7 Instagram Accounts For Food Lovers

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today. With over a billion active users, it is just the right place to be at. This goes equally for the common public and famous figures. A lot of people are active on the platform to keep up with the lives of their favorite celebrities. Everyone on Instagram follows someone else for a reason. They want to see what they like and love. Among those, food lovers are the majority. If you are a foodie, you will find many accounts that will make you crave delicious food and tell you how to make it. Here are the 7 best such accounts you should be following as soon as possible. 

Instagram Accounts For Food Lovers

1. Tasty (@buzzfeedtasty)

Tasty is a sub-branch of the widely recognized pop-culture website Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has a lot of divisions dedicated to different specialties. Their venture in the food niche started in 2015 with Tasty and it quickly became viral. Today, it is the biggest social network for food across platforms like Facebook and YouTube, along with Instagram. On Instagram, they have a total of 39.6 million Instagram followers. 

You’ll find a good variety of content on their page instead of just recipes. They post entertaining videos along with some kitchen tips now and then. You can even buy fancy and useful kitchen equipment directly from their Instagram shop.

2. Cookin’ With Mima (@cookinwithmima)

Behind this amazing account is a single, empowered woman with a deep love for food. The page is run by Mariam Ezzeddine, who is a perfect example of how you can turn your passion into a career. Mariam graduated with a Criminal Justice degree but soon found her calling elsewhere, which was food. Today, she has a website of her own and has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. There, you will find recipes for simple but delicious meals that you can enjoy with your family. 

3. Minimalist Baker (@minimalistbaker)

Minimalist Baker is run by a married couple who love cooking, John and Dana Schultz. Unlike what the name suggests, they are not limited to just bakery or desserts. You will get a whole lot of recipes for different kinds of foods from their Instagram and website. What’s special about them is the minimalistic requirements of their recipes, hence the name. Their recipes don’t require more than 10 ingredients in total. If you are a vegan or have any food-related conditions, they have special recipes for that as well.

4. Mel’s Food & Travel Log (@girleatworld)

This page, run by Melissa Hie, is the perfect destination for those who love both food and travel. Even vloggers will find it up to their alley. Melissa loves food and travel, so she decided to combine the two. The result was this Instagram page with nearly 360k followers. She goes around the globe while eating signature dishes of every region and posts them on Instagram. You might not find recipes for food here but this page has the best aesthetical quality. 

5. Kale Me Maybe (@kalememaybe)

KaleMeMaybe is run by Carina Wolff, who is a health journalist by profession. Due to this, she is capable of creating recipes that are not only delicious but good for your health as well. She posts them all regularly on her Instagram page, along with detailed recipes in their description. Through her nutritious recipes, she has created a strong fan following of over 258k for herself. She has also launched her own cookbooks and is living a successful life while helping people eat healthily. 

6. SkinnyTaste (@skinnytaste)

Gina Homolka, a mother of two, decided to increase the “health” factor of her regular dishes and that’s where SkinnyTaste was born. SkinnyTaste emphasizes creating delicious food that is not heavy with unhealthy calories. You will find tonnes of recipes and meal plans that you can enjoy without worrying about gaining weight. She has also put out special recipes for the likes of keto, paleo, gluten-free, and vegan diets. Gina has written 5 best-selling cookbooks and has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram today.

7. Julia Sherman (@saladforpresident)

What this list has been missing out on is a salad. But not anymore, courtesy of Julia Sherman. Julia is a Los Angeles based cook and writer who founded Salad For President as a blog about all salad everything. Today, it is a full-blown website and she has even put out a cookbook of her own of the same name in 2017. Another cookbook of hers is slated to be released this year. She has over 62k followers on Instagram, where you can find amazingly healthy and delicious salads for all occasions. 

Following famous people is an essential part of the Instagram experience but it should not be limited to just that. Instagram gives you equal chances as anyone else at fame. Many have used the platform to get themselves famous and so can you. If you want to get Insta-famous, you will need to increase engagement on your Instagram. You need more Instagram followers, more likes, and more comments. Many sites can help make it easy. You can buy Instagram engagement from them; that is the first step towards fame.

Until then, you can keep yourself updated with what your favorite stars are doing and enjoy scrolling through what you love. If you are a foodie, these 7 accounts mentioned here will help you find new and old delicacies to fall in love with.

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