Is Carvel Open On Halloween 2024?

Halloween is coming up really soon, which means it is time to indulge in sweets. All the Halloween candy, however, may not really cut it for quite a lot of people. So, what dessert can be enjoyed by everyone? It is indeed ice cream! The best place to get some delicious and fresh ice cream in America is Carvel, of course! But, with Halloween being a major holiday, is Carvel actually open on this day? 

Carvel restaurant

Carvel will be open on Halloween this year to serve their customers some delicious ice cream. Carvel is truly a place you can count on to get rid of your ice cream cravings, no matter what the occasion may be. Their operating hours will be the same as always, which are 10:00 am to 09:00 pm. However, these are just the official operating hours which may differ as per the location. 

Carvel is an American restaurant chain that specializes in ice creams. It was founded in 1929 by Tom Carvel in Hartsdale, New York. The way Carvel came into being is actually quite an interesting story. Tom Carvel initially started off Carvel with an ice cream truck. One fine day on Memorial day of 1934, his ice cream truck broke down in Hartsdale, New York.

This did not break his spirits, and he kept selling ice cream at the site where his truck broke down. Soon enough, all of his ice creams were sold out! This is how the company’s journey began in the ice cream industry. Now, Carvel dominates the industry in the Northeastern United States and Florida.

They soon began expanding all over the country, and Carvel now has 32 ice cream outlets across 20 states in the country, also along with some outlets in Puerto Rico. They also sell their ice cream cakes in over 8,500 supermarkets! The company’s slogan is “America’s Freshest Ice Cream,” which is what all the employees have kept in mind and done their best to take forward.

They have delivered on this promise, which is why their sales have been booming! The Carvel menu features delicious sweet treats like ice creams, cakes, sundaes, and more. However, their top-selling item has always been their soft serve ice creams, which is basically like a Carvel trademark. 

In this article, I have mentioned all about the operating hours on Carvel on Halloween this year, along with how exactly you can enjoy some of their delicious ice creams this Halloween, other than dining in. Lastly, I have mentioned some of the best specials from their menu, which you should try out this Halloween if you haven’t already! 

Carvel Opening / Closing Hours On Halloween

Carvel Food
Carvel Operating Hours On Halloween10:00 am to 09:00 pm

Carvel is a place that has your back for some delicious ice cream, no matter what holiday it is. So, to make your Halloween celebrations extra sweet and special, Carvel will be open on holiday this year. Their official operating hours will be the same as always, which are 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.

However, there may be some outlets that might run as per a holiday schedule instead. Carvel does have many locations across the country that are franchise owned, so there are more chances of these particular locations having varying operating hours. This depends on what is decided by the franchise owner.

So, to know if the location closest to you is working as per a holiday schedule or not, it would be better to give them a call before visiting. This will save you time and energy on a busy day like Halloween, for sure. You can also order ice cream right to your doorstep, in case stepping out seems like a task on Halloween.

Your orders can be placed through their official website or even delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Doordash, and Postmates. Also, you don’t need to worry about your ice cream melting, as the official delivery of Carvel, along with the delivery platforms, make sure that they use a method through which your ice cream reaches you in its original form and not as a melted mess. 

With cakes from Carvel, the website does suggest visiting one of their locations to order the same, rather than ordering on their website. The reason they give for this is that you can get your cake personalized the way you want at a store rather than online. Either way, Carvel’s desserts are not worth missing out on. In case this hasn’t convinced you, I am sure that the specials from their menu mentioned in the next section will!

Specials From The Carvel Menu That Are Worth Trying Out On Halloween

The top five specials from the Carvel menu that you shouldn’t miss out on this Halloween are: 

  1. Strawberries Crunchies Soft Serve
  2. Brookie Sundae Dasher
  3. Crazy For Crunchies Cake
  4. Heath Sundae Dasher
  5. Vanilla Scoop – No Sugar Added

1. Strawberries Crunchies Soft Serve

Carvel Starwberry Crunchies

Strawberries are indeed one of the best berries out there; there is no doubt about that. But in case they aren’t fresh, they don’t really taste good, even in ice cream. But, with Carvel’s Strawberries crunchies soft serve, you can enjoy strawberry flavor any time of the year! 

The strawberry crunchies soft serve is not just another strawberry soft serve. Carvel takes it to another level by giving you the flavor satisfaction of vanilla and strawberry at the same time! 

The strawberry crunchies soft serve consists of a soft vanilla serve, which is topped with strawberry crunchies. So, this soft serve has flavors and textures that complement each other and shouldn’t be missed out on, especially on Halloween! 

2. Brookie Sundae Dasher

Carvel Brookie Sundae Dasher

Plain old chocolate ice cream can also be a bit boring sometimes. Chocolate lovers, too, need a variety! So, for that, you need to try out the Brookie Sundae Dasher from Carvel, which, as described by them, is “The best of both worlds in a cup.”! 

This sundae dasher is over the top for sure, as it consists of layers of soft brookie serve. The soft serve is topped with delicious caramel, brownie bites, hot fudge, and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

Finally, the sundae dasher is finished off with some whipped cream and delicious chocolate chips. This sundae dasher is completely over the top and hence, perfect for a day like Halloween! 

3. Crazy For Crunchies Cake

Crazy For Crunchies Cake

Along with all the ice cream at Carvel, you will also find some delicious cakes! Trust me, the word delicious in the above sentence should not be taken lightly. That is how good these cakes are! The most favorite amongst customers is crazy for crunchies cake. 

This ice cream cake has a lot of crunchies and is perfect for anyone who likes some crunch along with their ice creams! The crunchies are sandwiched between layers of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. 

The cake is also loaded with some freshly made delicious fudge and, finally, more crunchies around the cake! This ice cream cake is complete heaven for people who love chocolate and will make your Halloween celebrations even better! 

4. Heath Sundae Dasher

Carvel Heath Sundae Dasher

Heath bars are absolutely delicious; we can all agree with that! You may have even tried heath ice cream. But, have you ever tried a heath sundae? If not, get to Carvel right away to try out their Heath Sundae Dasher! 

This sundae dasher is described by the Carvel website as, “Get more toffee taste with layers of Heath, vanilla ice cream caramel and whipped cream”. You can also top your dasher with some extra toffee if you would like. 

I think the description given by them must have given you a fair idea of how delicious this sundae dasher is. So, if you are a fan of vanilla ice cream, toffee, and Heath bars, you know Carvel’s Heath Sundae Dasher will leave you extremely satisfied! 

5. Vanilla Scoop – No Added Sugar

Carvel Vanilla Sugar Free Ice Cream

For some of us, even Halloween is not really a good enough day to indulge in too much sugar. This is especially true for people with sugar issues and those trying to restrict their calorie intake. Luckily, Carvel caters to them, too, with their sugar-free range! 

The official website of Carvel describes this ice cream as “Sugar-free, guilt-free, blah-free.” This is indeed true, as you get to indulge in something sweet without having to worry about too much sugar intake! 

The vanilla ice cream from Carvel has been and will always be a classic. It was the reason for Carvel’s success, so you can only imagine how delicious it must be! Try it for yourself on Halloween to taste the vanilla goodness! 

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Carvel will be open on Halloween this year to serve some of their delicious sweet treats and make your celebration extra special. Their official opening and closing timings will be the same as always, which are 10:00 am to 09:00 pm. 

But, with some of the outlets, there are chances of them have reduced hours of operation. So, to not have any sort of hassles on Halloween, it is best to call them up first and check their exact timings before you plan on visiting them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Carvel be open on Halloween this year?

Yes, Carvel will be open on Halloween, 2023. 

What will be the operational hours of Carvel on Halloween?

The opening and closing hours of Carvel on Halloween will be 10:00 am to 09:00 pm. 

Does Carvel have any sorbet options on their menu?

Yes, Carvel does have some sorbet options on their menu like pink grapefruit, orange tangerine, raspberry, and lemonade sorbet. 

How does Carvel make sure that their ice cream doesn’t melt till it reaches you? 

Carvel, along with delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash, uses a packing technique that makes sure that your ice cream doesn’t melt till it reaches you. 

What are some specials from the Carvel menu that are worth trying?

Some specials from the Carvel menu that you should try out are our Strawberries Crunchies Soft Serve, Brookie Sundae Dasher, Crazy For Crunchies Cake, Heath Sundae Dasher, and Vanilla Scoop – No Sugar Added. 

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