Is Jason’s Deli Open On Easter In 2024?

Jason’s Deli is one of those places where soups are also a great delight. Its menu is perfect for enjoying delectable menu items, especially on holidays. 

Jason's Deli

As you know, Easter is coming up, and you may want to get some subs and clubs from Jason’s Deli. Before proceeding with your plan, check whether Jason’s Deli is open on Easter. 

Is Jason’s Deli Open On Easter This Year? 

Jason's Deli Food

Unfortunately, Jason’s Deli has decided to remain closed this Easter. According to the restaurant, this is in the interest of its employees. 

The employees will have time to celebrate Easter with their families, which is very wholesome. However, those planning to eat from Jason’s Deli may need another plan. 

If you are craving sandwiches, you can go to Subway. They have the best fresh and flavorful subs. For something fulfilling, try a Wendy’s burger, and maybe end your celebration with sweet iced coffee from Tim Hortons.

Other Restaurants That Are Closed On Easter

Jason's Deli

Like Jason’s Deli, many restaurants and outlets are closed on Easter Easter. I have listed some important ones so you can avoid nasty surprises. 

  • Krispy Kreme – The sweet rewards at Krispy Kreme are a good catch. However, they are closed on Easter, so try again the next day. 
  • Carvel – What’s better than ice cream with families and friends on Easter? Skip Carvel, as it remains closed on that day. 
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill – If you want Mexican flavors with a Southwest twist, visit Moe’s. Just visit Easter as they are closed on that day. 
  • Firehouse – The Best place to enjoy subs and salad is, for sure, Firehouse. However, they have given their employees an off day on Easter. So, better luck next time. 
  • Checkers – Burger and fries could be the best meal option for Easter if you are someone like me. The only problem is that they are not operating on Easter day. 
  • Del Taco – Go for Mexican food next time you get a chance at Del Taco. Just skip Easter day as they celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. 
  • Steak N Shake – For Easter, one could ask for a thick shake and a well-done steak. However, you may have to look at other places, as Steak N Shake is closed on Easter. 
  • Popeyes – Popeyes have decided to let their employees enjoy this Easter with their families. So visit the place the next day and enjoy great menu options.  
  • Wingstop – Chicken wings are the best option when you are looking for a burst of savory flavors. That is why Wingtsop is the perfect stop, but not on Easter. They are closed on Easter. 
  • Raising Cane’s – The sandwich combo at Raising Cane’s can fix many hearts. That is why, they have decided to close their outlets on Easter so that their employees can enjoy and come back with more energy and love. 


I know it is a little disheartening to learn that Jason’s Deli is closed on Easter. However, I am really happy for their employees, as they get time to enjoy themselves with their families. 

Don’t worry—many similar restaurants have opened just for you. I have mentioned some of them above. Make sure to fill your belly with good food and your heart with good love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jason’s Deli Open On Easter? 

No, Jason’s Deli is not open on Easter. The restaurant chain will be back to accepting orders on Easter Monday.

Does Jason’s Deli Have Any Easter Traditional Dish On The Menu?

No, Jason’s does not have any Easter traditional dish on the menu. It stays closed on Easter Sunday.

Does Jason Deli Offer Food On Other Food Delivery Apps On Easter?

No, you won’t find Jason’s Deli’s food on any other food delivery app on Easter. Its food is available on Easter Monday. 

Are There Any Special Easter Offers At Jason’s Deli?

No, there are no special Easter offers at Jason’s Deli as they are closed on that day.

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