IHOP’s Debuts Its First Loyalty Program | The National Bank Of Pancakes

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I hop, you hop, they hop, we all hop; for IHOP! But why is IHOP making the headlines suddenly? It’s been serving good food for years, breakfast food being its specialty, so why is it becoming a topic for breaking news?

IHOP pancakes

As you might have seen, almost every company or brand has its own membership or loyalty program. In these programs, you can become a member by paying a monthly or yearly fee.

The members of these programs are provided with additional perks and benefits. These perks or benefits might include low-priced items, premium quality items, and much more.

Why am I talking about these membership programs suddenly? This is because IHOP just launched its first loyalty program, and we’re here for it! IHOP. In an official statement on March 9, IHOP announced that it’d be coming up with its first loyalty program!

This program will begin in the month of April, and can you guess what it is related to? It’s related to pancakes! But what exactly is it? Well, IHOP is starting an International Bank of Pancakes! Yes, I’m being honest and serious about this!

Everybody knows that the best pancakes are made and served by none other than IHOP itself. This chain first began in 1958 and has been serving deliciousness ever since! It now has around 2k locations spreading all over America!

IHOP offers various great deals all year long for its customers. These offers include free pancakes on National Pancake Day and more. So, while it has got so many great deals and offers along with amazing sales, all that this brand lacked was a loyalty program. Now, they have one!

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