The Hyderabadi Iranian Tea | Recipe and History behind its Origin

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‘Chai’ or Tea is a pure Indian beverage sensation. Here are two stories to make this simple thing really special.

Here’s the deal behind its name, when the Persians visited Hyderabad; and the time is the one this special beverage was starting to originate; they bought along with this tea, without the basic milk in it. Their time while being here they adopted the staple foods of the city; the dairy products that were so largely found. Then was what? ‘The heavenly pour that makes the best tea for you today.’ When the two of these ingredients met each other from two different states of different countries it got its name; hence, The Hyderabadi Iranian Tea. Times memorable.

And here is my story…

My mother being a big fan of bed tea keeps disturbing the folks of the house in the morning, but finally makes herself her own tea. We being moody little kids just make her happy once in a while. Those early mornings when we put up a silent kitchen drills and she is sound asleep; and that big surprise smile even if she knows our motive. The real jar of happiness for our family – Chai Diaries. This morning I am definitely trying The Hyderabadi Iranian Tea for her.

How much time it will take:

  1. A side by side 30 minutes for decoction and boiling.
  2. Another 15 minutes for the thickness that is the nutty flavor in the tea.

Ingredients for The Hyderabadi Iranian Tea:

  • Whole milk about 4 cups
  • Khoya or Mawa about 4 tbsp
  • Sugar as per your taste
  • Tea powder 2 tbsp

How to make The Hyderabadi Iranian Tea | Recipe:

  • Make a decoction of tea powder by adding 3 cups of water into 2 tbsp of tea powder. Cover the vessel to prevent escaping steam. Boil it for around 30 minutes. Finally it should become half cup of filtered decoction.
  • On an another burner, boil 4 cups of whole milk till it is reduced to 1.5 cup. Now add 4 tb sp of khoya or mawa. Boil it till khoya mixes with the milk completely and makes it of a thick texture. Stir it frequently so that it mixes with milk quickly.
  • Now add the half cup of filtered decoction to it thus making it the ultimate 2 cups of world famous Hyderabadi Iranian Tea.

Serve hot and taste this unfathomable tea at ease at your own place now. This nutty flavored tea when served with the delicious oatmeal cookies, gives you the time of your life. Such a heaven to devour in one go.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life…

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