Is Jack In The Box Open On Thanksgiving 2024?

Thanksgiving is truly one of those holidays where you just cannot say no to food. Although homemade Thanksgiving feasts are huge, sometimes, just different types of fast foods are enough to feel satisfied. If you are craving a number of fast foods together, Jack in the Box is a place worth visiting. However, are they open on Thanksgiving? 

Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box is open for customers to enjoy a variety of fast foods on Thanksgiving this year. The chain is open on Thanksgiving every year. The chain will be operating as per its official operating hours on Thanksgiving, which is 24 hours. However, some of the outlets may have reduced hours of operation on holiday. 

Jack in the Box is an American fast food restaurant chain that was founded in 1951. The owner, Robert Peterson, opened the first outlet in San Diego, California, which is also where their headquarters are located. Initially, Jack in the Box had a huge presence, mostly on the western coast of the United States.

However, soon, they expanded almost everywhere in the United States, as they became a favorite go-to place for fast food for many. Jack in the Box initially started off as a hamburger stand that focused on a drive-through service.

Although the drive-through concept was not really new back then, Jack in the Box developed a two-way intercom system which is also one of the reasons their business was booming. The intercom system helped them take multiple orders at a time, which truly defined the beginning of modern fast food service. 

However, that truly is not all when it comes to Jack in the Box. Of course, it is also because of the delicious food that they served that they grew so quickly. They now operate 2,228 locations across 21 states in the United States, along with a different fast food restaurant chain called JBX Grill, which comes under the same management.

The Jack in the Box menu is really vast and truly unlike any other fast food restaurant, you may have ever visited. The sheer variety of food available at Jack in the Box truly makes them stand out from the rest!

Their menu features options like burgers, chicken and salads, tacos, fries and sides, breakfast, late-night meals, drinks, desserts, and also shakes. With the help of this article, you will get to know all about the operating hours at Jack in the Box on Thanksgiving, along with some of the specials from their menu that you truly should not miss out on! 

Jack in the Box Opening / Closing Hours On Thanksgiving

Jack In The Box Food
Jack in the Box Operating Hours On Thanksgiving24 Hours

Jack in the Box is a place you can count on for early breakfast cravings, late-night cravings, and everything in between, regardless of what the day may be. They are open on most holidays throughout the year, and hence, they will be open on Thanksgiving this year.

Their official hours of operation will be the same as always, which is 24 hours. However, some of the outlets might have reduced hours of operation. 

Jack in the Box has a lot of outlets across the country that are franchise owned. With these outlets, the opening and closing hours completely depend on what the owner ends up deciding. So, to avoid situations that cause inconvenience and maybe disappointment too, it would be better to give the nearest store a call and ask them what their exact hours of operation will be on holiday. 

This way, you can have a hassle-free Thanksgiving celebration with all your favorite treats from Jack in the Box. Moreover, in case you don’t really feel like leaving the house on Thanksgiving, you can also order your food from Jack in the Box, as they will be delivering on holiday.

Your orders can be placed through their official website and also various food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Grubhub and Doordash. Jack in the Box, moreover, is a place where you will truly find some of the freshest fast food options ever.

One of their mottos actually is, “We don’t make it until you order it.”, which shows their dedication to serving customers fresh food. I am sure that many of you cannot wait to visit them on Thanksgiving! Now, let us take a look at some of the specials from their menu, which I am sure will convince you even more to visit them! 

Specials From The Jack in the Box Menu That Are Worth Trying On Thanksgiving

The top five specials from the Jack in the Box menu that you should surely try out this Thanksgiving are: 

  1. Double Jack
  2. Cluck Sandwich
  3. Loaded Tiny Tacos
  4. Stuffed Jalapenos
  5. Jack in the Box Shakes

1. Double Jack

Jack in the box Double Jack1

Thanksgiving is a time to indulge in all the food possible, to truly enjoy a delicious feast. So, why stop at a single cheeseburger when you can instead indulge in a double? The Double Jack from Jack in the Box, as they say, is a Declaration of Delicious!

This burger is nothing really fancy, just simple ingredients that truly shine out. Sometimes with burgers, the flavor ultimately depends on how well the meat is cooked, and that is exactly what you will get with the double jack burger. 

This burger consists of two all-beef patties, which are grilled to perfection, and topped with American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise. All of this is packed up in a buttery bun. Nothing fancy, just something truly indulgent, which will for sure make your Thanksgiving much better. 

2. Cluck Sandwich

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is all about Turkey. But I am sure that there might be a lot of people who would rather indulge in some delicious chicken! When it comes to chicken sandwiches from Jack in the Box, trust me, they are the epitome of indulgence! 

The Cluck Sandwich from Jack in the Box is again a simple chicken sandwich with nothing that fancy. However, again, what makes it stand out is how well it has been prepared! It consists of a chicken filet which is bigger than usual. 

This filet is breaded and fried till golden brown, which makes it crispy on the outside and exceptionally juicy on the inside. The filet is topped with some crinkle-cut pickles and Jack’s Good Good Sauce, all in a brioche bun! This sandwich will really make you forget everything about turkey on Turkey day! 

3. Loaded Tiny Tacos

Jack in the box Loaded Tiny Tacos

Is there nothing you cannot find at Jack in the Box? Well, let us pretend this joke never happened, but, as I had mentioned before, variety is something that simply does not end at Jack in the Box. Their tiny tacos are delicious and truly worth a try. 

These tacos are like the side you never tried, and you never thought would actually work, with burgers! One portion of tiny loaded tacos consists of 15 small beef tacos. These tacos are loaded up with some cheese sauce, shredded lettuce, and Jack in the Box special taco sauce. 

It may sound really odd to pair burgers with tacos as a side. But trust me, this combination works! Once you try the Loaded tiny tacos from Jack in the Box on Thanksgiving, there will be no going back to regular sides! 

4. Stuffed Jalapenos

Jack in the box Stuffed Jalapenos

Sides are truly important when it comes to making a fast food meal complete. Now, most people do prefer fries as their side of choice with burgers. But, if you want something that is not as out there as loaded tiny tacos but also not as basic as fries, the stuffed jalapenos are worth a try!

The stuffed jalapenos from Jack in the Box are truly some of the best hot and cheesy goodness you may ever try! These jalapenos are filled with melted cheese, breaded, and further fried to perfection.

This gives them a crispy exterior with a gooey and cheesy interior. Moreover, in case these stuffed jalapenos get too hot to handle, Jack in the Box serves some buttermilk ranch sauce along with them for dipping. 

5. Jack in the Box Shakes

When it comes to holidays like Thanksgiving, is it even really a feast if there is no dessert to complete the meal? Jack in the Box serves some really decadent milkshakes, which can be a perfect ending to your meal or also an accompaniment to it. 

The shakes from Jack in the Box are thick and truly will remind you of thick shakes from old classic movies. In fact, that is exactly what they were aiming for too! These shakes are available in four different flavors. 

These flavors are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and oreo cookies. All milkshakes are topped with some whipped cream and maraschino cherries, which make them even more decadent. So, whether you choose these shakes as an accompaniment to your meal or as a dessert, they will make you happy on Thanksgiving in any case! 


Jack in the Box will be open on Thanksgiving this year to serve their customers some delicious burgers, fries, shakes, beverages, and more. Their official hours of operation on Thanksgiving will be the same as always, which is 24 hours. 

However, these are the official operating hours, and there are chances that some of the outlets will have reduced hours of operation. So, to have a hassle-free thanksgiving celebration, it would be better to give them a call first to know their exact opening and closing times on the holiday. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Jack in the Box be open on Thanksgiving this year? 

Yes, Jack in the Box will be open on Thanksgiving, 2023. 

What will be the operating hours at Jack in the Box on Thanksgiving?

Most Jack in the Box outlets will be open 24 hours, as usual, on Thanksgiving. 

Does the Jack in the Box menu have any vegetarian options?

Yes, Jack in the Box does have certain side options that are vegetarian. 

Does Jack in the Box serve any desserts other than milkshakes?

Yes, Jack in the Box does have certain other dessert options like chocolate overload cake, mini churros, and New York-style cheesecake. 

What are some of the specials from the Jack in the Box menu that are worth trying on Thanksgiving? 

Some specials from the Jack in the Box menu that should be tried on Thanksgiving are Double Jack, Cluck Sandwich, Loaded Tiny Tacos, Stuffed Jalapenos, and Jack in the Box Shakes. 

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