Is Del Taco Open On Labor Day 2024?

We all are well into August, and that calls for some holiday planning, especially for Labor Day. Now, what can be better than digging into some Mexican food from Del Taco? But is Del Taco open on Labor Day 2023? Come, let’s find out.

Mexican food chain Del Taco remains open and operational on Labor Day every year. The chain keeps serving its customers and stays in service on most of the holidays, except Easter, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Del Taco’s timings remain the same as usual, even on Labor Day. Most of the outlets of this restaurant chain are open for 24 hours. So, at Del Taco, you can place an order at any time of the day.

Del Taco has been serving food at affordable prices for more than 50 years. It has approximately 600 locations in 16 states. You obviously don’t know Del Taco as anything else, but Del Taco actually had a different name at the beginning, which was Casa Del Taco. After opening its first outlet in 1964, Del Taco felt ready to drop the “Casa” from its name in 1973. That’s how we know it as Del Taco today.

One of the most amazing things about Del Taco is that you get the best of both worlds. At a Mexican food chain, you can not only enjoy Mexican-style food but also classic American food all at once.

And that’s not all. Del Taco also offers delicious food to vegans and vegetarians with options like bean and cheese burrito, the crunchtada tostada, cheese quesadillas, breakfast burritos, and 8-Layer Veggie Burrito, the bean and cheese cup, and potato poppers. 

And the even better news is that if you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can choose to order churros, churro ice cream dessert, caramel cheesecake bites, and chocolate chip cookie bites, and shakes. With such a loaded menu, who would want to skip out on a meal from Del Taco?

In this article, you’ll get to know about the operational status of Del Taco on Labor Day and all the menu specials you can enjoy on this holiday. So, are you ready? 

Del Taco Opening/Closing Hours On Labor Day 2023

Del Taco Labor Day Hours24 Hours

Del Taco welcomes customers on Labor Day. The chain offers delicious food and keeps its doors open for customers for 24 hours. But some Del Taco locations might operate at different timings on this holiday. So, it would be best to check with them beforehand.

At Del Taco, you are promised to have good quality food. The chain is dedicated to serving good food made with the freshest ingredients. Chief Marketing Officer, Barry Westrum, told QSR Magazine, “We’re further leaning into what enables this brand to continue to differentiate itself from Taco Bell and Chipotle, with industry-leading value and traditional food prep, where our team members chop, dice, shred, and grill throughout the day.” This means food at Del Taco is handled with the freshest ingredients right when you place an order. 

Del Taco Specials That You Can Try On Labor Day 2023

The top five Del Taco menu items that you should try this Labor Day are:-

  1. The Del Taco
  2. 3-Layer Queso Nachos
  3. Queso Loaded Fries
  4. Chicken, Queso, and Guac Crunchtada
  5. Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito

1. The Del Taco 

The Del taco

If there’s one item you have to order at this Mexican restaurant, it has to be the sumptuous Del Taco. This taco comes in two varieties, crunchy and soft. So, you can choose yours, depending on what mouthfeel you want. I find both of them amazing. And as for the filling, they too remain the same. So, the choice is totally about the outer crust. Let’s see what flavors this taco brings along. 

The Del Taco comes with seasoned beef, which is piled high with tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce. It turns out to be a great meal. While ordering the Del Taco, I would suggest you ask for some salsa on the side too. This combination turns out to be even more delicious.  

2. 3-Layer Queso Nachos

del taco nachos

There’s no perfect Mexican meal without some nachos. And Del Taco is actually the place to try nachos, and that too, the three-layer queso nachos. While the dish seems to be simple, it comes with some great flavors. The best part about them is the fact that they don’t make for a heavy meal. Let’s look at the ingredients list.

The 3- Layer nachos start with tortilla chips laid on the base. They are then topped with queso Blanco, slow-cooked beans, and a tangy green sauce. While all of these ingredients bring different flavors to the dish, the green sauce stands out with its exceptional taste. Now, this dish might be messy to eat, but you’re going to enjoy it thoroughly.

3. Queso Loaded Fries

Del Taco Queso Loaded Fries

One thing that attracts me to visit Del Taco is the fact that you can enjoy Mexican-style food with classic American food all at once. And this dish stands as an example of it. What are Queso-loaded fries?

When you order the queso-loaded fries at Del Taco, you are going to dig into crispy crinkle-cut fries topped with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, sliced jalapeños, and Del Taco’s signature Queso Blanco. 

This dish brings to you all yummy things that are great in taste and texture. The toppings are such that you won’t need ketchup to eat these fries. Order these at Del Taco this Labor Day, and thank me later!

4. Del Taco Chicken, Queso, and Guac Crunchtada

del-taco- crunchtada

Crunchtada is not something that you will find on menus everywhere. This reason, along with the lip-smacking flavors it brings along, makes crunchtada a hit dish on the Del Taco menu. You can choose your toppings of crunchtada from 2 non-veg and one veg options. Each dish comes with a unique flavor. Have you tried chicken, queso, and guac crunchtada?

The chicken, queso, and guac crunchtada are made of crunchy corn shell that is layered with slow-cooked beans made from scratch, marinated chicken, freshly grilled, and creamy Queso Blanco, grated cheddar cheese, topped with fresh diced tomatoes, and house-made guacamole. The crunchy base and creamy and crunchy toppings make it such a standout dish that you have to try it out for yourself. 

5. Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito

Del taco Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito (1)

Guacamole is undoubtedly one of the best dips out there. It is made using avocados which are not only delicious but also provide a beautiful texture. And so, with this as the main ingredient, the epic fresh guacamole burrito makes for an item worth trying.

What does this burrito come with? An oversized flour tortilla comes loaded with your choice of freshly grilled and marinated chicken, grilled carne asada, or Beyond Meat, slow-cooked beans, cilantro lime rice, fresh homemade guacamole, and pico de gallo.

The Beyond Meat option makes it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Labor Day

  1. QdobaQdoba is one of the best American restaurant chains that offer mouth-watering Mexican food. So, seek out the link to know all the dishes that you can try on Labor Day this year at Qdoba. 
  2. Checkers –  Have some “Crazy good food” from Checkers this Labor Day! All the locations of Checkers are open and serve its customers hearty dishes. Follow the link and have a look at the Labor Day hours of Checkers and its special menu items served on Labor Day this year.  
  3. Firehouse SubsSandwiches are always a perfect treat, even if it’s a holiday! Firehouse Subs is ready to serve you all its special sandwiches on Labor day this year. Follow the link to know the operational hours of Firehouse Subs on Labor Day. 
  4. Tim HortonsThis Canadian food paradise has planned to stay open and active for its customers on Labor day. So, you can enjoy your favorite coffee, donuts, and burgers from Tim Hortons on Labor Day this year.
  5. Church’s ChickenIf you’re looking for Southern-cuisine inspired options to celebrate Labor day, Church’s Chicken is a perfect choice for you. This restaurant chain fried chicken and numerous other southern-style dishes. Have a look at all the dishes that you can expect from the menu of Church’s Chicken on Labor Day. 
  6. Moe’s Southwest GrillLabor Day treats at a southwestern grill sounds perfect, right? All Moe’s outlets are open and will serve their delicious food to the customers on Labor Day. So, follow the link to know the Labor Day hours of Moe’s. 
  7. McAlister’s DeliMcAlister’s Deli is another famous food hub where you can celebrate Labor Day this year. You can enjoy hearty options like soups, salads, beverages, etc., here. Feel free to follow the link and check out its menu specials that you can try on Labor Day this year. 
  8. Jason’s DeliAnother deli that has decided to stay open for its customers on Labor Day is Jason’s Deli. You’ll find decadent pasta, wraps, soups, drinks, etc., on its menu. Seek out the link to know what special they have on their menu for Labor Day.
  9. Baskin RobbinsWith 31 classic flavors on the menu, Baskin Robbins is loved by everyone. This ice cream brand has decided to stay open and available for its customers on Labor Day. So, to end your holiday meal on a sweet note, make sure you have your favorite-flavored ice cream from Baskin Robbins.  
  10. Boston Market In case you want to enjoy Labor Day having a healthy treat, don’t miss out on Boston Market’s menu. This restaurant chain serves healthy sandwiches, meatloaves, and much more. Follow the link to know more about Boston Market Labor Day plans!


Del Taco will remain open on Labor Day 2023. All of its locations will remain in service, up and ready to serve customers on this year’s Labor Day. The timings of Del Taco stay the same as usual on Labor Day, that is, 24 hours. But do keep in mind that certain locations might operate at different hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Del Taco open on Labor Day 2023?

Del Taco will stay open and operational on Labor Day, September 4, 2023.

What will be Del Taco’s working hours on Labor Day 2023?

Del Taco’s working hours on Labor Day 2023 will stay the same as its usual working hours. The chain keeps its doors open for 24 hours.

What menu items can you enjoy at Del Taco on Labor Day?

The top Del Taco menu items that you should try this Labor Day are The Del Taco, 3-Layer Queso nachos, queso loaded fries, Queso and Guac Crunchtada, and epic fresh guacamole burrito.

Does Del Taco provide food delivery?

Del Taco offers contact-free delivery via Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

Does Del Taco offer desserts?

At Del Taco, you can enjoy desserts like donut bites, mini cinnamon churros, and caramel cheesecake bites.

Does Del Taco have shakes on its menu?

You can enjoy shakes at Del Taco that come in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors.

Does Del Taco have burgers on its menu?

Del Taco serves delicious burgers like a double del cheeseburger, bacon double del cheeseburger, and del cheeseburger.

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