Is Domino’s Pizza Open On Halloween 2024?

Pizza would undoubtedly rank high on the list of the world’s best foods if there were a competition to determine it. Pizza is a terrific option if you’re ever unsure of what to get for yourself or your loved ones on a special occasion like Halloween. All pizzas are delicious, but pizza from Domino’s hits different! So, let’s find out whether they are open on Halloween.


Domino’s Pizza is open on Halloween. They are fully functional and are ready to serve their customers with their yummy pizza on this special day. Even though it is a holiday in the United States, Domino’s is working on its regular schedule, which is from 10.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. 

While the majority of Domino’s locations follow this timing, certain locations operate differently. Check the hours of the specific outlet you wish to visit before leaving because some open a little later and some close a little earlier than others.

Domino’s, a pizza chain that was established in 1960, is often recognized as the best in the world. Now, pizza and Domino’s go hand in hand. This pizza restaurant chain has more than 18,300 locations worldwide, with its first establishment opening in Michigan.

Domino’s is an American brand that serves Italian pizza. This restaurant has been around for more than 50 years, and if there is anything that sets them apart from the other pizza franchises around the world, it is its superior quality and updated technology.

Domino’s Pizza offers a pretty interesting menu. Along with delivering the best pizzas in the world, they also have some other delectable items on their menu, like sides, drinks, and the best chocolate lava cakes. You can order any of them from the comfort of your home or go to their stores to try them out.

Visiting stores and eating pizza is a unique experience in and of itself, but if you order from their official website, you will receive some incredible discounts. (This is a trick I frequently use; even if you go to the store in person, if you don’t have enough money, you can order via their app and pick it up from the store.)

Domino pizzas are extremely delicious, and whatever the occasion, there is always room for one slice of pizza (I’m a walking-talking Joey Tribbiani, so I always have room for a “JoeySpecial”).

So in this article, we are going to talk about the operational status of Domino’s on Halloween day. Not only are we talking about the timing, but we are here to give you some food recommendations. If you are in too much doubt regarding what to order, our recommendation will come in handy!

Dominos Pizza’s Opening And Closing Hours On Halloween

Domino’s Pizza Halloween working hours10:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Domino’s pizza is open on Halloween every year and is ready to serve its customers with its delicious pizzas. Even though it’s a holiday, the working hour of Domino’s remains the same, which from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. You can either visit their store or order their pizza. But if you are planning to visit the store, make sure to check that it’s open once again before going there, as there might be a slight difference in timing at some places.

If you’re curious about this restaurant chain’s success, you should know that it is entirely due to the high quality of its meals and outstanding customer service. Domino’s is one such restaurant chain that has worked hard to use technology to enhance its customer service.

Domino’s created its app in 2013 and its delivery specialist truck in 2015. They offered car-side contactless delivery for COVID in 2020, followed by car-side delivery within 2 minutes in 2022, which was really quick and easy. Isn’t it wonderful that as time goes on, our love for Domino’s grows, and their delivery times get shorter?

Create a memorable Halloween by dressing up in creative costumes and ordering Domino’s cheese pizza. The next step is to choose what to get from Domino’s now that you know they are open on Halloween.

We’ve chosen some of our favorites for you in the following section. On Halloween, Domino’s operates under the maxim “Trick or Eat.” I’ll say when you have to give a treat, treat them with some pizza!

 Domino’s Pizza Specials That You Can Try On This Halloween

 The top five Domino’s Pizza menu items that you should try this Halloween are:-

  1. Domino’s Pizza’s Chicken Tacos Pizza
  2. Domino’s Pizza’s Cheese Burger Pizza
  3. Domino’s Pizza’s Extra VaganZZa Feast Pizza
  4.  Domino’s Pizza Garlic Bread
  5. Domino’s Choco Lava Crunch Cake

1. Domino’s Pizza’s Chicken Tacos Pizza

Domino's Chicken Tacos Pizza

If you casually ask me if I prefer pizza or tacos, I’ll pause before responding to this challenging query. I adore them both, just like all of you. If you enjoy both pizza and tacos as much as I do, Domino’s chicken taco pizza is the dish for you.

The primary component of chicken taco pizza is chicken. You can taste sliced tomatoes and onion in addition to the grilled chicken. But do you know what a taco pizza’s best feature is? Using three different kinds of cheese!

Cheddar, provolone, and white American cheese are the three types of cheese that are used in Domino’s Pizza’s Chicken Taco Pizza. You’ll like the juiciness of the chicken, the spiciness of the tacos, the creaminess of the cheese pulls, and the taco flavors in the first bite of this pizza.

For Halloween, try this Chicken Taco Pizza for a taste explosion. There isn’t much heat in this pizza, but you can always level it up by adding extra hot sauce!

 2. Dominos Pizza’s Cheese Burger Pizza

Dominos Pizza’s Cheese Burger Pizza

Today is the age of coexistence; the days of sacrificing one of our likes for the other are long gone. I must say that Domino’s completely grasped this task and therefore produced us the most delectable Cheese Burger Pizza.

One of Domino’s pizza’s greatest sellers, this is one of the company’s newest additions. The essential ingredients in this masterpiece are chargrilled ground beef and cheese. In addition, it combines mustard sauce and tomato ketchup to balance its flavors.

Now that you don’t have to choose between a burger and pizza make sure to include them in your Halloween menu.

 3. Dominos Pizza’s Extra VaganZZa Feast Pizza

Dominos Pizza’s Extra VaganZZa Feast Pizza

Being a little eccentric is the whole point of Halloween. Therefore, the Extra VaganZZa Feast Pizza is the ideal choice for you if you enjoy pizza with extra toppings. Do you want to know what’s in it? I’ll tell you what,

The main ingredient in Extra VaganZZa Feast pizza is sausage. Its ingredients also include olives, green pepper, pepperoni, onion, and mushrooms, in addition to the sausage. What makes it even more delectable? It is all topped with mozzarella cheese.

This pizza has a puffy crust with crusty edges. It is one of the best pizzas on the entire Domino’s pizza menu because of the flavor of the sausage in addition to the other components.

This pizza is quite a heavy one. Since it’s loaded with a lot of ingredients, just a few slices will be enough to fill your tummy. But this pizza is so delicious that our hearts will beg for more even though we have no room in our stomachs for it!

  4. Domino’s Pizza Garlic Bread

Domino's Pizza Garlic Bread

 The garlic bread is Dominos’ best-known item after pizza. It is one of the most popular side dishes and one of Dominos’ best-selling items. This Halloween, you should absolutely try this soft, cheesy garlic bread!

You can serve this as the ideal side dish with any main course! Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives are available, and it is quite excellent and filling. So, instead of eating too much meat, try a vegan pizza and some garlic bread.

Domino’s is one such place where we can get the best quality garlic bread. The freshly baked bread, along with top-quality ingredients, makes it stand out from the crowd.

Talking about garlic bread, I cannot stop myself from mentioning the beautiful cheese pull it offers! If you just want a snack that is cheesy and spicy, order garlic bread!

 5. Domino’s Choco Lava Crunch Cake

Domino's Choco Lava Crunch Cake

Domino’s is renowned for its delicious savory delights. They only have a small selection of sweets, but since chocolate lava crunch cake is the best option available, there is no need for too many choices.

Without a sweet finish, no dinner is complete. In order to properly end the lovely day on Halloween, be sure to include a slice of choco lava cake in your menu together with other items.

A chocolate lava cake is similar to a dessert surprise. Even though it appears to be a clearly baked piece of cake, when you poke it, you can see a river of chocolate streaming out of it.

 No quantity of chocolate lava cake is “enough,” so if you intend to order it, make sure you quadruple the order!

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Halloween

  1. Burger KingBurger is, no doubt, a perfect comfort food! In case you’re planning to enjoy burgers on Halloween, don’t miss out on visiting the king of burger hubs. By the king of burger hubs, I mean Burger King. Follow the link to know if it’s open on Halloween this year. 
  2. StarbucksIt’s always good to start a day with a caffeine boost! And when it’s Halloween, a coffee from Starbucks is definitely a great deal. Seek out the link and check out whether your nearest Starbucks stays open and operational on Halloween.
  3. SubwayIt’s Halloween, and Subway is on its way to treating its customers with mouth-watering subs and other foods. Don’t believe me? Check out the link and find all the dishes Subway is serving to its customers on Halloween. 
  4. Taco BellTacos and many other Mexican culinary icons never fail to set a perfect mood for a holiday-worthy treat. For Halloween, Mexican food from Taco Bell is more than a blessing! So, check out what this restaurant chain is offering at discounted prices on Halloween this year.  
  5. Chick-fil-ATo enjoy Halloween by having some fried chicken or ‘chick-filled’ burgers, visit Chick-fil-A. But is this restaurant chain open on Halloween this year? Follow the link to know the holiday status of this restaurant chain. 
  6. Wendy’sWant to know the holiday plans of one of America’s favorite fast-food chains, Wendy’s? If you want to have a good time feasting with your friends at Wendy’s on Halloween, follow the link. You might also get food at special offers around this holiday season. 
  7. Dunkin’ DonutsFluffy and aerated baked goodies with coffee are a perfect morning treat, especially on holidays like Halloween. To enjoy Halloween special donuts with special holiday coffee, visit your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Before that, follow the link to know whether this restaurant chain is active on Halloween. 
  8. ChipotleIf you’re planning to have Mexican food on Halloween this year, Chipotle is a perfect place to visit. So, follow the link and check out whether this restaurant chain is open on Halloween or not.
  9. Panera BreadYou still want to munch on healthy dishes, even on holidays like Halloween? Don’t worry; Panera Bread is here to save your day with some holiday feast-worthy dishes on its menu. But to know if it’s open to serving its customers on Halloween, click on the link. 
  10. Pizza HutAmong famous pizza-serving restaurants, Pizza Hut is another choice for Halloween-worthy pizza treats. Seek out the link to know all about its Halloween plans this year. 


I don’t know whether ghosts are real or not! But one thing we’re all sure about is our craving for pizza. Domino’s is the place to quell all of our pizza cravings, and thankfully they are open on Halloween! Regardless of Halloween, Domino’s will operate as usual, from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 a.m.

Dress up to the nines on Halloween and share your Domino’s pizza with everyone you meet! Happy spooky day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Domino’s Pizza open on Halloween?

Yes. Domino’s Pizza stays open on Halloween.

What are Domino’s Pizza’s working hours on Halloween?

Opening and closing hours remain the same as on a regular day, i.e., from 10:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

 What menu items can you enjoy at Domino’s Pizza on Halloween?

You can enjoy pizza, pasta, desserts, and drinks, along with some Halloween specials.

Is Domino’s busy on Halloween?

Yes. Domino’s have high sales on Halloween days and are often very busy due to high demands.

Is pizza free after 30 minutes at Domino’s?

Domino’s is very particular about its delivery time, and if they are over thirty minutes late, one will get a free pizza.

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