Is Carvel Open On Thanksgiving 2024?

As Thanksgiving is coming up soon, many of you may have planned what food you would like to enjoy on this holiday. Something that everyone in your family too can enjoy is surely some ice cream. Not just any ice cream, the best and freshest ice cream in America, which is from Carvel! But is Carvel open on Thanksgiving this year? 

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This year on Thanksgiving, Carvel will unfortunately not be open to serve customers some of their delicious ice creams and sundaes. The ice cream chain is usually open on most national holidays of the year except Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas when the chain usually stays closed every year. 

Carvel is one of those ice cream places that has been around for a really long time now in the United States. This chain serves some delicious soft-serve ice creams that they are known for, along with some classic ice cream flavors which have managed to stay on their menu ever since they opened.

Carvel, however, does some over-the-top sundaes, milkshakes, and more, that are loved by everyone. So, all in all, they do cater to everyone. So, I am sure it may be a bummer to hear that they will be closed on Thanksgiving. However, there are various other restaurant chains that also serve similar desserts and will be open on Thanksgiving. So, if not Carvel, there are many options that you can consider to give a sweet ending to your holiday. 

Why Is Carvel Closed On Thanksgiving? 

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Holidays, in general, are a day that we all look forward to, especially major holidays like Thanksgiving. It is truly the best time to celebrate with your family and have a feast. Once the turkey feast is over, how can anyone ever miss out on delicious desserts on Thanksgiving?

As not everyone may want to make a dessert on holiday, ice cream is a great way to get the celebration going as it is liked by people of all ages. However, this Thanksgiving, Carvel will not be the place where you will get to enjoy delicious ice creams. 

Carvel is a chain that is truly committed to serving its customers with some delicious sweet treats. They are usually open on most major holidays to make their customers happy with delicious ice cream and ice cream cakes.

However, on some occasions like Thanksgiving, the chain is usually closed every year. They will be closed on Thanksgiving so that the employees can take a day off to celebrate with their friends and family. 

This is indeed a very well-deserved holiday for the employees, considering how major thanksgiving is in the United States. So, it is indeed fair for them to get a day off to celebrate. But, in case you crave Carvel a day prior to or after Thanksgiving, you are in luck as they will be open on both these days!

So, in case you want to stock up your freezer with some of their delicious ice creams, ice cream cakes, and more the day before Thanksgiving, you can easily get some from Carvel! The chain will also be delivering on both these days, so you can easily place an order from the comfort of your home.

For ice cream cakes, though, Carvel does recommend visiting one of their stores, as this will give all of you a better idea of all the delicious toppings and customizations that they have to offer! However, on an actual day, you might have to consider similar options. Do check out the operating hours of the other restaurant chains, too, before you visit them on Thanksgiving. 

Similar Restaurant Chains That Are Closed On Thanksgiving

  1. Moe’s Southwest Grill – Moe’s Southwest Grill serves some of the best Mexican food ever, on most holidays too! However, they do remain closed on Thanksgiving every year. 
  2. Baskin RobbinsEveryone likes ice cream and especially if you get to enjoy a new flavor everyday like you do at Baskin Robbins! On Thanksgiving though, Baskin Robbins will unfortunately not be open to serve their ice creams. 
  3. Tim Hortons – The perfect place to get your caffeine kick, Canada’s favorite is also the favorite for many in the United States. But, on Thanksgiving, you will have to consider other options for your regular caffeine fix as Tim Hortons will be closed. 
  4. Shake ShackShake Shack, although comparatively new, has made a huge name internationally as well, for serving great milkshakes and burgers. But, this chain, just like every year, will be closed on Thanksgiving. 
  5. Red LobsterI don’t think there is any chain in the United States that serves seafood better than what you get at Red Lobster! You will have to stick to turkey this year in place of seafood as Red Lobster will be closed on Thanksgiving. 
  6. Whataburger – Burgers so good, they actually make you say, “What-a-burger!” . However, you won’t be able to enjoy saying that on Thanksgiving as Whataburger will be closed. 
  7. Panda ExpressCraving Chinese? We all can agree that there’s no better place in the United States than Panda Express! But, you will have to take your chinese cravings elsewhere on Thanksgiving as the chain will not be open on this holiday. 
  8. Dairy QueenAlthough the name of this chain is ‘Dairy Queen’, I must say that their burgers are pretty phenomenal too! On Thanksgiving this year, Dairy Queen will however, not be open.
  9. Arby’sKnown for ‘Market Fresh Sandwiches’ and a lot more, Arby’s is one restaurant chain where you can enjoy a variety of fast food. This chain will however, not be operational on Thanksgiving this year.
  10. Sonic Drive-InSonic Drive-In is famous not just for serving great burgers and shakes, but also for their unique style of service. But, on Thanksgiving, you will have to consider other places to enjoy the burgers and milkshakes, but maybe not the service!


Carvel will not be open to serve their delicious ice creams and more on Thanksgiving. The chain of restaurants is open on most holidays, except for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. They will be closed on Thanksgiving so that the employees can take a day off to celebrate the holiday with their friends and family. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Carvel be open on Thanksgiving 2023? 

No, Carvel will not be open on Thanksgiving, 2023.

Why will Carvel be closed on Thanksgiving? 

Carvel will be closed on Thanksgiving to let the employees off the hook so that they, too, can enjoy the holiday. 

When will Carvel reopen? 

Carvel will reopen the day after Thanksgiving. 

Will Carvel have reduced hours of operation on the day before Thanksgiving?

Yes, some of the Carvel outlets may have reduced hours of operation on the day before Thanksgiving. 

What will be the opening and closing timings at Carvel on the day after Thanksgiving? 

On the day after Thanksgiving, Carvel will have opening and closing hours, which are the same as always. These hours will be 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

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