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Christmas is the most special holiday of the year for most of us. This is when we are all gearing up for the time of our lives, maybe with some burgers from Burger King. But is Burger King open on Christmas this year? Let’s find out! 

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Whether Burger King will be open this year on Christmas depends on the location. Some locations may be closed, while others might run as per regular hours. 

Burger King is known for serving great meals almost all year round. Besides the vast regular Burger King menu, the chain offers specials you can enjoy on certain occasions. Yes, this includes Christmas as well. 

So, although you may not see a few Burger King restaurants open on Christmas day, there are many lovely menu options you can enjoy through the holiday season. In this article, we will be looking at all these options, along with more information on Burger King’s Christmas schedule! 

Is Burger King Open During Christmas This Year? 

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Christmas is when we all want to spend time with family and loved ones. While everyone loves special Christmas meals, fast food cravings can arise anytime. Unfortunately, some Burger King outlets cannot cater to them. 

Burger King’s status depends entirely on the location for Christmas. As franchisees mainly own Burger King, it depends on the location’s owner’s decision. So, check with the location closest to you before visiting on Christmas day. 

However, that being said, Burger King outlets will be open on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas Day, also known as Boxing Day. So, if your cravings can wait to try the Christmas specials at Burger King, you can always visit on either of these days. 

But, most Burger King outlets will have reduced hours of operation on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. So, it would be best to check their exact hours of operation before visiting. 

Similarly, you may find a few franchise-owned outlets operational for a few hours on Christmas day. This entirely depends on what the franchise owner decides, so it would be wiser to check beforehand about the same. 

Why Will Some Burger King Outlets Be Closed On Christmas? 

It may seem odd, as some outlets will be open while others will not, on Christmas. Since Burger King is a huge chain, this might make you wonder why some of the outlets will not be open. Let’s see why!

If the franchise owner decides, some of the Burger King outlets will be closed entirely on Christmas day. The reason behind this is simply that Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year. Hence, they want their staff to take the day off, so they can celebrate with their friends and family.

At What Time Is Burger King Open On Christmas 2023?

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A few Burger King outlets will be closed on Christmas 2023. Some franchise-owned outlets may be available as per the regular hours of operation, which are 06:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, it is more likely that they will be running as per a holiday schedule. 

With a franchise-owned outlet, it does entirely depend on what the owner of that outlet decides. Over the past few years, only a few have been open on Christmas Day, and the open ones only function until lunch. 

It is best to ask for the location closest to you before visiting them on Christmas day. This can save you any hassle on the actual holiday. Also, Burger King outlets will function as usual on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. 

However, some of them may have reduced hours of operation. So again, check with the outlet closest to you for clarity. You can also take a look at Burger King’s Holiday Hours here. Below are the hours you should expect Burger King to operate on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. 

Burger King Opening / Closing Hours Before and After Christmas 06:00 am to 10:00 pm

What Can You Eat At Burger King During Christmas This Year? 

burger king Peppermint Oreo Shake

On holidays like Christmas, a holiday menu is one of the best things most fast-food restaurants implement. Of course, you will find their regular menu on Christmas, along with all the menu items they usually serve. 

But the Holiday Menu at Burger King is unique in its way. Even though you won’t be able to enjoy these specials on Christmas day, you can enjoy them all on all the days leading up to Christmas. Some of these specials are 

  1. Gingerbread Cookie Sundae
  2. Gingerbread Cookie Shake
  3. Cinnabon Minibun Rolls
  4. Peppermint Oreo Shake

Are There Any Special Deals At Burger King During Christmas Season? 

What makes holidays at fast food chains even more remarkable is their many special deals to back up all the lovely holiday food! Burger King is known for having special deals throughout the Christmas season, making the whole ordeal much more exciting! 

Currently, Burger King has yet to announce deals for the Christmas season. But keep a lookout over here, as we will update all the deals as soon as Burger King tells them. 

You can also have a look at Burger King’s deals here. For now, let us look at the special deals that Burger King offered through the Christmas season last year. They had a special agreement for every day leading up to Christmas so we can hope the same for this year too! 

  • December 6th – Get a free Whopper Jr. with any purchase of $1
  • December 7th – Get Whoppers for $3, including the impossible Whopper. 
  • December 8th – Get a free single Croissan’wich with every purchase of $ 1
  • December 9th – Get a Whopper meal for $ 5
  • December 10th – Get free delivery with every purchase of $ 5
  • December 11th – Get $3 off on orders of $ 20 and above. 
  • December 12th – Get a free cheeseburger with every $ 1 purchase. 
  • December 13th – Free Original Chicken sandwich with a purchase of $ 1.
  • December 14th – Get a Whopper or Impossible Whopper for $ 3
  • December 15th – Get a double Whopper for $ 5 when you order small fries. 
  • December 16th – Get a free Hershey’s Sundae Pie with every $ 1 purchase.
  • December 17th – Get 3* reward points for every purchase you make on the day. 

Other Restaurants That Are Open During Christmas

Boston Market – Boston Market serves some of the freshest chicken, ribs, meatloaves and turkey too! You can enjoy all of this on Christmas day as the chain of restaurants will be open and serving customers. 


Burger King will unfortunately not be open on Christmas day this year. Burger King is a fast food restaurant that usually remains closed on Christmas Day every year. However, they will be available on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, mostly at reduced hours. 

Moreover, some franchise-owned Burger King outlets may even stay open on Christmas day for a short time. So, call the outlet closest to you and check their status for a holiday, just to be safe. 

Moreover, you can also look at if Burger King is open on other holidays, like Easter, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Halloween, with these links. . 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Burger King open on Christmas 2023?

Yes, some Burger King outlets are open on Christmas 2023.

Is Burger King open before and after Christmas Day? 

Yes, Burger King will open on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. 

Will Burger King have reduced hours of operation on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day? 

Yes, most Burger King outlets will also have reduced hours of operation on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. 

Are any Christmas specials on the Burger King menu available during the holiday season? 

During the holiday season, you can find Christmas specials like Gingerbread Cookie Sundae, Gingerbread Cookie Shake, Cinnabon Minibun Rolls, and Peppermint Oreo Shake. 

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