Top 10 Indian Vegan Dishes that You Have to Try

Indian Vegan Dishes

Being vegan should be a lifestyle choice instead of being called for a sacrifice. If you have to sacrifice some part of yourself for saving the lives of harmless, innocent creatures. Then, don’t you think that is worth it? The catering services in Kolkata and the rest of India have plenty of vegan choices when someone is here to taste their tradition’s ethnic heritage.

1) Chana Masala

Channa masala is the best thing to serve beside a piece of gluten-free naan or rumali roti. Kolkata’s catering services prepare this vegan, as they aren’t using butter to make this a lot more velvety and glossy

Instead of butter, which is made out of milk, use margarine. A much healthier alternative of butter works exactly like it. This makes the dish extremely beautiful to taste, and you can lounge upon it with all the added flavours of Indian masalas.

2) Dal Chaawal

Dal Chaawal

The safest choice for a vegan when in India. This is a combination where the Indian chiefs and the catering services in Kolkata prepare a bowl of Dal made out of Moong, Masoor, Dhuli, Arhar, or black lentils.

All these pulses create a wonderful combination for every food lover in India. The texture is just wonderful, as it is well cooked with sunflower or other vegetable oils. Served alongside with good old steamed rice or jeera rice too.

3) Dal Fry or Dal Tadka

Dal Fry or Dal Tadka

Yes, the dal or Lentil soup I was talking about before is a meal itself for some. This particular dish is a genre by itself. One can cook, ‘Dal Fry” in a thousand different ways. The most surprising part about this is that all are correct. All around India, especially with the catering services in Kolkata, it is served with a nice taste of “tadka” or burned masalas.

4) Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani

Who isn’t fond of this? I know this is going a lot of Lentils and pulses. But believe me when I say being vegan needs you to have that extra bit of carbohydrates and saturated fats. And, pulses are the best possible alternative to that.

So, as the good old recipe goes, the catering services in Kolkata incorporate a new and better thing to enhance the north Indian taste of Dal Makhani. Instead of using butter and fresh cream, they use margarine made out of vegetable fats and almond or cashews creamers.

5) Kofta


For Kofta, the catering services in Kolkata have four safest alternatives of meat and animal products. Firstly, coconut malai kofta, made out of coconut milk. Secondly, tofu reshmi Kofta, made out of Soyabean milk. Third, banana kofta, made out of unripe bananas. And lastly, dal kofta, made out of your choice of lentil.

6) Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

The catering services in Kolkata call it Alur Dom, and not Kashmiri Dum Aloo. The dish is a fabulous combination where the total recipe is 100% vegan without any new incorporation of vegan alternatives.

7) Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani

When we call it vegetable biriyani, it has all the goodness of lovely vegetables like carrot, beans, cabbage, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, spring onions, asparagus, and onions. The catering services in Kolkata often try and incorporate their favorite, some Tofu crotons, to this plate.

8) Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal

Yes, I know Rajma is also a pulse but believe me when I say there is nothing better than a plate of rajma Chawal, entirely made out of vegan rajma and flavored Pulao rice. The catering services in Kolkata make it with a pretty flavour of keora, or Rosewater too.

9) Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta

If, in India, you have to try this at least once. Served almost at every, Dhaba in India besides a plate of rotis and ghee. Well, just skip ghee for once, then the entire plate is vegan.

10) Pakoras


By this, we need to emphasize all sorts of vegetable fritters possible. Like eggplant, onions, beans, potato, tomato, carrot, cabbage, lettuce or even corn. All these vegetables are meant right for the vegan pakora section.

Catering services in Kolkata generally highlight this to a great extent, especially for their vegetarian clients. It is absolutely a desire for a starter. As it contains the goodness of veggies, that is being fried with a thin coat of gram flour (Besan). This is a perfect side dish besides the combination of Dal Chawal, or Dal Tadka.

To be honest, our lifestyles need to focus on food intake better at this point in time. As humans, we do extract more than what is necessary from nature. So, being vegan should be treated as a choice instead of a sacrifice. Kolkata’s catering services genuinely feel right towards this thought, as food is diverse and so does cooking.

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