Importance of Quality Food Packaging

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Food safety is highly critical in maintaining the health and wellbeing of your consumers. When it comes to ensuring food safety, packaging plays an important part. While high-quality product packaging is necessary for every industry, it is perhaps the most important in the food industry. 

Food Packing

Depending on the edibles you are selling, your products will likely make a long journey from your manufacturing facility to your consumers’ homes. High-quality packaging ensures that the food products are kept free of contamination and remain safe through all stages of this supply chain journey. 

Custom Packaging allows you to create a durable package for your food products while also being eye-catching enough for potential customers to pick it up. Here are some of the benefits of using high-quality packaging for your food products. 

Improves the Shelf Life of the Food

While creating a food package, the most important thing you have to consider is the shelf life of the food product. Using the correct material for your packaging can significantly increase the shelf life of the food products. This means that the food still is fresh and delicious when it reaches the customers. Plus, you’ll also be protected from any lawsuits or complaints that will inevitably result from poor food quality.

If your packaging is of poor quality, it can lead to a much shorter shelf life. Not only would this cause the food to be stale, but it can also cause various health problems for anyone who eats from the package. 

Some people also assume that they can get away with creating low-quality packaging by storing the food at lower temperatures for longer shelf life. This is only partially true. If the food is exposed to oxygen, it will start to decompose sooner or later – no matter what temperature it is stored at. The right packaging ensures that the food’s air exposure is completely cut off. 

1. Protects Food from Contamination

All types of food products are at risk of contamination from bacteria and pollutants. In addition to that, food products that undergo shipping and are stored for extended periods are at a higher risk of contamination. 

This is one of the major reasons your packages should be tested prior to being sent out for sale. It is crucial for food manufacturers to take extra measures to ensure the quality of their packaging. 

As already discussed, your food package should completely keep the air out. Not only does this increase the shelf life of your food products, but it also helps protect them from contamination. It is also important that the manufacturing facility takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the food doesn’t get contaminated while being packaged. 

2. Protects the Products from Physical Damage

Even if the food products are properly sealed, they can still be prone to physical damage. This is why it is important that your packaging be strong enough to survive any physical damage that it may encounter while being shipped and stored. This is why the potato crisp packets have so much air in them – or else all the crisps will break during the shipping and handling. 

For this purpose, it is crucial to consider the type of food product that is being sold. For instance, biscuits need to be packed in a box to prevent them from breaking. Where powdery products such as tea or chocolate powder can be stored in high quality packets. Depending on the type of food you’re selling, get sturdy packages such as boxes, wrappings, strong plastic, or crates to help keep it safe from physical damage. 

3. Prevents Tampering

Unfortunately, food products are very susceptible to being tampered with. This can compromise the safety of the food and can cause health issues. Fortunately, you can utilize the right packaging to make your food tamper-resistant. This means you can include tamper indications in the packaging. 

Including labels that indicate evidence that the food has been tampered with is a great way to ensure the safety of the food products. This includes breakaway closures, special packaging membranes, printed features, and other graphic features that can be changed due to tempering. Deliberate tampering can be caught with the right packaging. 

Final Thoughts 

The packaging you use for your food products plays a key role in how well the food is preserved, as well as ensuring the integrity of the food. So always pay extra care and attention while designing and creating your food packaging. 

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