Is Burger King Open On Halloween 2024?

Are you all set to celebrate Halloween this year? You must have decided on your costume, but what about the food? Don’t you want to make it a little special this time? On a fussy fun day like Halloween, some burgers from Burger King are all you need to calm your hunger. But wait—is Burger King open on Halloween?

Burger King

Burger King remains open and is fully working on Halloween. Not only are they working on that day, but this chain of restaurants has also come up with some Halloween specials for you. Regardless of it being a holiday, Burger King is functional in accordance with its timing, which is from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

That being said, there are some outlets that are open 24 hours a day, so double-check the hours before going.

 Burger King is an American restaurant chain. Burger King, which debuted in 1953 as the “Insta Burger King,” has grown to be one of the biggest burger restaurant chains in the world, second only to McDonald’s. They now provide burgers everywhere in the world, whereas they were previously only available in the United States. Over 19,000 Burger King restaurant chains exist worldwide in more than 100 nations.

There are currently millions of other hamburger franchises operating throughout the globe. But have you ever wondered what makes Burger King different from its competitors? You guessed it right; it’s quality along with affordability. If there is one restaurant that upholds the belief that everyone has a right to the perfect burger, it is Burger King.

 Even though Burger King provides us with burgers at an affordable rate, they never compromise on their quality. The chain uses the best quality ingredients to make the best quality burgers. As mentioned on Burger King’s official website, “With real flavor comes real responsibility.” Not only are they keen on serving the best burgers, but they also care about the customer who buys them!

Burger King has a vast menu despite being known primarily for its hamburgers. Desserts, beverages, and sides make up the major subcategories. They can be consumed alone or combined with other foods to form a meal.

 If you haven’t already made up your mind about your menu, you’ll find it tough to choose just one and wind up eating the majority of what they have to offer because they are all so delicious.

We are all familiar with Burger King. I’m sure we’ve all been to Burger King countless times. On the other hand, if it has been too long since your last trip to Burger King, Halloween is the ideal occasion to relive all of your pleasant memories. But will Burger King be open on Halloween? In this essay, let’s learn everything there is to know about it.

Burger King’s Opening/Closing Hours On Halloween

Burger King’s Halloween Hours 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

On the day of Halloween, Burger King is open. The chain is open and prepared to serve its customers on this holiday. Notwithstanding the holiday, Burger King maintains its regular opening and closing times of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Only the United States can use this time. Burger King has restaurants all around the world, so the opening and closing times vary depending on the location. Some stores are open around the clock. Check the restaurant’s precise closing and opening times before heading there right away.

If you are yet to decide on your food menus for Halloween, consider having some burgers from Burger King. In 2021, the restaurant came up with a mini Whooper Junior to celebrate Halloween. If you are still deciding, let me assure you of one thing, nothing but some Burger King burgers could bring you the true happiness of Halloween. 

Without a question, Burger King enjoys Halloween just as much as the rest of us. 

Burger King, therefore, devises tiny surprises each year. It was Mini Whoopers last year. In addition to providing you with some delectable food, they also come up with the most incredible surprise discounts during the week immediately prior to Halloween. 

 Not just that, Burger King’s burger is something you can serve all your guests without much thought. Celebrate the best time of the year with the best burger chain in the world. But, if you’re going to Burger King for Halloween, make sure to meet some other zombies and get some great deals.

Burger king Specials That You Can Try On Halloween

The top five Burger King items to try this Halloween are as follows:

  1. Whopper
  2. Chicken Fries
  3. Caramel Sundae
  4. Cheesy tots
  5. Double Stacker King

1. Whopper


Are you too confused over what to choose from the elaborated Burger King’s menu? Let me help you here a little. When in too much doubt, fall for the signature dish of the restaurant, and here it’s the whoppers. “Known as the House of Whopper,” there is no better place to have some whopper than Burger King.

Are you curious to know what this classic dish is made of? Let me have the pleasure of breaking it up for you. The classic whopper comes with a tender and juicy beef patty, flame-grilled to perfection. This is topped with some lettuce to bring this crispiness along with tomatoes, ketchup, cheese, mayonnaise, and pickles.

All of these are then safely placed inside sesame-seeded buns. This in itself is very delicious. But if you want to add some more fun to it, Burger King is all up for its customers. Thus, according to your liking, you add some more cheese slices, slices of bacon, or lettuce to the whopper.

So if you are planning to buy some burgers, get them from Burger King. This Halloween, share some love with Burger King.

2. Chicken Fries

Chicken Fries

If you think Burger King is all about burgers, you are wrong. They do make the best burgers in the world. But along with that, they also make some of the best chicken fries in town!

I must tell you, chicken fries from Burger King are my current obsession. They are so good that you’ll make it a custom to buy them along with burgers every time you order from Burger King.

Eating a whopping double-patty cheeseburger is a task. Thus, just like Joey, until then, warm up your stomach with some chicken fries from Burger King. Before I end this session, let me warn you of something! Burger King’s chicken fries are so good that you’ll have difficulty stopping eating them, so beware.

3. Caramel Sundae

Caramel Sundae

Whether it is a food item or a drink, Burger King knows how to make it perfect! With an extensive food menu, this burger chain also serves some amazing beverages. The Burger King caramel sundae is one such drink that deserves special attention.

A special occasion deserves special drinks, and Burger King’s caramel sundae is one of those. It is perfectly creamy and sweet and will wash away your tiredness and give you an instant sweet rush. If you are a sweet tooth like me, make some space for this sweet on your Halloween menu card.

Whether it’s the beginning or end of an amazing day, a sweet is a must. Therefore, don’t forget to get yourself some caramel sundaes this Halloween.

4. Cheesy tots

Cheese Tots

French fries are great! Is there anything better than French fries, though? If you are saying no, then you are yet to try the cheesy tots from Burger King. Cheesy touts are nothing but potatoes in their best form. 

Cheesy tots are one of the best side dishes you can get from Burger King other than its classic french fries. With cheese tots, you can enjoy the crispiness of potatoes along with the creaminess of cheese in each bite.

If you are looking for some amazing starters for your party, make sure to order some cheesy tots from Burger King. You can snack on them, or they can be eaten with some amazing dressings.

 5. Double Stacker King

Double Stacker King

Are you tired of eating the same whoopers and hamburgers from Burger King? Want to try some special dishes this Halloween? If that’s the case, I’ve got your back this time.

Make your Halloween special with some Double Stacker King burgers from Burger King. Unlike the other burgers, which are made by using ordinary ketchup and mayonnaise, the Double Stacker Kings come with an exclusive in-house Burger King sauce.

So this Halloween, let’s make the celebration more special with some Double Stacker King burgers from Burger King.

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Halloween Day

  1. ChipotleIf you’re planning to have Mexican food on Halloween this year, Chipotle is a perfect place to visit. So, follow the link and check out whether this restaurant chain is open on Halloween or not.
  2. StarbucksIt’s always good to start a day with a caffeine boost! And when it’s Halloween, a coffee from Starbucks is definitely a great deal. Seek out the link and check out whether your nearest Starbucks stays open and operational on Halloween.
  3. SubwayIt’s Halloween, and Subway is on its way to treating its customers with mouth-watering subs and other foods. Don’t believe me? Check out the link and find all the dishes Subway is serving to its customers on Halloween. 
  4. Taco BellTacos and many other Mexican culinary icons never fail to set a perfect mood for a holiday-worthy treat. For Halloween, Mexican food from Taco Bell is more than a blessing! So, check out what this restaurant chain is offering at discounted prices on Halloween this year.  
  5. Chick-fil-ATo enjoy Halloween by having some fried chicken or ‘chick-filled’ burgers, visit Chick-fil-A. But is this restaurant chain open on Halloween this year? Follow the link to know the holiday status of this restaurant chain. 
  6. Wendy’sWant to know the holiday plans of one of America’s favorite fast-food chains, Wendy’s? If you want to have a good time feasting with your friends at Wendy’s on Halloween, follow the link. You might also get food at special offers around this holiday season. 
  7. Dunkin’ DonutsFluffy and aerated baked goodies with coffee are a perfect morning treat, especially on holidays like Halloween. To enjoy Halloween special donuts with special holiday coffee, visit your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Before that, follow the link to know whether this restaurant chain is active on Halloween. 
  8. Domino’s PizzaHave a cheezy-licious Halloween party enjoying Domino’s pizzas! You got to follow the link to know if this restaurant chain is open and operational on Halloween this year. 
  9. Panera BreadYou still want to munch on healthy dishes, even on holidays like Halloween? Don’t worry; Panera Bread is here to save your day with some holiday feast-worthy dishes on its menu. But to know if it’s open to serving its customers on Halloween, click on the link. 
  10. Pizza HutAmong famous pizza-serving restaurants, Pizza Hut is another choice for Halloween-worthy pizza treats. Seek out the link to know all about its Halloween plans this year. 


Burger King stays open and is functional on Halloween. The chain keeps its doors open for “everybody” on this special day. The timing of opening and closing stays the same as on a normal day, that is, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Make sure to visit Burger King during this Halloween season to enjoy delicious burgers along with some great discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Is Burger King open on Halloween?

Yes. Burger king stays open on Halloween.

What will be Burger King’s working hours on Halloween?

Opening and closing hours remain the same as on a regular day, i.e., from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What menu items can you enjoy at Burger King on Halloween?

You can enjoy burgers, chicken fries, and drinks along with some Halloween specials such as Junior whoppers

Does Burger King have a Halloween Burger?

Yes. Every year Burger King comes up with some special items on the menu to celebrate Halloween week

What is a ghost whopper?

A ghost whopper was a limited edition Halloween burger introduced by Burger King during the 2019 Halloween.

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