Is Food Lion Open On Christmas 2022?

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We often forget things while Christmas is around the corner and have to run to a grocery store at the last minute! Food Lion is one of those major grocery stores in the United States that takes care of all your needs for the holiday season. But is Food Lion open on Christmas day this year? 

Food Lion

Food Lion will unfortunately not be open for customers on Christmas day this year. The grocery store chain stays open on most holidays, even the fourth of July and Thanksgiving. However, Christmas is one of those major holidays when you find this chain closed yearly. 

Food Lion is one of those grocery store chains that doesn’t need much introduction. This grocery store is one of the top-notch places to get the best groceries. 

Moreover, the chain has been around since 1957, with its headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina, where it opened its very first store. 

Although not everywhere in the United States, Food Lion is quite well known and very popular in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern parts of the United States. So, for regular people here, it may sound like a huge disappointment to know that you won’t be able to do any last-minute shopping over there.

However, some other chains will be open on holiday and are worth considering, but more later. In this article, let us discover why this grocery giant will be closed on Christmas day and also some information about when it will reopen. 

Why Is Food Lion Closed On Christmas Day? 

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Christmas is one of the major holidays in the United States and many other parts of the world too. It is one of those days when we all gather together with family and friends to have the warmest and most wonderful celebration. 

Having said that, this also means a lot of cooking and food preparation is involved for this holiday. So, frequently it may happen that out of your long grocery list, you may need to remember to pick up a thing or two! If that is the case, sadly, Food Lion will not be able to be at your service this holiday. 

Food Lion is one of those places you can count on, no matter what day or occasion. As I mentioned, they are open on days like Thanksgiving and the fourth of July, which is some dedication to customers. 

However, the company also wants to be fair to its employees. Hence, the grocery store chain will be closed on Christmas day this year to let them have the day off to celebrate with their friends and family. 

Well, this is a good enough reason to be closed on a holiday like Christmas as afterall, even the employees need some time off to celebrate! So, you will have to look into other options for your last-minute shopping on Christmas day. 

But, it is okay as many grocery store chains will be open on holiday. These options are Giant Eagle, The Fresh Market, Giant Food, and Costco! However, check out their operating hours for a holiday before you visit. 

If no other place is as good as Food Lion for you, there is good news there too! This chain will be open on Christmas eve and Boxing day too! So, you can still do holiday shopping here if you move your schedule around a little bit! But again, check their operational hours for both of these days before visiting. 


On Christmas day, Food Lion will not be open to serve customers this year. Considering the importance of celebrations with family, the store has provided a Christmas holiday to all their employees. The chain will reopen the day after Christmas day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Food Lion be open on Christmas day this year? 

No, Food Lion will not be open on Christmas day, 2022. 

Why will Food Lion be closed on Christmas day? 

Food Lion will be closed on Christmas day so the employees can take a day off to celebrate the holiday with their friends and family. 

Will Food Lion be open on Christmas Eve? 

Yes, Food Lion will be open on Christmas Eve. 

Will Food Lion have reduced hours of operation on Christmas Eve?

Yes, Food Lion will have reduced hours of operation on Christmas Eve. 

When will Food Lion reopen? 

Food Lion will reopen on the day after Christmas, Boxing Day. 

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