Is Burger King Open On Easter In 2023?

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Burger King is known for serving delicious burgers and more all year round. But, one may wonder if a chain like Burger King is open on major holidays like Easter. This blog post lets us know if Burger King is open on Easter.

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Burger King will be open on Easter this year to serve all their customers’ special treats! Most Burger King outlets will function as per their regular hours on this holiday. 

The menu at Burger King has some of the best burgers, sandwiches, and plenty more options. But did you know that on special occasions like Easter, Burger King also offers specials on its menu? 

If you haven’t heard about what these specials are like, you have stumbled across the right post. Here, you will get all the information about the operational hours at Burger King on Easter, along with information about their unique menu and more! 

Is Burger King Open During Easter This Year? 

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Burger King outlets across the United States will be open throughout Easter celebrations, including Easter Sunday. So, all your burger and sandwich cravings will be handled on this splendid holiday. 

Most Burger King outlets should run as per their regular hours, which we will discuss later. However, that being said, Burger King is a huge chain. So, most of their outlets are a franchise and individual outlets. 

This means these outlets may have operational hours that differ slightly from regular ones. In this case, calling the Burger King outlet closest to you would be best to avoid any inconvenience later. 

At What Time Is Burger King Open On Easter 2023?

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Burger King outlets will be officially open as per their regular hours of operation on Easter, which are 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. But, that being said, some outlets may choose to operate as per a holiday schedule. 

As mentioned earlier, franchise-owned outlets have chances of having varying hours of operation on holiday. However, that being said, it would be difficult to know if the outlet closest to you is franchise owned. 

So, the best thing to do is to ask them beforehand so that it does not come in the way of your celebration. You can also look at Burger King Holiday Hours for clarity about the same and other such holidays.

Burger King Opening/Closing Hours On Easter06:00 am to 10:00 pm

What Can You Eat At Burger King During Easter This Year?


Fast food chains like Burger King are known for their specials on different holidays. These specials are perfectly curated per the holiday vibe and the food enjoyed around that time. 

Keeping that in mind, Burger King has not left the opportunity to bring some Easter specials for their customers to enjoy! Burger King’s regular menu items are available on Easter as usual. But there are some specials that you need to try on this special occasion. Some of these include: 

  1. Oreo Cookie Shake
  2. Double Stacker King
  3. Caramel Sundae
  4. Cheesy Tots
  5. Rodeo Burger
  6. Triple Whopper
  7. Steakhouse King
  8. Double Quarter Pounder King

These are some of the specials that you can very well enjoy at Burger King on Easter. Burger King also has a vast Holiday Menu worth checking out! 

Are There Any Special Deals At Burger King During Easter? 

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Burger King has some sweet deals now and then, especially around holidays. While all of the discounts offered at Burger King are great, there is just something special about holiday deals, like the ones on Easter.

Over the years, Burger King has had exciting deals on Easter, but most have been digital deals.

A few such deals on holiday were a $ 1 delivery fee on orders above $ 5 via the BK app and a free Whopper, Chicken sandwich, or Croissan’wich on your first digital order. 

Burger King has not announced the special deals they will offer for Easter this year. But do keep an eye out on this space for the latest updates about the same! 

Similar Restaurants That Are Open On Easter

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  2. Starbucks – Grab your favorite Ventis and Grandes on Easter this year because Starbucks is open and ready to serve you on Easter as well.
  3. Subway – Now, you can eat fresh even on holidays. Get your delicious subs from Subway even on Easter.
  4. Taco Bell – Want to feel the flavors of Mexico on Easter holiday? Worry not! Taco Bell is your server and savior for the day. Yes, it’s open!
  5. Red Lobster – Good news! The Red Lobster is open and ready to serve all its best menu items to the customers on Easter. So, if you’ve plans to visit Red Lobster on Easter, click the link to know its Easter timings
  6. Wendy’s – Get the juiciest and freshest of burgers from Wendy’s even on Easter.
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts – Don’t let Easter stop you to get your favorite glazed donuts. Dunkin Donuts is open for Easter 2023.
  8. Domino’s – Want the cheesiest pizzas of ’em all on Easter? Rush to Dominos, they’re open!
  9. Panera Bread – Get the sweetest breads and delicious baked goodies even on Easter from your nearest Panera Bread.
  10. Pizza Hut – Go grab that crispy pan pizza and don’t worry about the day being Easter. Pizza Hut is ready with delicious pan pie even on Easter.


Burger King will be open on Easter this year. Most Burger King outlets will be running as per their usual hours of operation, which are 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, these hours could vary, especially at franchise-owned outlets. 

So, it would be best to call the outlet closest to you to know their exact timings of operation on holiday, to avoid any inconvenience. Other than that, by checking out the links, you can also see if Burger King is open on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, and Halloween this year! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Burger King open on Easter 2023?

Yes, Burger King is open on Easter 2023. 

What are the operational hours of Burger King on Easter?

Burger King will have operating hours as usual on Easter, from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

Will any of the outlets have reduced hours of operation? 

Yes, there are chances that the franchise-owned outlets may have reduced hours of operation on Easter. 

Are there any Easter specials on the Burger King menu? 

Yes, you can find some lovely Easter specials on the Burger King menu, like, Oreo Cookie Shake, Double Stacker King, Caramel Sundae, Cheesy Tots, Rodeo Burger, Triple Whopper, Steakhouse King, and Double Quarter Pounder King. 

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