Is Beef Jerky Healthy? How To Choose The Best One?

Most of us enjoy feasting on beef jerky packed with high protein, zinc, and iron concentrations. Beef jerky is healthy to consume. In the following conversation, we will try to understand whether beef jerky is healthy and how to choose the best one. 

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Eating beef jerky has many benefits as it is rich in iron, folate, calcium, and vitamins A and C. Beef Jerky is suitable for your immune system and perfect ​​for a protein-packed snack. It can help fill you up and give you lasting energy.

The only issue with consuming beef jerky is that it is high in sodium, and eating it daily causes health issues if not consumed in measured quantities.

So, now that you know a few details about beef jerky, let’s dive deeper into the conversation and explore more facts about it. 

 Nutritional Values Of Beef Jerky

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There is a lot of great nutritional content in beef jerky, so beef jerky is considered a healthy go-to snack for many of us.

Every ounce of beef jerky has around 116 kcal of calories, with 7.2 grams of fat and 9.42 g of protein. In addition, beef jerky has 3.12 grams of carbs and 505 mg of sodium.

Let us have a look at a brief table of the nutritional values of beef jerky : 

Calories116 kcal
Fat7.26 g
Sodium505 mg
Carbohydrates3.12 g
sugars2.55 g
Protein9.41 g

What Are The Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky?

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As we have learned about the nutritional values of beef jerky, it is evident that consuming beef jerky is super healthy. In this section, we will discuss the same.

Let us see all the possible health benefits of consuming beef jerky regularly. 

1. Easy Source of Protein

Without any doubt, beef jerky is an excellent source of protein. Many bodybuilders and health enthusiasts prefer snacking on beef jerky as it has perfect protein.

The protein content will boost energy and help repair the muscles after a heavy workout. Every single ounce of beef jerky has around 9.42 g of protein. 

2. Supports the Immune System

Eating beef jerky also supports the immune system. The zinc content in beef jerky is responsible for improving the immune system.

Zinc is a micronutrient that regulates both innate and adaptive immune responses. So yes, consuming beef jerky will improve your immune system. 

3. Good For Iron Intake

Another great thing about beef jerky is that it has excellent iron content. You can aid the iron deficiency in your body by consuming beef jerky.

We already know that Eating red meat is an excellent natural source of iron, and beef jerky is great for an iron-rich diet. 

4. No Impact On Sugar Levels

Another great thing about beef jerky is that it does not impact your insulin levels in the blood and does not result in weight gain.

As it does not contain excessive amounts of preservatives, you do not have to worry about high sugar levels in your blood.

5. Less fat

Beef jerky also has less fat, which is one reason people prefer snacking on the same. As beef jerky is dried meat, the process of making beef jerky removes most of the fat and moisture. This makes beef irregularly less fat and perfect for healthy snacking. 

6. Increase In Energy Levels

As beef jerky has less fat, improves the immune system, and is a good source of protein, it boosts the energy level in the body.

It is also rich in high-biological iron, involving oxygen transportation and energy formation. So, consuming beef jerky can be a great way to get an instant energy boost. 

7. Better Heart and Bone Health

 Another great thing about beef jerky is that it improves heart and bone health—the high amounts of potassium help to smoothen blood flow via the arteries. 

It regulates your heart rate and blood pressure. The presence of fiber content is believed to reduce cholesterol. 

Is Beef Jerky Also Unhealthy For Our Body? 


Eating beef jerky is excellent because of its flavors and nutritional content, but overeating it can be problematic. Also, beef jerky has some ingredients that may be unhealthy or impact your health negatively.

As per Quora, there are some potential risks associated with its consumption. Jerky is often high in sodium, which can lead to increased blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health issues.

It is also important to note that beef jerky is highly processed and has a higher risk of cancers, such as gastrointestinal cancers.

Additionally, beef jerky may be contaminated with toxic substances called mycotoxins, which are again unhealthy and connected to cancer. Lastly, beef jerky has elevated cholesterol levels, which is alarming for many of us. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Beef Jerky 

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Before buying beef, you must consider certain things to ensure you consume the best quality. Now, I will help you select the same, so let’s continue this conversion further. 

1. 100% Grass-fed Beef 

Ensure that the brand you choose for beef jerky has 100% grass-fed beef. This ensures excellent flavor, but grass-fed beef is a better source of omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.

Check for the same on the packaging and choose the beef jerky from the 100% grass-fed beef brand. 

2. No Antibiotics, Hormones, and Pesticides

Another thing you need to make sure is that the beef jerky you purchase is free from any antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides.

Trust me, the flavor will be more authentic, and consuming the same will positively impact your health. 

3. Nutrition Label

Before purchasing beef jerky, the best thing to do is to check the nutrition label. Make sure that the beef jerky is high in protein and low in fat.

Checking the nutritional label will ensure that you are not just consuming something delicious but unhealthy for your body. 

4. Seasoning

On the packaging, check for the seasoning added to the beef jerky. Some basic seasonings include salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder.

However, many variations are available in the market according to personal preferences. So make sure that you get the one that matches your taste buds. 

5. Texture

Most of us only check for the texture of beef jerky after purchasing simply because they are adequately packed. However, it is advised to check for the texture. The texture of beef jerky should be chewy but not too harsh.

You should get some beef jerky for a trial and try them before bringing them in large quantities. 

6. Flavor

The flavors of the beef jerky are super important. Many times, due to different brands, there can be some distinction. 

The taste of beef jerky should be well-balanced and not too salty or sweet. The flavors of beef jerky are unreal – so savory and beefy and robust. The salty notes hit the right spot. That is why many people prefer to consume beef jerky as a snack. 

7. Reputable Brand

Make sure that the brand of beef jerky is reputed and is of excellent quality. The brand matters because reputable brands will ensure that the beef jerky’s quality and flavors are top-notch. 

8. Certified Organic

Always check for the organically certified beef jerky brand. This is super important as it will ensure that the beef jerky is organically prepared and no harmful chemicals are used in the ingredients. 

9. Read Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews will help you to see through the brand of the jerky. This will help you properly judge the product’s quality, texture, and taste. Also, you can understand whether the products match your taste buds and preferences without tasting the same. 

10. Pricing

Compare the pricing of beef jerky from the different brands. While you compare the prices, look for the quality and ingredients. This will help you to evaluate which brand is better for you and matches your preferences. 

11. Check Where it is Made.

The benefit of knowing the place where the beef jerky is will ensure the quality of the same. If beef jerky is prepared in America, you can assume it was made in a safe, clean environment by following strict government regulations and using high-quality ingredients. 

12. Try Samples

Lastly, always try samples from different brands. Samples cost little, and usually, they are free. You can try different samples and choose one that ideally fits your wants and needs. 

What According To Us Is The Best Beef Jerky In The Market

Is Beef Jerky Healthy? How To Choose The Best One?

Now that we have discussed beef jerky, you may wonder which brand to buy. Then I have some good news for you. People’s Choice Beef Jerky has the best healthy keto jerky box. 

Starting in 1929, People’s Choice Beef Jerky has sold its customers premium meats with excellent quality, flavor, and texture. You should consider getting beef jerky from here simply because they have natural, handcrafted beef jerky.

 You get to enjoy so many different varieties of beef jerky, and trust me, every flavor is simply delectable, like garlic ginger beef jerky, Thai curry beef jerky, dill pickle beef jerky, and many more from one place only. 

They have been serving high-quality beef jerky from the same recipe their great-grandfather, John, created in 1929. You can trust the quality and flavor of the beef jerky.

If you don’t trust me, look for the customer reviews, and you will be well assured. Holly, who has been consuming beef jerky from People’s Choice Beef Jerky, says, Thanks to jerky gods because I am addicted.

She adds that they have natural and beefy goodness. That is not all; You can even get jerky gift boxes for your loved ones and give them an irresistibly delicious snacking experience.


You might be craving a good beef jerky by now, but make sure you choose a good brand so that your jerky’s quality, flavor, and texture are excellent.

Remember that snacking on beef jerky can be healthy, but consuming too much can negatively impact your health. 

So make sure to have beef jerky as an occasional snack and avoid replacing it with actual meals. This conversation was helpful, and I will be back with some more exciting and essential discussions. Until then, enjoy the salty and chewy beef jerky. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is beef jerky?

Lean cuts of beef cut into strips are dried to preserve the flavor made for snacking in beef jerky. The flavors of beef jerky are unmatchable; they have a rich, beefy flavor that is hearty and robust.

Is beef jerky healthy?

There is excellent nutritional content in beef jerky ads, so beef jerky is considered a healthy go-to snack for many of us. Every ounce of beef jerky has around 116 kcal of calories, with 7.2 grams of fat and 9.42 g of protein. 

Is eating beef jerky unhealthy for our bodies? 

Eating beef jerky is excellent because of its flavors and nutritional content, but overeating it can be problematic. Also, beef jerky has some ingredients that may be unhealthy or impact your health negatively.

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