Insomnia Cookies Released Two New Cookie Flavors To Kick Off Spring Season

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With winter almost over, people are gearing up for spring! People are switching to less warm clothes; businesses are launching new deals and whatnot! The newest brand to jump on this trend is Insomnia Cookies!

Insomnia Hibiscus Cookie and Lemon Poppy Cookie

Insomnia cookies are reported to have released new cookie flavors to kick off the spring season. There are a total of two new cookie flavors by Insomnia Cookies, which are going to mark the beginning of spring 2022.

The brand initially teased its fans and customers regarding this news on social media. As it is said, “Good things come to those who wait,” Insomnia Cookies finally announced their two new cookie flavors on March 8 via Instagram.

The two flavors include a hibiscus cookie with cranberries, strawberries, white chocolate and a lemon cookie with poppy seeds. These cookies are reported to be available for limited time duration and will be unavailable for sale after April 4.

Insomnia Cookies made their fans even more excited by sharing a video of converting strawberries and lemons into the form of a cookie on Instagram.

With many people commenting about the deliciousness of these cookies, a few users requested the brand to launch vegan versions of the same.

With hibiscus-flavored things on the rise, these cookie flavors are guaranteed to be a hit and be a massive success for the brand. We, at TheFoodXP, are unable to contain our excitement and can’t wait to try these new exciting Insomnia Cookie flavors!

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