Hungry Jack’s Vs. Burger King | What’s The Difference?

If you’re in Australia and are in want of a delicious burger, head over to your nearest Hungry Jack’s instead of looking for Burger King. There isn’t much difference between the two restaurants in terms of the food, branding, or interior. If you fail to count the differences between the two, I can offer help!

Hungry Jack’s is just another name for Burger King in Australia and is a franchise of the Burger King Corporation. However, Hungry Jack’s is completely owned by Jack Cowin and his Australian company, Competitive Food.

So when you are in Australia, don’t get confused if someone points you to a Hungry Jack’s outlet when asked for Burger King. Even though they might look similar from the outside, there is a lot of difference between them, which sets them apart. 

So in this article, we will explore all the factors that set Hungry Jack’s apart from Burger King restaurants.

How Burger King and Hungry Jacks Are Related?

Hungry Jack

Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s in Australia. Hungry Jack’s has a long history with Burger King. As you may know, Burger King started as Insta Burger in 1953, and it was only in 1954 that the restaurant chain adopted the name “Burger King.”

Since then, the fast food chain has started expanding its business to different countries. However, that wasn’t an easy task. Burger King faced many hurdles; the toughest was an issue they faced in Australia. 

It was Jack Cowin’s vision to bring Burger King to Australia. Before opening Burger King, he owned the franchise for opening KFC outlets in Australia. He met and talked with Burger King and made a deal to bring it to Australia.

By the time Burger King reached Australia in 1971, there was already a group of 17 restaurants under the same name owned by a man called Don Dervan. Even though Don Dervan sold his restaurants to Burger King, he didn’t give permission to use the title!

This made Burger King search for another name. However, the task of deciding the name was given to Jack Cowin. Jack Cowin, after doing thorough research, came up with the name Hungry Jack’s. Thus, Burger King started its journey as Hungry Jack’s in Australia in 1971.

 So the first Hungry Jack restaurant was opened in Innaloo, Perth, in 1971. Burger King and Hungry Jack’s worked well for 25 years. However, their relationship started to startle in 1990 when Burger King realized the humongous growth of Hungry Jack’s in Australia.

In 1991, Hungry Jack renewed its contract with Burger King. This new agreement allowed Hungry Jack’s to give third-party licenses to other franchises. However, this was allowed on the agreement that Hungry Jack would open four new restaurants yearly.

However, from 1991 to 1996, due to several reasons, Hungry Jack’s failed to open 4 new restaurants every year. 1996 turned out to be an eventful year for both Hungry Jack and Burger King. By 1996, the official claim on the original name “Burger King” was over!

So Burger King took the chance and terminated its contract with Hungry Jack, claiming it failed to stick to it. Meanwhile, they also started several restaurants across Australia under its real brand name.

Jack Cowin and his company Competitive Food Australia, filed a legal complaint against Burger King, claiming that Burger King has violated the conditions of the master franchise agreement. In the end, Hungry Jack won the battle against Burger King and received a whopping sum of $41.6 million.

So after the law battle, Burger King left Australia, leaving and selling all their restaurants to Hungry Jack’s. Today Jack Cowin and his company own all rights over Hungry Jack’s. As of now, Hungry Jack’s has over 440 outlets in Australia.

Do Hungry Jack’s And Burger King Have The Same Menu?

Hungry Jack's

No. Hungry Jack’s and Burger King don’t have the same menu. However, Hungry Jack’s and Burger King share some common food items on their menu. If you are wondering what they are, here is a list!


  • Hash Browns
  • Pancakes


  • Whopper
  • Double Whopper 
  • Triple Whopper Cheese
  • Whopper Junior
  • Cheeseburger 
  • Hamburger


  • Soft serve cones


  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Onion rings

Hungry Jack’s, just like Burger King, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So when in Australia, don’t miss the chance to experience Hungry Jack’s meals. However, if you are heading for breakfast, make sure to reach Hungry Jack’s before 11 A.M.

Does Burger King Own Hungry Jacks?

No! Hungry Jack’s is owned and controlled by Jack Cowin and his Australian company, Competitive Food Australia. However, Hungry Jack is still a franchise of Burger King. The trademark sign and design might still look similar to Burger King’s. 

However, as of now, Hungry Jack belongs wholly to Jack Cowin and his company. But if you are in Australia and crave a whopper, don’t think; get it from the nearest Hungry Jack’s outlet before it sells!


Hungry Jack’s and Burger King are two prominent restaurants when it comes to burgers! Burger King does not own Hungry Jack’s but is a franchise of the Burger King corporation.

Currently, the majority share of Hungry Jack’s is owned by Jack Cowin and his company, Competitive Food. 

Although all prominent restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s serve burgers, whoppers will always stand out! And that’s why Hungry Jack’s too serves whoppers!

Even though some of the dishes are common in both restaurants, each restaurant has its own signature dish. So when in Australia, make sure to try some signature dishes of Hungry Jack’s. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Burger King and Hungry Jacks?

Hungry Jack is just another name for Burger King in Australia and is a franchise of the Burger King corporation. However, Hungry Jack is completely owned by Jack Cowin and his Australian company, Competitive Food.

Why is it called Hungry Jacks and not Burger King?

In 1971, when Burger King reached Australia, there was already another restaurant under the same name. This made Burger King to adopt a new name in Australia.

What is Burger King called in America?

Burger King is known as Burger King in all other parts of the world other than Australia.

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