IHOP Menu With Prices [Updated February 2023]

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IHOP menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. The menu of IHOP is taken from Maryland, USA. We have updated the prices of menu from 1st February, 2023 onwards.

Ihop Restaurant

For the accurate prices you might have to look for the menu of your nearest IHOP menu from its official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

IHOP menu with prices is loaded with world-famous pancakes and options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu includes family feasts, gluten-friendly, omelette, French toast, house-made Belgian waffles, sides, kids menu, milkshakes, and beverages. A complete feast with pancakes will cost you $29.99.

Apart from the menu, I will also tell you about some additional information such as franchise, contact and nutritional information. But before knowing all this, let’s check out the history of IHOP.

IHOP (also known as International House of Pancakes) is an American multinational pancake house restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods. It was founded by the trio of Al Lapin, Jerry Lapin, and Albert Kalis in 1958. They opened the first IHOP store in Glendale, California, United States.

IHOP Menu With Prices

Ihop Food

The IHOP menu features breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that include items like pancakes, crepes, waffles, sandwiches, burgers, omelets, desserts, beverages and many more items. Their pancakes are their most famous items. One of the most popular thing in their menu is their French Toast.

They also have a gluten-free menu which includes Original Gluten-Friendly Pancake Combo, gluten-friendly Belgian waffle combo, 4 Hickory-smoked bacon strips, 4 Turkey Bacon strips and much more.

The reason why their pancakes are so popular is the customization being offered. All of their food items are made from 100% fresh ingredients. The IHOP menu prices are also very affordable as you and your family can get a decent meal here for around $30.

So if you want to go to a place where you want to spend quality time with your family while having a tasty and delicious meal, IHOP is the right place for you. Without waiting more, let’s check out the latest IHOP menu prices.

Limited Time Offerings Menu With Prices

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes (Full Stack)$ 10.99
Forza Family Feast$ 29.99
Create Your Own Pancake Combo$ 10.99
Create Your Own Crepe Combo$ 10.99
Create Your Own French Toast Combo$ 11.99
Belgian Waffle Combo$ 12.29

Pumpkin Spice Pancake Combo Menu With Prices

2 Eggs, 6 Pieces of Meat & Hash Browns$ 11.99
2 Eggs, 4 Pieces of Meat & Hash Browns$ 10.99
2 Eggs, 2 Pieces of Meat & Hash Browns$ 9.99

Family Feasts (IHOP ‘N GO only) Menu With Prices

Breakfast Family Feast With Pancakes$ 29.99
Breakfast Family Feast With Waffles$ 29.99
Breakfast Family Feast With French Toast$ 29.99
Pancake Creations Family Feast With Bacon$ 24.99
Pancake Creations Family Feast With Sausage$ 24.99
Steakburgers & Chicken Sandwiches Family Feast$ 27.99
Breakfast Beverage Bundle$ 5.99
Lunch/Dinner Beverage Bundle$ 7.99

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Gluten-Friendly Menu With Prices

Hash Browns$ 3.49
Crispy Breakfast Potatoes$ 3.49
Hickory-Smoked Bacon Strips (2)$ 2.29
Hickory-Smoked Bacon Strips (4)$ 3.89
Pork Sausage Links (2)$ 2.29
Pork Sausage Links (4)$ 3.89
Slice of Ham$ 3.89
Seasonal Fresh Fruit$ 4.59
French Fries$ 2.29

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World-Famous Buttermilk Pancakes & Crepes Menu With Prices

Create Your Own Pancake Combo$ 10.99
Create Your Own Crepe Combo$ 10.99
Original Buttermilk Pancakes – (Full Stack)$ 8.79
Original Buttermilk Pancakes – (Short Stack)$ 6.99
Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes$ 10.99
Cupcake Pancakes$ 10.99
New York Cheesecake Pancakes$ 10.99
Double Blueberry Pancakes$ 10.99
Strawberry Banana Pancakes$ 10.99
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes$ 10.99
Strawberries & Cream Crepes$ 10.99
Swedish Crepes$ 10.29
New! Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Crepes$ 10.49
New! Protein Power Pancakes$ 11.29
New! Protein Pancakes – Lemon Ricotta Blueberry$ 11.49
New! Protein Pancakes – Strawberry Banana $ 11.49

Burritos Or Bowls Menu With Prices

The Classic$ 8.99$ 8.99
Country Breakfast Burrito$ 9.99$ 9.99
Spicy Poblano Fajita $ 10.99$ 10.99
Southwest Chicken $ 10.99$ 10.99
New Mexico Chicken$ 12.49$ 12.49
Spicy Shredded Beef $ 13.29$ 13.29

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Combos Menu With Prices

Breakfast Sampler$ 13.49
Sirloin Steak Tips & Eggs$ 15.29
Split Decision Breakfast$ 11.99
T-Bone Steak & Eggs$ 17.49
Smokehouse Combo$ 13.49
Country Fried Steak & Eggs$ 13.99
Quick 2-Egg Breakfast$ 10.99

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Omelettes Menu With Prices

Spicy Poblano Omelette$ 14.89
Big Steak Omelette$ 14.89
Chicken Fajita Omelette$ 14.59
Colorado Omelette$ 14.89
Bacon Temptation Omelette$ 13.79
Spinach & Mushroom Omelette$ 13.79
Build Your Own Omelette$ 9.89

French Toast Menu With Prices

Create Your Own French Toast Combo$ 11.99
Our Original French Toast$ 8.99
Strawberry Banana French Toast$ 11.29
New! Fresh Blueberry French Toast$ 12.49

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House-Made Belgian Waffles Menu With Prices

Belgian Waffle$ 8.29
Belgian Waffle Combo$ 12.29

Sides Menu With Prices

Hash Browns$ 3.49
Crispy Breakfast Potatoes$ 3.49
Crispy Potato Pancakes$ 3.79
Sharp Cheddar Mac & Cheese$ 2.99
Hickory-Smoked Bacon Strips (2)$ 2.29
Hickory-Smoked Bacon Strips (4)$ 3.89
Pork Sausage Links (2)$ 2.29
Pork Sausage Links (4)$ 3.89
Turkey Bacon Strips (2)$ 2.29
Turkey Bacon Strips (4)$ 3.89
Slice of Ham$ 3.89
Seasonal Fresh Fruit$ 4.59
Buttered Toast$ 2.59
French Fries$ 2.29
Syrup CaddyPrices
Old-Fashioned Syrup$ 0.00
Blueberry Syrup$ 0.00
Strawberry Syrup$ 0.00
Butter Pecan Syrup$ 0.00

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Burgers & Chicken Sandwiches Menu With Prices

ItemsSteakburgerCrispy ChickenGrilled Chicken
The Classic $ 9.99$ 9.99$ 9.99
The Classic With Bacon$ 10.49$ 10.49$ 10.49
Big Brunch $ 11.99$ 11.99$ 11.99
Cowboy BBQ$ 11.99$ 11.99$ 11.99
Jalapeno Kick$ 11.99$ 11.99$ 11.99
Mega Monster Cheeseburger$ 12.99

Hand-Crafted Melts Menu With Prices

Cheese-Crusted Four-Cheese Melt$ 10.49
Pepper Jack Patty Melt$ 11.99
Philly Cheese Steak Stacker$ 11.99
Cali Roasted Turkey Melt$ 12.29
BBQ Mac Melt$ 11.99
Buffalo Chicken Melt$ 12.29
Ham & Egg Melt$ 11.99

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App & Salad Menu With Prices

Chicken & Veggie Salad (With Grilled Chicken)$ 12.79
Chicken & Veggie Salad (With Crispy Chicken)$ 12.79
Mozza Sticks$ 8.49
Appetizer Sampler$ 11.99

Entrees Menu With Prices

Sirloin Steak Tips$ 15.99
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken$ 11.99
Grilled Tilapia$ 13.59
All-Natural Roasted Turkey$ 13.49
Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch$ 11.79
Boneless BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries$ 11.49

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55+ Menu With Prices

Breakfast Sampler$ 8.79
2 x 2 x 2$ 8.49
Rise ‘N Shine$ 8.49
French Toast$ 7.49
Buttermilk Pancakes$ 6.49
BLT$ 7.49
New! Roasted Turkey Sandwich$ 7.99
Crispy Chicken Strips Dinner$ 9.29
Roasted Turkey Dinner$ 9.29
Grilled Chicken Dinner$ 9.49
Grilled Tilapia Dinner$ 9.29

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Kids Menu (12 & Under) Menu With Prices

Silver 5$ 6.49
Jr. Cupcake Pancake Combo$ 6.49
Funny Face Pancake Combo$ 6.49
Jr. Cheeseburger$ 6.49
KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese$ 6.49

Milkshakes Menu With Prices

House-Made Milkshakes$ 5.49

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Beverages Menu With Prices

New! Iced Cold Brew Coffee $ 2.99$ 3.99
New! Mango Lemonade Splasher$ 2.99$ 3.49
New! Mango Blue Raspberry Lemonade Splasher$ 2.99$ 3.49
New! Wildberry Lemonade Splasher$ 2.99$ 3.49

Milk & Chocolate Milk Menu With Prices

Items16oz Jr.
Milk 2%$ 2.39$ 1.49
Chocolate Milk$ 2.99$ 1.49

Coffee & Hot Chocolate Menu With Prices

Coffee$ 1.99
Decaf Coffee$ 1.99
Hot Chocolate$ 4.29

Tea & Lemonade Menu With Prices

Tea & Lemonade16 oz30 oz
Unsweetened Iced Tea$ 2.59$ 3.49
Sweet Tea$ 2.89$ 3.79
Lemonade$ 2.69$ 3.49
Lemonade Iced Tea$ 2.59$ 3.49
Premium Loose-Leaf Hot Tea By Revolution$ 3.49

Fruit Juices Menu With Prices

Fruit JuicesJr. Juice16 oz.
100% Premium Orange Juice$ 2.99 $ 1.49
Apple Juice$ 2.99$ 1.49

Drinks Menu With prices

Drinks16 oz30 oz
Pepsi$ 2.89$ 3.49
Diet Pepsi$ 2.79$ 3.49
Mountain Dew$ 2.89
Sierra Mist$ 2.89$ 3.49
Breakfast Beverage Bundle$5.99
Lunch/Dinner Beverage Bundle$7.99

Breakfast Beverage Bundle Menu With Prices

Beverage BundleCoffeeDecaf CoffeeOrange JuiceApple Juice2% MilkChocolate Milk
Choose Any 4 (And you can repeat the options)$ 1.99$ 1.99$ 2.99$ 2.99$ 2.99$ 2.99

Lunch/Dinner Beverage Bundle Menu With Prices

Beverage BundlePepsiDiet PepsiSierra MistMountain DewLemonadeUnsweetened Iced Tea
Choose Any 4 (And you can repeat the options)$ 3.49$ 3.49$ 3.49$ 3.49$ 3.49$ 3.49

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How To Order Online From IHOP?

Are you wondering how to order online from IHOP? Let me help you. You can order food from official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

To order food online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashGrubhubSeamlessPostmates, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food from IHOP.

Finding The IHOP Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the official website of Restaurant and begin to place the order online.

Ihop Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest IHOP outlet.

Ihop Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Ihop Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add it to the cart.

Ihop Add To Cart

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Ihop Checkout

6. While you click on the checkout, the page will direct you to add the personal details.

Ihop Personal Details

IHOP Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationihop.com/nutritioninformation.pdf

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the IHOP menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

IHOP Franchising Details

Ihop Outlet

There are more than 1,822 IHOP locations in all 50 states of America and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam as well as Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Thailand, and India. So if you want to open an IHOP store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of FeeLow
Location Fee$ 15,000
Initial License Fee (less Location Fee paid)$ 50,000
Real Estate$ 300,000 – $ 2,500,000
Construction$ 450,000 – $ 2,300,000
Major Equipment And Fixtures$ 200,000 – $ 600,000
Smallware Package/Opening Order$ 15,000 – $ 30,000
Signage$ 15,000 – $ 100,000
Inventory$ 10,000 – $ 30,000
Working Capital$ 10,000 – $ 60,000
Insurance$ 30,000 – $ 75,000
Site Approval Costs$ 0 – $ 50,000
On-Location Assistance$ 0 – $ 16,000
Impact Study$ 4,000 – $ 6,000
Opening Training Support Fee$ 0 – $ 55,000
POS Setup, Training And Support Fee$ 3,500 – $ 7,980
Tray POS Software Fees (Per Year)$ 1,100 – $ 3,300
Europay, Mastercard, And Visa (EMV) Point To Point Encryption (P2P) Services (Per Year)$ 1,000 – $ 2,500
Wi-Fi Services (Per Month)$ 90 – $ 400
Kitchen Display System$ 15,000 – $ 20,000
Server Tablets$ 0 – $ 20,000
On-Line Ordering (Per Month)$ 91
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Fee (Per Year) $ 12 – $ 480
Digital Products Service Fee (Per Month)  $ 0 – $ 350
Implementation Fee $ 250 – $ 1,500
POS System $ 20,000 – $30,000
Wait Listing (Per Month) $ 15 – $ 69
Curb Side Pick Up – Fly Buy/I’ve Arrived (Per Month)$ 20 – $ 30
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Fee (Per Month)$ 0 – $ 150
Catering (Per Month)$ 0 – $ 30
Initial Additional Training Expenses$ 4,000 – $ 7,000
Supply Chain Co-op Stock Purchase$ 0 – $ 100
Additional Funds – 3 Months$ 16,500 – $ 85,250
Miscellaneous$ 5,000 – $ 26,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$ 1,152,954 – $ 6,089,550

IHOP Contact Information

IHOP Corporate Office Address: 450 N Brand Blvd 7th Floor
Glendale, California 91203

IHOP Corporate Phone Number: (818) 240-6055

You can also contact the team of IHOP by using the contact form on their website.

Important Links

Official Websiteihop.com/en
Gift Cardsihop.com/en/gift-cards
Sign Upihop.com/en/accounts/register

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/ihop

Instagram: instagram.com/ihop

Twitter: twitter.com/IHOP

YouTube: youtube.com/user/IHOP

Frequently Asked Questions Related To IHOP (FAQs)

What is IHOP famous for?

IHOP is famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

What type of pancakes does IHOP have?

IHOP menu offers an assortment of pancakes like red velvet pancakes, Rooty Tooty fresh ‘n fruity pancakes

What type of oil does IHOP use?

IHOP uses highly refined soybean oil to prepare the food items.

What is the IHOP sauce?

IHOP sauce is a mayonnaise-based sauce that contains mustard and ketchup.

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