s stays closed on Christmas Day. So, you can order a meal from Jimmy John’s the day before Christmas Day or after from any outlet. 

For the ones who are new to this restaurant, Jimmy John’s does not only provide dine-in options. It also provides services such as home delivery or pick-up. Additionally, you can also order food from this restaurant by placing an order through UberEats, DoorDash, Seamless, and Grubhub. 

With Jimmy Kohn’s, you can also make Christmas celebrations extra special for your loved ones by gifting them a Jimmy John’s gift card. You can purchase JJ’s gift cards at your local Jimmy John’s store or online. This card can be used in 50 United States restaurants.

At the time of purchase, the remitter can present the Jimmy John’s Gift Card to the cashier at any participating restaurant. Any available balance on the card, up to the full amount of your purchase, will be applied toward the remitter’s purchase. But do remember that the Jimmy John’s Gift Card cannot be used for the purchase of other gift cards or gift certificates. It can also not be redeemed for cash.

Similar Restaurant Chains That Are Closed On Christmas 2023

  1. Zaxby’sFor chicken fingers, there is no better place to visit than good old Zaxby’s! But, Zaxby’s does stay closed on certain holidays, hence they will be closed on Christmas too.
  2. KFC – Serving finger lickin good chicken for a while now, KFC is everyones go to destination to enjoy fried chicken. But sadly on Christmas, this chain will not be serving their delicious chicken. 
  3. Arbys – Known for Market Fresh Sandwiches and a lot more, Arbys is one restaurant chain where you can enjoy a variety of fast food. This chain will however, not be operational on Christmas this year.
  4. Little Caesars – Little Caesars is one place where you can enjoy pizza in every way possible and much more too! This chain will however, not be open on Christmas this year.  
  5. Dairy Queen – Although the name of this chain is Dairy Queen, I must say that their burgers are pretty phenomenal too! On Thanksgiving this year, Dairy Queen will however, not be open. 
  6. Jack in the Box – Jack in the Box is another one of those fast food places where you can find a whole variety of different cuisines. It is indeed the perfect place to satisfy all fast food cravings, but sadly not on Christmas as the chain will be closed on the holiday. 
  7. Panda Express – Craving Chinese? We all can agree that theres no better place in the United States than Panda Express! But, you will have to take your chinese cravings elsewhere on Christmas as the chain will not be open on this holiday.
  8. Popeyes – Popeyes serves such good southern style food that even Beyonce cannot stop herself from eating there! On Christmas though, this chain of restaurants will not be open, sadly for Beyonce or anyone else. 
  9. Papa Johns – Papa Johns serves an array of pizzas, sides, pastas and of course, their papadillas that make every meal satisfying. This chain will not be able to satisfy your cravings on Christmas though, as they will be closed.
  10. Hardees – Hardees has a true fan following not just in the United States, but many other places in the world too! Christmas might seem a great time to enjoy their food, but this restaurant chain will sadly not be open on this holiday.


Jimmy John’s will not be open on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023. However, you can buy some sandwiches and store them in the refrigerator one day before Christmas. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Jimmy John’s be open on Christmas 2023?

No, Jimmy John’s will not open on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023.

Is Jimmy John’s only open for dine-in?

Jimmy John’s is not only open for dine-in. You can also get your food delivered at home or pick up food via the drive-through option. Platforms that deliver food from Jimmy John’s include Seamless, UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash.

What food does Jimmy John’s offer?

At Jimmy John’s, you can enjoy food items like summer wraps, JJ’s combos, favorites, originals, gargantuan, little Johns, plain slims, French bread, sides, drinks, etc.

What meat options do you get at Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy John’s sandwiches come with meat options like ham, tuna, roast beef, salami, turkey, Capicola, provolone cheese, bacon, etc.

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